Friday, December 1

I'm 100% Canadian

even took a survey to prove it :)

You are 100% Canuck!

You rock, you are an almighty Canadian through and through. You have proven your worthiness and have won the elite prize of living in a country as awesome as Canada. Yes I know other countries think they are better, but we let them have that cuz we know better than they do, eh?

How Canadian Are You?
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Thursday, November 23

I've been busy;

but not with the knitting needles. Well, yeah, with the knitting needles, but also with the scroll saw.
Here's hoping blogger will let me upload pictures today!

Here you see an angel playing a trumpet, a sititng cat, Christmas lights, a cat face and a cat and dog. They are cut on slab wood left over from lumber production at a local lumber mill. It's my new addiction :)
I've also been knititng. Little socks for a little someone. Bigger socks for a bigger someone else, who sometimes reads this blog, so I can't say her name. And, no, Jennifer, it's not you :) Have a pair of socks that I just started last night on the go now. Want to knit some dishcloths for a Christmas gift.
I entered a contest (on behalf of Katie) on Sheila Loves to Knit and won some yarn. 12 balls in total; two of each of the colors shown on her site, plus some extra yarn. She and I will use the yarn to knit scarves to sell as a bit of a fund raiser for the local animal shelter. Tell you, she's on lucky kid!!
She's also a bit of a sad kid. We listed our shetland pony for sale yesterday. We'll miss him, but he's not getting ridden, she's outgrown him. He needs to go to a new little boy or girl to teach them how to ride. (think she'd buy that??)
Have a good one!!

Wednesday, November 15

not much to tell

Been a while since I posted - is that really a surprise??

Not much going on here. Been doing some knitting, and some tatting.

I have an Christmas ornament party here Saturday night. Eight ladies invited, each one is to bring 8 ornaments with them for us to exchange. That way you go home with a variety of ornaments. We'll also make an ornament while they are here. I'm giving out tatted snowflakes - not sure what we'll be making yet. I'm thinking of wooden ornaments that we paint.

I knit a little pair of socks for Mary yesterday. They are part of her Christmas present, so don't tell her Jennifer! :) I'll take a picture later on.

Friday night I'm going to a dutch auction. It's at the hall not far up the road from us. In support of the Roseway River 4-H club. I'm the "adult in charge" LOL Have a good supply of items to be "auctioned" off; people are generous. Hopefully they'll be generous with their money that evening as well :) It's the type of auction where each bid on the item costs you a quarter - the more bids you want on it, the more quarters you pay. We'll give a numbered ticket for each bid - sometimes you are just given a number that you need to write down - figure the ticket might be easier to keep track of. Here's hoping it goes well!

Hubbys work van broke down today, so he has to use our truck for work now. Which means I've lost my wheels :(

And can't think of anything else for right now.

Wednesday, November 1

To Make Jennifer Happy :)

I'll post something, even though I only have a couple of minutes right now. I'll have to take some pictures of things and hopefully add them later on.

We had another baby shower for Mary Elizabeth - and I forgot to take the camera!! She got a huge Winnie the Pooh gift bag - with nothing in it. The woman who gave it to her is making her a cat quilt - there were pictures of the quilt in progess in the card - and a note telling her to bring the bag down in a couple of weeks to get the quilt. She didn't have enough time to get it finished before ME was born :)

I've been knitting pocketbook slippers - hoping to have a basket of them in the entry way for people to put on when they come to visit. If they want to. Have 5 pair done so far.

No, didn't get Christmas gifts done to go back with MIL. She came down last weekend instead of the weekend of the 11th. Given that extra time I probably could have had something done to send back with her; but 4 days notice - no hope at all!! Oh well, the bus can take them.

We're babysitting a mommy cat and three kittens for the PET projects folks. I'm trying to get the little ones to eat, but they just aren't into it yet. Right now they are shut in their kennel with a dish of watered down soft food; hoping it'll smell soooo good they want to eat it. Mommy cat is locked out of the kennel because she would eat it all on them. This is Little Miss Boots - I think she might be staying with us.

Kids had fun last night. We had 9 kids come to our house. Troy and I went in to help my sister hand out her treats, and he helped take ME around to a few houses. When we left their house they had had 196 kids come by! Troy ususally doesn't care to go trick or treating; maybe to a few houses. He went with Uncle Wayne to a few homes last year. This year the three of them went to a few homes, then later on he asked Uncle to take him to a couple more houses. :)

And that's all my time for now. I'll try to add slipper and kitten pictures later on.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 18

more pictures of cute :)

OK, so these pictures are from the Ladies Aux. baby shower on Monday night. We have a bag that I just know big sister Jennifer is going to love :) And then we have Mary in my gift to her. (in the stocking was a little pair of Christmas socks for her to wear, from cousin Troy) A Halloween outfit that someone gave to her, and ME enjoying the party.

She got passed around to every person that was at the party, and didn't fuss a single time. Could show you lots more pictures, but who wants to see that many pictures of her being held by strangers??

I'm working at knitting pocketbook slippers; want to have a basket of slippers in the entryway for people to put on when they come to visit - if they want to. Have two pairs done so far.

Have to come up with something to make for SIL and her hubby for Christmas. MIL says she may be here Rememberance Day weekend, and it would be nice to have the gifts done to send back with her. Can I be that organized?? I'm not sure! I was going to do them a cross stitch with an eagle on it, but that didn't happen.

It's a rainy day here, and the kids don't have school today. Professional Development day for staff. Perhaps us lunchtime supervisors should start saying we want in on these days too - then we wouldn't be home with our kids :)

Jennifer, do you think the stocking is big enough?

Friday, October 13

a picture of cute

Here you go, a picture of cuteness :) My niece Mary Elizabeth and her buddy Pooh. Pooh was bought for her by her big sister. ME turns 2 weeks old tomorrow - time is flying fast! Since blogger is being nice and letting me put pictures in, I decided to add a second one of ME; her big sister is a Blue Jays fan.

This morning she went to the firehall with her Mom and I and learned how to make enough gravy to float the navy :) We made 5 big tupperware bowls full of the stuff; it's for a catering job that the ladies aux. is doing tomorrow evening. She was a bit fussy, but a clean bottom fixed that. Then we went to the elementary school to show her off a little bit - teachers had been asking to see her. Then we went to Frenchy's (used clothing shop) and got her a little green polar fleece sweater.

I knit her something for a baby shower on Monday evening; but can't post a picture of it, because I don't want my sister to somehow see it before then. I'll post a picture afterwards.

Not a whole lot going on here. Been very tired lately, and not feeling like doing much.

Have a good one!

Thursday, October 12

I'm still here

Just don't have anything exciting to tell you about.

Stay tuned, maybe I'll come up with something in the next few days??

Sunday, October 1

It's a girl!!!

My sister had her baby yesterday afternoon. An 8lb 4oz little girl. They named her Mary Elizabeth.

Spent the day yesterday helping out at a flea market the animal shelter had - made quite a bit of money for them. But what a loonnggg day it was! Got home for about 15 minutes, then had to go to the fire hall to help with a catering job there. I was so worn out that I came home at 8 (left before the kitchen clean up)

I did get two big bags of yarn, one has a partially finished sweater in it. Haven't had a chance yet to go through them, will do that sometime today.

Did think of going to see my new niece today, but since I'm still fighting a cold, and Katie has come down with it today, I think we'll avoid the hospital.

Have a good one!

Monday, September 25


A couple of years ago a young girl in our church played a tune on an ocarina. I loved the sound of it. Last year I told my SIL that's what I wanted for Christmas. I got jewelery.
Hubby got home yesterday after being gone for 10 days, and he brought me home one. :) This is where there will eventually be a picture of it. I forgot that he took the camera canoeing with him today. Oh, I'll borrow a picture, since I know where there is a picture of one just like mine. Guess I'll have to try that later, blogger won't let me upload anything. Verne, I'll try again after supper.

Our son had some more seizures last night. Three times in 2 weeks. Sent an email off to his neurologist at 2:30 this morning, heard back from him, called the office, and am going to see him tomorrow. We LOVE our neurologist!! I hope he'll have some wonderful insight for us, and hopefully some answers. I predict a medicine change; just hope it works. These night-time seizures are getting very hard on my nerves!

Saturday, September 23

I hab a code

Sniff sniff. Anyone want it? It's free!!

Not a whole lot going on here this week. Hubby has been in the city working all week, which left me home with the kids.

Cat we were fostering left and went to her new home. Another cat came. This is Missy. A calico girl. Not spayed yet, but will have to be before she is adopted out. She has a sore under her left arm. Her leg had gotten caught in her flea collar, and the skin there wasn't too pleasant. Good news is that at least her previous owners cared enough to put a flea collar on her; unfortunately it was too loose. We are putting medication on it every day, and giving her anti-biotics.

Katie has taken on a project. She has decided to knit scarves and sell them, with half of the profit going to the animal shelter. She bought a ball of yarn last night at Memory Lane in Liverpool, and has about 6" of her first scarf done. I have scarves in my craft sale stash that I will be giving her to sell. I'll post pictures of her scarves as they are finished. $10 each (plus any shipping) if you want one :)

By the end of the month there should be a new baby in the family. Hope all goes well - and quickly!! We're getting tired of waiting, even though we haven't known all that long :) Knowing for 8 months or so would have killed us I'm sure!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 13


Been a while since I posted; it's been busy around here!!

Found out that I'm getting a new niece or nephew the first of October. Sister found out she is expecting - it's a total surprise to them! But a happy surprise! Their daughter is 23.

I've been knitting face/dish clothes. See???

It's hard to see, but in the greens there are two that are just stitch patterns, a dragonfly, a turtle, a fish, a dolphin and a Star Trek symbol. In the beige is a horse (with no tail yet), a house, A NS cloth and a stitch pattern one.

This is a multi-directional scarf I knit using 1 ball of SnowFlake yarn. My Mom asked if I had more; she would have liked a "dickie" made of it. Don't have any more of it, but do have some other yarn I can use - it's so nice when she asks for something specific - makes Christmas easier! :)

And this is what my craft room is looking like right now. That wooden cabinet on the right (in the second picture) is where Katie keeps her craft stuff. The room is messy right now; I was just given some yarn to store, and have been told there is another big bag coming. I'm also sorting out my magazines; which is why they are on the countertop. Plus I've got a pile of craft sale stuff started on the far left hand side. It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be though!!

Final picture for today! This is Geni. She's a long hair calico, about 1 year old. We are fostering her until her "forever home" can be found. She's spayed, very affectionate, a bit of a night owl, and very sweet. If you live close and would like to adopt her, please let me know. Not that we mind having her, but she wakes us up at night - our other cat never sleeps with us.

Have a good one!

Saturday, August 26

17 years

Hubby and I have been married for 17 years today.

I spent the evening at the firehall catering a small wedding there (with the ladies aux).

Shortly after I got there to start working my friend Elizabeth showed up. She works at the flower shop in town. She was there on "official business"; delivering 17 pink roses to me :)

The heat in the kitchen made them open up quite a bit, and they are now at the point where I want them to be for drying. So I'm not putting them in water. I'll dry them, and put then in the craft room (I think)

Pictures of knitting tomorrow maybe. I gave my friend the skull and crossbones cloth and forgot to take a picture first. Have asked her to send me a picture.

Thursday, August 24

Less than two weeks to go :)

Yup, Two weeks from yesterday and the kids are back in school. YIPPEE!!! I'm more than ready to have my days (most of it anyway) to myself again! More than ready to get back on "my" schedule. More than ready to have silence.

After supper I go grocery shopping, and pick up the last of the stuff we need for back to school. Also picking up a few things for a friends daughter who is going away to school.

I'm knitting a multi-directional scarf, using a ball of Sirdar Snowflake that I found at Value Village, and then sort of forgot I had until I found it yesterday morning. I got the pattern from The Yarn Harlot Mine is pink, blue, yellow, peach, green and purple - think that is all the colors. Not sure what I'm going to do with it when it's done, probably sell it. Katie wants it, but she has so many scarves now!

My friend Linda was here yesterday, and noticed my little pile of face/dish clothes. Asked where I got the patterns from, so I showed her a few sites that I go to. She saw a skull and crossbones, and asked me to knit that for her to give to her brother for Christmas. We couldn't find any black cotton, so we decided on blue. She said to mail it to her when it's done - she only home until Sunday. I'll give it to her tonight when I go in grocery shopping. Had it done before I went to bed last night. I'll take a picture of it for you to see.

My friend Elizabeth got me a 1 lb ball of cotton that is greens and yellows. Nice bright colors. Can't wait to start using that :)

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 17


Here's Tiny looking up out of his stall at the Ex. He had a stall right by the door, he looked at everyone who went in or out the door.
Here's a shot of me doing the barrel racing. Can you see how fast I'm going LOL :)
Katie on her carousel horse Dee, just before the parade.

Tuesday, August 15

Swimming in the rain

Our daughter has swimming lessons this week. Today she only went half time today because of the rain. Cold rain. Brrrr. Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow.

I took a sock along with me to knit on - there is a covered area that we were sitting in.

Not much else going on here.

Monday, August 14

Just because you need to know

My cousin sent me this link to some very important information that everyone should know about. Click here

Sorry, but I had to tell you!

Sunday, August 13

Home again

Dee and Tiny are home, and appear to be happy about that. It was a good week, but a long week.
Katie got second place in freestyle reining; there were three horses in the class. That was the class that worried her the most I think. She got mostly seconds all week, but it was a learning week for her and a new horse.
I had a good week. Got second place twice, but was usually 6th place, 5th twice. Another learning experience :)
We still have to unload the truck, but that's waiting until after lunch!

I'm knitting on a pair of socks; using yarn that I got for my b-day last month. It's the stuff with aloe in it; sure feels nice on the hands! Then I think I'm going to work on a few pairs of fingerless mitts - have a craft sale in October and one in November to start to get ready for.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, August 9

Off to the Ex

Our family is at the Shelburne Ex this week. All 4 of us are competing in the light horse stuff in some way. Plus I'm working in the canteen each evening.

This is my first time ever riding in a show. I'm nervous - but having fun!! Last night I got third in the stake race, and this morning I got third in equitation. (there were 6 of us in that class!)

Home for a lunch break, then back in to do more riding.

Have a good one!

Monday, July 31

Another hot day

I'm more than ready for a good thunder and lightening storm!! This heat is starting to drive me crazy! (short drive, by the way)

Katie had her cheerleading demo for the parents today. Of course I forgot the camera. They have a couple more practices, and are marching in the parade. Since she isn't marching in the parade I don't think she'll go to the practices. It's kind of hard to march in the parade as a cheerleader, and ride your horse at the same time :)

I've knit 4 loopy appaloosa facecloths, and a Nova Scotia facecloth in the past few days. Tried to do an entralac one - but have decided that it is not for me! Following those instructions nearly drove me crazy!! Here's the pattern I was using Oh, here's the site where I got the apaloosa and NS cloths from dishcloths

Katie and I went to the 4 museums in town yesterday morning. Had a good time. I think she may have learned a few things; hard to tell if she was really paying attention or not. Our friend Debbie wasn't working - Katie was really hoping she would be. The museums are free on Sunday mornings.

Not much else going on. Trying to get a costume made for Katie to wear in the parade. Pictures when it is done. No hints :) Also got some more work done in the craft room; will have to post an updated picture of that sometime as well.


Thursday, July 27

nothing new to share

This is the "big and small" of it in our backyard. Tiny has since lost all of his winter hair, and doesn't look this hairy.

Here is a shot of some socks that I made for hubby.

It's too hot here today to do much. I'm excaping to the basement once in a while to do a bit of painting. With gas at 123.2/L I certainly can't afford to drive far!!

Hope you're having a good day!

Monday, July 24

Lost and Found

Troy has a knack of finding things that are lost. Today he proved just how good at it he is.

Last fall Katie lost one of her spurs. We've looked for it with no luck. On Sunday we broke down and got a pair ordered in for us at the garden center/pet supply place.

I'm watching TV and Troy comes running in saying "I found it" Sure enough, he's carrying the missing spur. So, typcially, I asked him where he found it.

Last night we had friends over for a marshmallow roast. Hubby left his hatchet outside by mistake. Troy got that hatchet today, and decided to try to chop down a cedar tree that is growing by the fence between us and the neighbours. The spur was at the base of the tree. Nowhere that we would have thought to look for it.

Barbara, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it won't let me :( Size 15mm - I was looking for some of those once. Can't remember why though. I've wanted to try some of the fleece artist curly locks; is it hard to work with? I'll have to save my money and treat myself sometime.

Well, guess that's it for today. Not much going on here. Knit about 6 rows on a sock heel this afternoon.

Friday, July 21

It's a sad day

We've made a tough decision in our house. Our dog has to go. He's too much for us to handle. In the house he's a perfect dog; listens to what you say, and behaves. Outside he barks and jumps on people. A few days ago he got out of his invisible fence area; 10 minutes to catch him. Last night he ran over the fence again; 30 minutes to catch him. Almost got hit by a couple of cars, and nearly caught a neighbours chicken. He no longer respects the fence, and we can't let him just run loose. Fortunately the breeder we got him from is taking him back and will find him a new home.
I'm very sad. I'm going to miss him. But certainly won't miss the border collie hairs all over the floor!!
And to top it off, it's pouring.
It's Founder's Day weekend here in Shelburne. This afternoon I'm supposed to be sitting in the SVFD Ladies Aux. booth selling popcorn, snow cones, nachos, cotton candy and pop. Instead I'm at home typing the post. (and feeling sad)
Do have to go to town later on to buy a can of corn. And possible take dd to get a pair of Holey Soles (or whatever they are called). There is a small store selling that style of shoes opening today. And she really wants a pair, so she'll buy them with her own money.
Rain Rain Go Away!!!

Monday, July 17

Turn down the heat!!!

Or turn off the humidity - one or the other (or both) would make me feel so much more comfortable!! I'm not a lover of the heat; but I can handle dry heat better than humid heat. It's the bestest day to go to the beach, and we don't have the time to go to the beach!

This afternoon Troy starts a three day scrapbooking adventure. I printed off a bunch of pictures for him to take and use. Katie has cheerleading. And I'm helping my sister move shingles.

Hubby is on vacation this week. He's doing work around here, and some work for our friends Elizabeth and Ron. Not much of a vacation for him; but he's the one who made up his list of work to be done.

We are hoping to go to a harmonice festival next month at Heritage Village. Anyone been there? We're waiting to hear back from a campsite about spaces available, costs and that stuff. Hubby is trying to teach himself harmonica. I have no musical talent - although I wish I did!!

I have two loopy appaloosa dishcloths finished, and have started number 3. Couldn't find the link to the site or I'd share it with you. Perhaps next time?

Wednesday, July 12


Last night at 1:40 God decided to have fireworks to celebrate my birthday. Wasn't that nice of Him? :)

What a storm it was. 45 minues of thunder and lightening. At times the backyard was lit up brighter than daylight. Or at least it seemed that way. Troy slept through it all, Katie slept through about half of it. I sure didn't sleep through it!! Hubby would have slept through it, except us girls woke him up :)

Off to the city again today. Last trip for a while I hope.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Edited to add:
No change in Troy's glasses :) Took a while for them to be able to give him an eye exam though - he hates visits to there!!

Went to Value Village and got a bag of yarn. It contained an almost complete skein of Opal sock yarn, a complete skein of snowflake yarn, and two skeins of ?? acrylic (for finger puppets). The cost?? 99 cents!!!

Got my b-day gift from my friend. An Eeyore sweatshirt (won't be wearing that for a while!), a teddy bear, and a pair of "how clean is your house" type rubber gloves. Picture to come sometime.

Got my cousin home, surprised Mom :)

Now I'm tired!

Tuesday, July 11

Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, it's my birthday. 39 Next year it's going to be "39 again"!!!

Mary Anne sent me a lovely little knitting book and some cotton yarn. I then used some of the cotton yarn to knit some face cloths for my SIL; who also happens to have a birthday today. Another of my SIL's gave me a little clay angel with July on it. Hubby and kids gave me a smoothie maker - it even has the little spout thing on it for getting the smoothie out - just like the "big machines" LOL He also built the BBQ/firepit for us, and made me a clothespin holder. Jan and Elizabeth are kidnapping me and taking me out for supper tonight.

I'm gave myself appts to get a massage and see the chiropractor today. Nothing like torture on your birthday :)

I know of 2 other people with b-days today, and two couples with wedding anniversary's today. It's a popular date!

I'm working on making 6 Loopy Appaloosa facecloths for our horse club. They will go in the gift bags that the youngest riders will get at the end of the week.

Guess that's it for now.

Forgot to tell you that I stopped in at NovaKnitters last Weds and picked up some yarn that she was giving to us for finger puppets. She was as nice in person as she is on her blog. And what nice yarn. Our daughter has fallen in love with some of the sock yarn.

Heading to the city again tomorrow; but this time I'm bringing my cousin home to surprise Mom :)

Update - we went out to supper at a family run restaurant. I had a hot chicken sandwich - without the bread. Elizabeth gave me a nice little notebook that I had admired the last time I was in the store she works at. Jan gave me a ball of Austermann Step yarn. Not sure if that is the correct name of it or not. It's sock yarn with aloe in it. I'm about to cast on a pair of socks for me; you know, I need something to work on in the hospital tomorrow!!

Good night!

Sunday, July 2

Happy Canada Day, part 2

We spent yesterday at our local exhibition grounds. The horse club had a fun day, and there was ox hauling in another area. Lots of fun, sun and cheer going around.

Katie rode in about 15 different races. Different patterns than they have at exhibition. It was good for her, got her to learn new things. And it got her a bit more used to riding on Dee. We got there around 9, and got home at 6 - a long fun day!

People were very impressed with our new horse :)

I was in the canteen most of the day, but did get to sit outside in the afternoon; got a bit of a burn on my shoulders; which will fade to a tan soon.

This afternoon we plan to go to the beach, then to a friends house for a BBQ.

Tomorrow there is nothing planned. Tuesday Troy has his first summer rec dept activity; a day spent at Islands Park doing stuff in the nature there. Don't know how he'll make out, but hope he'll be OK. Weds we go to the city for an appt. (Donna, could we stop by on the way to or from to pick up finger puppet yarn?) Thursday and Friday he goes to the park again.

That's it for now.

Friday, June 30

still blah, but with a small b :)

small b means it's not quite so bad now. The sun is shining now, and is supposed to shine again tomorrow.

Did a couple of hours work in the craft room this afternoon. It's definately cooler down there. Moved things around, organized a little bit, put in a dresser and put fabric in the dresser. The floor is pretty much empty right now.

Katie got herself in trouble with me. Her room is such a mess! She was told to get it cleaned up before she goes to bed tonight, or else!! There is a horse club fun day tomorrow, and if the room isn't clean then she won't be going.

No knitting going on, but I did find a scarf pattern today that I want to try. It's the one pictures on the cover (I think) of Knitting On The Edge. It's a cable one with a looped fringe. I had the book out of the library quite a while ago, and copied the pattern; found the pattern today.

The kids started summer vacation today. They both graded. He goes into grade 6, and she goes into grade 5.

Happy Canada Day to you!!

Monday, June 26


That's it in a nutshel - blah.

If it rains much longer I'm going to scream!!!

I don't want to do anything, I don't want to go anywhere, I don't want to see anyone, I just don't want or care about anything at the moment.

It'll pass and I'll get back to my normal posting.


Thursday, June 22

Tired me!

Yesterday my son and I went to the city. He had a dental check up. That went much better than expected! They got to look at his teeth, and almost got x-rays done.

Today we had to be back at the city at 6:30; and he went into the OR at 8:00. That's the only way to get dental work done on him; knock him out. Three hours later he was done. We didn't get out of the hospital until 3:00!!!

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk, and found The Loop. It's a yarn store in Halifax. If I wasn't so darn tired I'd give you a link to it - do a good search, you should find it :) Thanks to Arianna for telling me about the store. Troy wasn't in much of a looking mood, so I didn't get too look as much as I would have liked to - but I also didn't spend any money :) (good thing, I had none to spend!)

We delivered 1900 puppets to the hospital; which they were thrilled to get.

Had to park the truck in the hospital parking lot last night because the parking lot at the place we stayed was full. Which meant we had no way of getting anywhere last night; so we stayed in the hotel room and relaxed.

That's it, I'm wiped!

Friday, June 9

Renaming our daughter

Her name is now "Girl with Horseshoe up Butt". Seriously, I don't know anyone as lucky as her.

I've told you about the four leaf clovers, right? Well, those little green things paid off today. And in a pretty big way.

CKBW (the "local" radio station) had a treasure chest contest here. Local businesses donated prizes which were placed in a treasure chest. (well, they aren't there yet, but will be by the end of the weekend) Each business that participated had a bucket for people to enter their names for the free draw. Katie's name was chosen from the local flower shop. Our friend picked her name out :)

Today hubby had to take our son to school. Son's PSA says to him "Did Katie win something on CKBW this morning?". He had no idea. We didn't hear anything. We were under the impression that the treasure chest thing was like last year, when each contestant got a key, and then the lucky person got to unlock the chest.

Not this year. This year they drew a name to see who won.

This year they drew Katie's name!

The prizes that we know of so far are a chainsaw, a small generator, a tent, a CD player, a floating phone, flowers, and gift certificates. We are told there is about $2000 worth of prizes for her. :) WOW!! There will be 15-20 prizes by the time she gets to claim her prize on Tuesday afternoon.

Guess Dad gets a couple of nice Father's Day gifts :)

Tuesday, June 6


No pictures of a finger puppet today, sorry. We're trying to download the software for our camera. Seems our CD drive has decided not to read CD's, so we can't install it that way. Grrrr

I got the first coat of paint on the craft room. Good coverage. Might be able to get away without a second coat. I'll have to see how it looks compared to the other walls after this one dries. Knowing me I'll put the second coat on anyway :)

1600 finger puppets ready to go. And my sister and niece have a bunch there to be finished off.

Good thoughts for my friend Elizabeth, please. She went to the city last night and picked up her friends son who needed a bit of "motherly loving" for a couple of days. He's going through a rough time, so send him some good thoughts too. Eliazabeth has such a big heart.

Now to go do some more baking; something for us and for hubby to take on the canoe trip with him. Supposed to be a wet weekend by the sounds of it - too bad for the guys canoeing. Too bad for me stuck in the house with two kids all weekend.

OH! This is going to be fun. There is a youth group at our church for the kids in elementary school. It meets Thursday nights. This Thursday they are tying the Bible lesson in with geocaching. I've made up a small cache of goodies for them to find. My hubby is going to place the cache Thursday morning, and give me the co-ordinates for it. Then Thursday evening we'll take the kids looking for it. Should be fun. I'm hoping hiding it will get my hubby in the mood to go find a cache somewhere - if it ever dries up!! You can click the button on the sidebar to find out more about geocaching.

Have a good one!!

Monday, June 5

Monday, Monday

I know it's a song, but that's all the words I can remember right now. Might not even be those words :)

The sun is trying hard to shine. I do hope it has success!!

Just got done putting the primer coat on the final parts of 2 walls to be painted in the craft room. I'm looking forward to being able to escape the heat down there this summer! Hubby tried to get me a comfy chair at an auction on Saturday, but someone else wanted it more than him. Oh well, there's another auction in 2 weeks time.

He did get me a barometer. One of the ones that hang on the wall, and you put colored water in them. I'm not sure how they work, but I think they look really neat :)

Had to drive the kids to school today. Katie had to take in her science fair project. She was in tears last night over having to do the oral presentation to her class today. I told her to talk to her teacher, and he'd help her get through it. Off we went with her bristol board display, and a milk crate full of combed and uncombed fleece, a set of carding combs, a drop spindle, a pair of wool socks, and a wool sock that is on the needles. I hope she does well on the project! Hubby says I did a good job on it :)

Hubby was doing stuff to the computer on the weekend, and lost my emails. Again. Oh well. I'll fill my inbox up again in no time :)

Tonight I'll hopefully get a picture of a finger puppet - and get it on the computer somewhere where I can find it to put in my blog! I hope you aren't disappointed when you see how simple they are!

And now to go boil some raisins for the cookies I want to make this afternoon.
Have a good one!

Friday, June 2

It's raining, it's pouring

the old man is snoring. Went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.

And we don't have to get up as early in the morning as we thought we were going to have to. Katie's riding clinic got post-poned because of the rain. The instructor didn't feel she could give the kids as much riding time as she wanted - which wasn't fair to them. Plus they are calling for thunder, and they worried about horses spooking at the noise.

OK with me - I really didn't want to go hang out at a cold, wet barn for 2 days. Cause you know I would have gotten wet too.

I've developed a cough. I'm not impressed.

The supper last night went well. Took us 13 minutes to serve about 140 people a complete turkey supper. And that's with the firemen's pager going off in the middle of it all and stopping us for half a minute or so. (they were just on standby for the next towns fire dept - because they were out fighting a fire)

Not much else going on here. Rain!

Thursday, June 1

Really nice phone call

Just had a nice phone call. A few months ago I had mentioned to the lady who heads up the municipal rec dept that we would really like to get Troy involved in something this summer. But that that would require him having someone one-on-one with him; mostly to watch him and encourage him to take part in things.
A few weeks after that I got a call from her, asking me what sort of things Troy might be interested in, what his specific needs are, and what "challenges" he has. They had someone coming from the city to do a session on including special needs kids in their programs, and she wanted them to focus on things that may help Troy some. :)
Today she called to set up a time for her, myself and Troys PSA from school to get together. We'll look over the activities being offered this summer, and see what he may like to do. Then - and this is what shocked me - she said that if the rec dept has to they will hire his PSA to be with him during activities. That's only if we decide that watching him may be too much for a high school kid to handle, which I don't think it will be.
I'm just so shocked/pleased/happy that they would do that for us.

On to other stuff. Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits. You're supposed to say that to people on the 1st, the first one to say it is supposed to have good luck. Hey, I got Mary Anne first today, and then got that phone call :)

I'm voiceless. Can't talk loud at all. But I feel fine. That's the frustrating part, people keep asking me if my throat hurts. No, my throat does not hurt - well, other than me straining it to try to talk. This is day 2 of the "silent" me.

I'm heading to our firehall tonight to help with a catering job. This is a turkey supper for the retiring teachers; we have 15 or 16 retiring in the area; 5 from my kids school alone. This morning we set the tables, made the gravy (best gravy we have ever made I think), and did a few small jobs that could be done early. We're feeding about 150 people. They eat, then will have presentations and stuff, then once they are done we'll get to do the dishes. Could be a late evening.

Been working on finger puppets. Nice light, brainless work. I have to take a picture of them sometime, so that you can see what they look like. The pattern is easy.

Use whatever size needle you want; I think mine are a size 4mm
Cast on 10, 12 or 14 sts - it's really your choice; I stick with 12
Do one row of P1,K1
Then do K1 row, P1 row until it's about an 1 1/2 inches long or so. I make mine about as long as from my finger tip to my "big" knuckle. My daughters are a finger long - but she's 9.
Next row - K2tog across - 5, 6 or 7 sts left
Next row - purl
Next row - cut yarn, leave tail long enough for sewing up. K2tog, pull yarn through, repeat to end of row.
Pull tight and sew up.
Then we use a contrast yarn to make a simple face on them.

Some folks make really fancy puppets, we make "plain" ones, but they do the job.

Well, must go get some work done.
Have a good one!

Tuesday, May 30

She went to school !!

Yup, I'm happy about that!

It's so nice to be able to do what I want, without someone following me around and asking a whole bunch of questions. I can watch what I want without anyone complaining about what I'm watching.

My Mom's neighbours dog has cancer. They are putting him on medication to see what that will do for him. I think Mom is more upset than her neighbour is.

I'm still not feeling up to par. I think I've got a head cold. I don't want a head cold. I'll take some medicine for it, and get on with my day.

Finished off a pair of socks for me yesterday. Koigu yarn, bright variegated colors for the main sock with purple heels and toes. Not really happy with the fit of them. So I may give them to my Mom, since I told her I'd knit her a pair for Mother's Day. Then I'll do a reverse color pair for me, with less stitches on the needles. I was smart when I bought the yarn, and bought enough for two pairs; just reversing the colors on each pair.

I go for a massage this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to that! It's going to feel sooo good. Must remember to remind hubby that they have to walk down for piano lessons this afternoon.

Edited to add - must tell you about my massages. They are not the "feel good, make you want to relax and fall to sleep" kind of massage. It's more of a "work the knots out of the muscles, make them hurt so that they feel better" kind of massage. When the chiropractor suggested I go for a massage he said "Go see Anne, tell her I said to be rough" - does that tell you anything? I get major knots in my muscles. Right now my neck is so tight is hurts to move it; it'll feel much much better at 4 this afternoon. Only thing that could make it feel better than a massage is the chiropractor cracking it. She also works my lower back, where I have a pinched nerve that makes my leg hurt. The first time she worked it I could tell that it was working because the sensation in my leg changed - that felt weird. She did my feet once; which was brave of me, because I have very ticklish feet. Didn't tickle at all :) But it sure felt good. And it amazed me that when she rubbed certain areas on my feet, I could feel sensations on other parts of my body. So, I go to be tortured this afternoon - and I'm looking forward to it :)

Have a good day!

Monday, May 29

Sick Kid

I've got a sick kid. Anyone want her??? She started with a cold Weds night. Yesterday she felt pretty good. Today she has a fever of 101.4. This is the third day of school that she has missed.

I spent all day yesterday either in bed or lying on the sofa. Had a killer of a migraine. Well, at least I think it was a migraine. Finally went away last night. My throat is sore today; here's hoping it doesn't get any worse than it is right now!

Of course, her being sick, and me not 100% means that we don't go for riding lessons tonight. If our instructor can't re-schedule us it'll be a month before our next lesson. :(

I tried to do some knitting yesterday; hoping to finish off a pair of socks for me, but the head and fingers just didn't want to co-operate.

We have 1100 puppets done now. I don't knit them all. My Mom and I knit most of them, my sister knits some. Now that my niece is home from Acadia she does the sewing up and putting the faces on them. My Mom knits most of them right now; little things are easier on her hands for her to work on. I have them all in my bedroom closet right now; 11 strands of 100 puppets - they make some funny looking scarves :) Our next delivery will be in June when I have to take our son down for dental work.

Friday, May 26


That's how I feel. Tired and bored. I'm doing my Eastlink job; watching the TV ad channels to make sure the ads are running properly. Auto ads are soo boring!

Not a lot of knitting going on. I'm not in the mood to knit right now. We do have 1000 puppets ready to go to the IWK once again. The next delivery date is June 21st - my son has a dental exam there that day.

I need to take some pictures of stuff to post. Hubby took some pictures the other day, but I can't find them on the computer! Might go look again. Guess what! Found them!!

Here's a shot of me on Dee and Katie on Tiny. She's says I'm not as boring to ride with now because I'll trot now :) Yeah me!!

Nothing else to type about.

Saturday, May 20

I Won!

Yesterday I had to go to the bank. The bank was having a "dutch auction" fundraiser for Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion. So I bought three tickets, put 2 on a case of individual sized milkshakes (for the kids to take to school) and one on six 6" subway subs. Guess what I'm having for lunch on Tuesday? Yup, a 6" subway sub :) And on Weds. Maybe on Thursday LOL

Did I mention that I had won a contest on AtlanticRider? It's a horse related site that I go to, it has a bulletin board set up that has been very helpful to us as "new" horse owners. Anyway, there was a "winter project" contest, and I won it. My prize for that came yesterday. It was the Sable Island Horse stamp and coin set that Canada Post put out. And for the life of me I can't get a link to work right now, so you'll have to google it for yourself :)

The rain has stopped, for a little while anyway. Hubby has gone to my brothers to borrow his tiller, time to get some garden space ready. We'll be planting corn, sunflowers and gladiolias sometime this weekend.

Have a good day!

Friday, May 19

Rainy Days

We've had more than our share of them these past two weeks! And it's another rainy one today. It was nice the past 2 days though, I'll have to admit that. But today being rainy is a bit of a pain in the butt. You see, the kids have no school today.

I've been knitting on a pair of socks for me; using merino wool that I treated myself to last fall. On bamboo needles; another treat.

I'm also working on a pair of wool socks for Katie's teachers end of the year gift. She has to do a science project, so her's is "sheep to sock"; the process wool goes through to go from being on the sheep to being a sock. The socks for her teacher will be part of the project.

Hubby built a new mailbox stand for us. We stained it blue. Looks pretty sharp out by the side of the road. I'm in the process of staining a covered seat thing in the front yard the same color. Eventually we'll have adirondack chairs in the backyard that are the same color; or slightly more peacock color.

Had my first riding lesson on Monday night. Enjoyed that. I trotted, and didn't fall off. That is my big fear - falling off. We go every 2 weeks for lessons. Our next lesson I'll be riding our horse, and Katie will ride a lesson horse. If I wasn't hauling a horse trailer it would be a good time to meet with the two ladies from that area that read my blog - but I'm not hauling a horse trailer any further than I need to :)

The craft room is slowly coming along. I have most of the little stuff moved from the lone remaining wall to be painted. Have to move a table and the freezer, then take shelves down, then I can paint.

Our local craft store is closing. The guy who owns it tried hard to make a go of it, but funding just wasn't available for him. I'll be sad to see it close. I bought 3 balls of Bernat Sox yarn from him yesterday.

Can't think of anything else to babble about. Just figured I should post something so you would know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth :)

Have a good one!

Monday, May 8

4 leaf clovers

Our daughter has a knack for finding four and five leaf clovers. She was once running across the yard, stopped, picked a four leaf clover and kept on going. She just walks along, stops and picks them. I have searched and searched for many years - and last year found my first one. Last night we had a horse club meeting; it was held at the barn at the exhibition grounds. Katie entertained herself playing outside. And finding four and five leaf clovers. First she brought me a 5 leaf one. She found about 25 in an hour!! And a horseshoe! :) She must be one lucky kid!

It makes me wish that I had a mold and some resin - we could make 4 leaf clover keychains for her to sell. But we don't, so oh well.

Had a craft sale on Saturday. Didn't sell much at all. One of Dan's wooden bowls and 2 vases to one lady, and a spurtle to someone else. Oh well, it was a nice day of visiting.

Didn't sleep well last night. You know, there isn't much on TV at 2 in the morning. And I didn't feel like knitting.

I have to ball up a skein of wool, then I'll be able to finish a pair of socks that I am working on. Hopefully these ones will sell. I'm hoping to be able to put them in either the tourist bureau or the museum in town.

Not much to tell. A boring entry today.

Friday, April 28


OK, so it's not a good picture. But at least it's a picture! Two pair of socks that hubby has gotten. The grey and green pair he got for Christmas - knit with Briggs & Little Durasport. Accidently went through the dryer, and didn't shrink :) The other pair is knit with bernat sox yarn with Kroy sock yarn on the toe and heel. They haven't been washed yet. He also has a pair knit with the Kroy sock yarn around somewhere.

These are socks that I knit for our ministers daughter. They are moving away this weekend, so they are a farewell gift to her. She's 4, and apparently loves socks that our daughter outgrew and I passed on to her.

Tried to take a picture of my miniature tulip that is in bloom; but it turned out blurry. Will try again when it opens for today. Going to go buy some miniature daffidils in a little while :) Katie and I both have tulips getting ready to open; they aren't very tall though. Today hubby and I bought two trees to go behind where the BBQ is going to go; starting on a bit of a background/privacy area between us and the neighbours. Also picked up 2 little plants for Katies garden, and 2 plants for around our seat in the front yard - won't put them in the dirt yet though. Don't ask me plant names, because I don't know them!

Well, must get some lunch and get ready to go to the school. I'm helping supervise the jumpers this afternoon in the Jump Rope for Heart event. Our school has so many kids taking part they had to do it in two afternoons :)

Have a good one!

Thursday, April 27

Deep Sea Coral

That's what I'm heading to the school to see later on this morning. Deep Sea Coral. There is a display in the school library this morning. I figure it could be interesting to go see.

Another reason for going in early is that the D.A.R.E. Program grad is at 11 this morning, and Troy D. needs a ride in - their son took the program. It's a drug resistance training program - can't remember right now what the letters stand for.

Last night I knit 12 puppets. I think. I was so tired at 10:30 when I was putting things away and getting ready for bed that I can't really remember. Had to stay up that late though (I know, for some folks that isn't late!) because I had to see who went home on American Idol. This is the first season that I'm really interested in seeing who wins; other years I've watched it when there there was nothing else on, this year we are actually planning to watch. I'm not crazy about Paris - but like the 4 that are still left with her. There is something about Paris that I just don't like - I'm not sure what it is.

We are starting to keep our eyes open for a new coffee perk. We have a Melita Mill & Brew that is starting to sound like it might be thinking of dying. We got it at the local Bargain Giant store. We saw them there around Christmas, but they aren't there now. I will ask them to look out back if ours dies!! I love it that much! You put your beans in, you put your water in, you press a button. It grinds the beans and makes a pot of coffee for you. And yes, I know we can get a bean grinder and do it that way, but that is more work.

And now I must go get housework done. Isn't that exciting!!?

Wednesday, April 26

Puppets and stuff

Had a good time last night. Got a little goodie bag and a certificate. And some vegetable seeds. The theme for the night was "Grow", so we are to plant our seeds and watch them grow. Whatever :) the goodie bag contained a "I Volunteer" bracelet, a pin from the town, a magnet and a mini flashlight.

We have 1000 puppets to be taken to the children's hospital. My sisters BIL is taking them back with him on Friday. That'll keep them going for a little while. I'm thinking they must have lost a bunch of their puppet knitters if they keep running out of them.

Had two nice blog readers offer me their scraps of yarn. YEAH to them!! Now to plan a trip to their town to pick them up; it's only about 30 minutes away; but with gas at 120.9/L it makes me want to stay close to home. I know I'm heading down there on May 20th for a riding clinic. Or maybe I can get Jan and Elizabeth to do a shopping trip; with a little detour?

Today is my day in the school library. Just me and the librarian today; the other volunteer can't make it. We'll be busy, but we'll survive.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 25

Volunteer Appreciation

Tonight I get to go to a volunteer appreciation meet and greet thingee. I was nominated as volunteer of the year by the ladies aux. group I am part of. It was my turn - knew last year that it would be my turn this year. So, no big surprise there :) I'll be travelling with our friends Troy and Jan - he got nominated by the Cadets - he helps them with their band stuff.

Hubby bought me a wind chime yesterday. I have told him a few times that I really liked this particular one. So he surprised me with it. What a guy!

Yesterday Flint got neutered. Picked him up from the vet this afternoon. The kids will be sooo happy to have him home.

I've been working on the craft room. Slowly, very slowly, getting things put away where they belong. Hubby told me he wants my stuff out of his workshop ASAP, so I plan to move the boxes back into the craft room, then organize from there.

Dropped off a box to collect yarn donations for finger puppets at our local craft store. Had a lady come in with a bag of small balls for us.

Saturday, April 22


Gotta tell you, this is not a "normal" weekend in our house. It's usually not quite so busy! Thankfully :)

Yesterday we got the retired teachers erved their creamed lobster - they all enjoyed it. I helped out at the hall until time to go to my job, then again after my job. It was nice to have lunch to look forward to - the kids were very energetic!

Today I've decided I'm not going to the hall this morning to help out. But I'll go this evening to help serve and to clean up. It's a turkey supper tonight.

I finished off hubby b-day socks yesterday, and cast on another pair. I think these ones might be to sell. Just need to figurre out what to charge for a pair of wool socks, knit with Briggs & Little Durasport yarn. Any ideas?

Have a digital camera again, so must remember to take pictures of my most recent socks to share.


Bald Eagles check this out, it's really quite neat. It's a pair of bald eagles in BC that are sitting on a nest with 2 eggs in it. If you are watching at the right time you can see the eggs or see the parents switch on the nest. Sometimes takes a while for the images to start coming in.

Thursday, April 20


What a day!!

Was going to spend the morning working on the craft room. After I had a nice cup of coffee and some home made bread toasted for my breakfast.

Kids left for school at 8:35. 8:50 the phone rang. It was a lady from the church hall where the food bank is. There was a lady there who had gotten her days mixed up, thought the food bank was going to be open today, and needed some food. Could I come in and get her some? So, off I went.

Got home at 9:30. Phone rang as soon as I walked in the door. It was the school. They needed someone to go in and check a few kids for lice, could I go in and help. Off I went again - next person on the list lives 25 minutes away from the school; couldn't see her driving all the way in just to do 4 kids!

Then I dropped the truck off to have the brakes fixed, the oil changed, and the tires changed. Walked to my sisters house, went to the craft store, and she drove me to work.

Did a bit of time in the school library, then my lunchtime job. Had bubbles for the kids - what a hit that was!! :)

While waiting for the phone to call the garage to see if the truck was done some Lions ladies showed up, with a seeing eye dog. Everyone was busy, so I showed them to one of the grade 6 classes. I knew they were going to see the grade 6 kids because my friend is sub'ing for a grade 6 class and she had mentioned a seeing eye dog was coming one day. Apparently there is a fund-raising dog walk going on next Sunday. Went back to the office, told the principal where I had taken the Lions and the dog - I started with the right class :)

Called the garage. Truck has a problem with the water pump - needs to be fixed, will be a few more hours. Called hubby. He was on his way home from Yarmouth. Do I get groceries and you pick me up, or get someone to drive me home? Call my sister to pick me up and take me home. Other sister follows us because she has money for Katie for the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser she is doing.

Get home, put the dog out, make some coffee. Hubby came home, saddled up horse and left for a trail ride. I cleaned the barn, and feel a bit better now.

I still have to get groceries at some point. Katie has a piano lesson this afternoon. And I'm supposed to go to a food bank meeting at 6:00. Also "supposed" to be at the fire hall at 7 to start preparing things for a catering job tomorrow at lunchtime. Back at the hall tomorrow morning, go to work, go back to the hall for clean-up and my lunch (creamed lobster on toast YUM). Back to the hall in the evening to get ready for a catering job on Saturday evening. Back Sat morning and Sat evening. Possibly back on Sunday morning to make sandwiches for a catering job Sunday afternoon. It's a busy weekend! And I just remembered that there is supposed to be a horse clinic on Sunday; and I don't have us registered for it yet. Next weekend is looking almost as bad!

OK, a highlight of my day? I have fresh clams to deepfry for supper. Yumm.

Monday, April 17

Easter Monday

Why is there no school today??? There should be school today!

The kids had a good Easter. The Easter bunny left them foil covered eggs to hunt for. Katie got a skipping rope, shower gel, socks, pencils and a small chocolate bunny. Troy got toy trucks, socks, bubble bath and a chocolate bunny. Then Granny had a chocolate bunny for each of them. Jennifer - Troy's was white chocolate - hope he didn't get yours!

Here is where there should be a picture of Dee and I after our trail ride. See my smile? Of course you don't - I can't find the picture on our computer!! It's there - somewhere! When I find it I'll put it in.

That's basically how my day is going. I'm trying to clean house; the kids are trying to mess house up. I've got a mountain of laundry to work my through.

I still can't knit. It's been a week since I woke up with a sore thumb. It should be feeling better and stronger by now! Think I might have to knit and just bear the pain.

There is a shelving unit in my craft room now. I'm working on getting the trim for it painted. Then hubby will put it on, and a few of the pieces will need more paint on them after that. When they are trimmed then I'll take a picture to share.

Yesterday afternoon was the egg hunt. They hid 835 eggs!! There was about 25-30 kids hunting for them. In the rain. Everyone had fun. Glenna had blankets down on her kitchen floor to protect the tiles. She has a kitchen to drool over; it's beautiful!

Guess that's it until I find that picture. Guess what!! found it :)

Forgot to mention this. On the 8th there was a "Spring into Business" event here; a showcase of women in business. Free stuff, free draws, things to buy, samples, you name it, it was there. I won something! I entered a draw at LinArt Designs booth - the old fashioned rug hooking. And I won this kit :) Comes complete with hook. Might try it later on to see if my thumb will let me do it.

Friday, April 14

Yarn Find

Last night Katie, my sister and myself went to Frenchy's to do some looking. And a little bit of buying. Walked in the door and found some yarn right away. That's a rare treat right there - don't usually find yarn. It's by Ironstone Yarns; English Mohair (NS-MB) 78%mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon. 89 yds per 40g ball. I got a ball of red and a ball of white. Now to come up with a project to knit with it. Any suggestions?

We're trying to make a decision as to if we have a trail ride today or not. It's kind of overcast right now; but the trail ride isn't for 4.5 hours from now. And it does seem to be getting just a little bit brighter. If we don't go today I don't know when we will get the chance.

Tried to knit last night - can't do it. :(

Hubby hopes to get some shelves put up in the craft room this afternoon.

Found a recipe for puppy bagels on line, told Katie we'd make them tomorrow (or today if there is no trail ride). We'll take a couple to the dog of the couple hosting the egg hunt on Sunday - providing they turn out OK. I bought some for Flint on Tuesday, and he loves them.

Guess that's it for today. Kinda boring, just like my life.

Wednesday, April 12

What's new?

Here's a picture of my craft room in progress. You can see my maple slab (I keep wanting to say marble slab) And the new color as opposed to the old color. And the small shelf that is going to hold decorative type things.

I did something to my thumb in my sleep on Sunday night. Did damage to the muscles, ligaments and tendons in it. Hurt like the dickens Monday morning. Feeling better now. I can use it a bit now without wanting to yell from the pain. It's weak though.

The worst thing about it is that I can't knit.

Today is hubby's b-day. He'll be working until 7ish. I have his cake baking now. The kids gave him some pencils, fake worms for fishing, and some clamps. I had knit a pair of socks for him, and he got one single sock. I'll finish the mate to it when I can.

Went shopping in Yarmouth yesterday. The Easter bunny can come now - I'm ready for him! I can remember when we were kids that we would freeze some grass in the fall, and leave it out for EB. This year we can go pick some fresh grass for him. The kids are invited to an Easter egg hunt on Sunday afternoon. That should be fun. I hope that it won't rain.

I'm also hoping it won't rain on Friday - that's trail ride day. But, it's not sounding too hopeful that it'll be dry. :(

Guess that's it for now

Sunday, April 9

babbling like a brook

Nothing exciting going on here. A bunch of little stuff going on.

My ears have been "echoing" off and on for a few days now. It's gotten worse today. I think the weather changing has something to do with it. I'll be calling first thing in the morning to see if I can get in to see my doctor about it.

Dan and Katie are getting ready to go out fishing. Troy D and one/both of his boys (maybe no boys?) are going along as well. Hope they catch something; and that it comes home cleaned! It's the first fishing trip of the season, and she is very very excited. She's going to drive us crazy until time to go!

My brother raises meat kings each year. They are a chicken raised just for the meat. He's going to raise 10 for us. We'll buy them, and will buy a bag of feed. Plus help when it comes to slaughter time. That'll help with the grocery bill a little bit. And nothing tastes as good as free range chicken. :)

Got 2 dozen eggs from my Mom today. Katie has been eating scrambled eggs like crazy the last few days. She's on #3 for today right now. I cut her off at three/day.

I'm working on another pair of socks for my hubby. It's his b-day on Weds; they may be finished by then. Or they may not be. He knows about them, so it doesn't really matter.

Troy got another b-day present today. A toy truck with beach toys in the back of it. He's having fun playing with it. That boy loves his trucks!

I'm going shopping on Tuesday with a friend. We're going to Yarmouth. Hitting WalMart, Zellers, a dollar store and the SuperStore. The SuperStore has a dollar section in it, and they have some plastic tubs that I want to get for the craft room; only need 70 or so of them. There are two SuperStores that I can get to; between the two of them I should be able to get enough.

Speaking of the craft room, I got another wall and part of the wall around the door painted yesterday. Now for Dan to build the shelves. I'm going to start sorting things out, possibly today.

And that's it for now.

forgot to tell you. I got a little "goodie box" from Mary Anne the other day. Some yarn, enough to knit Katie a little summer top, and some variegated that I'm waiting to tell me what it wants to be. Plus a knitting magazine to dream about knitting projects out of. And a nice facecloth that she knit for me. (and I forgot to thank her for, so I'm doing that now - Thank You!) Looking through my box took a little bit of time while Katie was getting her hair done.

Wednesday, April 5


I couldn't think of a title for today.

Nothing much going on here at all.

Hubby has been working on a wall in the craft room. He fixed up the way the heating pipes were run. Made a big dusty mess in the room. Still has to finish the drywall stuff up, so no point in me doing anything in there until that dust is all finished.

I've knit a pair of socks for our ministers daughter; they'll be her "going away" gift - they are moving the end of the month.

I'm taking Katie to get her hair done on Friday. She thinks she is going for a trim. She is going to be getting highlights - either pink or blue. I'll let her pick the color. Won't tell her until we get there, she'll be so happy!

I've got a craft sale in just over a month; a month and one day actually. Nothing new made for it. Can't get at materials to work on anything new for it. Could be a pretty sad sale! For those who live close enough to possibly come - the sale is May 6th 10 - 3 at the fire dept in Shelburne. My table will have turned bowls, some knitting, some tatting, a little of this and that on it. Can't tell you where the table will be in the hall, because I'm the one who is never in the same spot twice :) Which reminds me, I should call and book my tables!

oh, gotta dash!

Friday, March 31

So, I lied....

Mary Anne said my craft room didn't look too bad. So I had to post more pictures to prove to her just how bad it was. And this was when it was looking half-ways decent! We're talking MESS here folks!!
The second picture shows the wall where the shelves are now gone, and there is a wall-to-wall countertop/workbench. (which I have to go downstairs and sand)

and because I don't want to totally torture you, here's a picture of the kids on a beach outside of Bathurst last summer. We went looking for beach glass. In the background there are some people playing with a dead tree that was floating around.

Have a good one!

Thursday, March 30

nicer pictures to look at

Last summer hubby took our canoe to my Mom's house and he paddled around our pond a little bit. You can see my Mom's house in one picture. When we were kids we would put our skates on in the house, go out the side door, down the hill and skate. Now the pond doesn't feeze good for skating, but we have a good sliding hill.

Anyway, I got a bit artistic and took these canoe shots. Thought after that terrible picture of the craft room I had better share a nice picture with you!!

It's a cedar strip canoe that my hubby built. Big enough for all 4 of us to get into. We go paddling in the Shelburne harbour once in a while; soon will be warm enough to do that again. :) He and a friend went down the Ohio river once last summer; took them 5 hours or so. They had a good time. This summer there is a small group of guys planning on a 3 day/2 night canoe trip.

Craft Room update - not for the faint of heart!!

This morning we got the new workbench put into place. It's 11 feet long, and 31 inches wide. Maple glued together like a cutting board. Heavy! We moved it in in 6 smaller sections, which were then bolted together. This baby isn't going anywhere! It's not finished yet, I decided to do that after everything else was done, so I could use it for sorting/storage space while waiting for shelves to be built.

After I left for work hubby took down the shelves off the wall on the left hand side of the room. He has some drywall work to do on that wall, then I'll be able to paint it.

In the meantime I get to start sorting things out. Keep, give away, toss, put aside for kids to use.

On the knitting front. I'm working on a pair of socks for our ministers daughter. They are moving the end of next month, and they will be a going away gift for her. I gave her a pair that our daughter had out-grown, and apparently she just looves them. Have the first one just about ready to start the toe decreases.

Still looking for Winnie the Pooh colored sock yarn; no luck yet.

The next pair of socks I do has to be for me! Either purple or bright colors - not sure which yarn I want to use first.

That's it for today. Pretty boring, right?

OK, so I decided to show you a bit of how bad it was. Hope you read the warning in the title - not for the faint of heart. This picture shows the shelves that are now gone. I promise to no do this to you again!

Wednesday, March 29

Happy Birthday

to Troy! He turned 12 today. He got to go to a concert Friday night. Got a pair of home knit socks, a set of I Spy books, a soccer ball and trouble game so far. Probably more gifts to come; his Aunt Sharmaine hasn't been here yet.

The farrier was here today and did the horses feet. They got pedicures. And Dee got shoes on her front feet. Who knew horses had accessories :) They are grey steel color, didn't come in red :( LOL

I made a tomatoe soup cake for Troy's b-day cake, and it stuck to the pan. So I have a messy looking b-day cake for him. I'm thinking of making another one. It'll get eaten.

Our firemen are out fighting a forest fire, there is a slim chance I might get called to take food and drinks to them. Not a very big chance, just a slim one. For my fellow NS readers, it's in Port Mouton. (somewhere around Carter's Beach - I think) Here's hoping that they don't get called out to any other fires tonight. This is their second call today. People are starting to burn brush, and are being careless. So, if you burn brush - be careful and have a good hose nearby!!!

Off to make another cake - that one is mocking me!!

Tuesday, March 28

not much news

Nothing exciting has been going on, so not much to post about.

I have a pair of socks for Troy just about finished. They will be finished in time for him to wear to school tomorrow on his b-day.

We went to a John Gracie and Terry Kelly concert Friday night. That was Troy's b-day gift from us. We all enjoyed it. John wished Troy a happy b-day :) Both kids got new CD's to listen to.

Troy's friend Shania called him last night. It's the second time she has called. He's not a good conversationalist. But he loves to get on his toy phone after she calls and pretend to talk to her.

Star is sold. No money has crossed hands yet, but the deal has been agreed upon.

I rode last night for a while. A few of us are trying to put together a trail ride for sometime in April. I know my butt is going to hurt when that is done! The route they are thinking of is 2.5 hours one way.

It's been so nice lately, I've been hanging clothes out to dry.


Wednesday, March 22

I WON!!!

I won something! I'm soo happy! :)

There is a site I go to (Atlantic Rider) that is all about the horses. It's a bulletin board type chat room site. Anyway. One of the categories for the winter was to pick a winter project, tell what it was, and keep it updated. When spring came they would pick a winner to get a limited edition Sable Island horse and foal stamp and coin set. My winter project was to get more comfortable with our horse, and to be more confident riding her. I won :)

And now I have to get ready to go to work :(

Have a super day.

Oh yes, hubby's curling team won first place in their division of the men's league. So he's happy too. :)

Tuesday, March 21


First Full Day of Spring :)

You were wondering, weren't you?

No Jennifer, my cookies weren't beat as long as yours, and weren't quite as good as yours, but I'm getting a bit closer each time I make them :) I wish you all could taste some of Jennifers chocolate chip cookies - they are soooo good. Jennifer is going to be a great highschool math teacher in a few years - and as a side business I think she should market her cookies. I have to admit; I have no real math skills. I came so close to failing math in school it wasn't funny. But, you know what, Jennifer got all the math smarts that I lack. Probably don't tell her often enough, maybe never have, but I'm proud of you girl!

Want to know another good thing about Jennifer? She's 16 years younger than me, and I get mistaken for her :) Once had to haul out the drivers license to prove I wasn't her. Good for the ego!

Not much going on here today. Hubby says I can clean up the workshop some and then start moving stuff out of my craft room if I want to. I'm debating that one while I type this. It means work. Typing isn't work.

I was working on a pair of socks last night and can't find the second ball of yarn. I fear that it is on a table in the craft room - under a huge pile of stuff. So I knit finger puppets instead. Found out that we have at least one new knitter of puppets out there; Elizabeths mom is knitting them.

Must go do something productive.

Monday, March 20

March Break is OVER!!!

and all those other exclamations of joy that are out there :)

I'm baking chocolate chip cookies, and no one is stealing them before them are baked. Well, except me that is :) gotta eat chocolate chip cookies raw sometimes.

I've got my country music TV station on, and no one is asking to change the channel. Well, the dog might be asking, but he can just suffer!

It's so nice and quiet in the house.

Yesterday 1/2 of the boards got cut for the craft room countertop. The rest need to get cut now. Then planed, sanded, glued and assembled. He tells me it'll be at least a week. It's going to be a bread board top; if that means anything to anyone.

I'm starting to think about the storage unit now; what do I want? I'll have to do an internet search for craft room pictures to get some ideas perhaps. If you have a picture to share, let me know!

That's my excitement for today; not much. Hope your day is more exciting!

Just wanted to add that we have 324 finger puppets knit for the children's hospital right now. That should be finished, not knit. There's more knit, just waiting for seams and faces. My sister does the seams and faces. I've taken over the job of stringing them in strings of 100 - it makes them easier to count and store when they are in strings.

Sunday, March 19



Went for a walk/geocaching with the kids on Friday. My friend came with us; she held the dogs leash, so it was her shoulders that got yanked around. But our daughter and I were climbing here and there through the woods looking for the geocache. Which we did find, and had a fun time finding it.

Yesterday I tackled the craft room.

This afternoon I went for a walk with Elizabeth and their dog, and our dog. Yanked my shoulder around.

I'm about ready to drop now; I've discovered muscles that I forgot I knew I had.

Now that I have the craft room torn apart, I'm scared to go down and start trying to organize. That's going to be one heck of a big job! Hubby has gone to get the wood for my counter; it's going to take a couple of days to make - and I just wanted to use my desks for now; to save some money and get it organized quicker. But no, he has to make it more difficult. And hubby did mention something about putting a wood floor in there for me - not sure if he was being serious or not. I want a big chair to put in there, for my friend Jan to sit in when she comes, she does cross stitch. (and for me to sit in when I just go down there to escape the kids LOL)

Jennifer, yes, the kids did like their cards. I liked the O'Cutie one best :) Hope you are having a good day!

Saturday, March 18


OK, for some reason I got the urge to clean up the craft room today. It really really really needs it!

So I started out to organize. I ended up taking all the stuff off a top shelf, and dusting it. Then everything off the 2nd shelf, and the third. Before I knew it all four shelves were down, cleaned, out of the room and the brackets gone!

Then I filled holes, sanded and primed. Ran to town, bought paint, and now have the short wall in my craft room a whole new color! It's sort of a brownish/yellowish color, trim will be burgandy.

Hubby is going to get some maple to build me a desktop that is the whole width or the room (11 feet). Not sure about shelves on that wall yet. New storage units will be built too.

Gonna get it all cleaned up, and start trying to get a bit more "serious" about my crafting. Plus, if I really use that room, then I can use it as a business expense :)

Jennifer, heard you made some mint fudge :) Sounds good, wish I had some chocolates left.

Thursday, March 16

Is it over yet??

I can't wait for Monday and school to be in again!!! I've never been so in demand. The kids have me worn out.

Not much exciting going on. Been working on a pair of socks; have the first one ready to start decreasing for the toes.

Wonder if Jennifer would wear a pair?? Humm - where can I find Pooh colored sock yarn?? :)

Also been working on finger puppets. We have 100 stringed together, plus a few loose ones in the bag. And I have have a bunch to take to my sister to be finished off. On the 8th we had 1000 delivered to the hospital. We're getting fancy, and are using a bit of fun fur on the bottom of some of them now. Looks some cute :)

Guess that's it for today.

A terible thing has happened! Our popcorn popper has died :( It was popping away, then it stopped spinning the popcorn around. Before I could unplug it there was a bright light, and it stopped. The popcorn inside the popping chamber was packed in there solid. Oh well, at least I had most of the popcorn for the kids popped before it died.

Monday, March 13

Just like she owned the place

That's how Star walked into the barn at the "new" home. Not a single hesitation or anything, just straight into the stall that was waiting for her. In a few days she'll be moved to the bigger barn - and if she has to come home to us from there she'll hate us. I want to live in the bigger barn! What a place!! Fields, huge indoor riding ring, big stalls - horsie heaven.

I had a new comment leaver - my niece. And what a nice quote for me! "Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them. Eeyore" Wonder if that is because she knows how little I know about flowers? :)

It's day one of March Break. So far, so good. The weather is beautiful. Tomorrow is supposed to rain; could be a long day.

Have a good one!

Sunday, March 12


I'm trying to get the house cleaned up, tidied up, and looking less cluttered. So why did I tell my hubby to stop at the house down the road a bit and pick up the 5 or so garbage bags of girls clothes that are there? Why? Because they are free, and Katie will eventually grow into them. That's why? But, it's more stuff to bring into the house. I'll be good though. I'll go through them, and what I don't want I'll take to the hospitals second hand shop tomorrow afternoon. Of course that's all depending on them still being there when hubby drives by.

Tomorrow we take Star away for the month; maybe forever. Katie woke up at 6:30 this morning saying she was sad. We'll miss the pony, but it's for the better. Besides, I like the horse :)

We went to the Ex grounds and rode yesterday afternoon. I rode for about 45 minutes. Took me a few minutes to get over my nerves, then I had fun just going at a walk. She spooked once, but it didn't scare me too much.

And now i must go get the dishes washed up.

Went through 8 garbage bags of clothes; kept about one garbage bag of stuff. Mostly for Katie but a few things for Troy. There were some nice things in there, but I knew she wouldn't wear them, so they went back in the bag. I'll wash the stuff up, fold it, put it away. And in that process may put a couple of things back in the "out of the house tomorrow" bags.

Friday, March 10


The days is half over, and so far it's going pretty good. I seem to be getting lots of little jobs done that needed to be done. Which makes me happy.

I got all but one of my orders from the spice party delivered. Have one extra bottle of dried green peppers - definately not something that will get used by me if I'm told to keep it.

I got my hair trimmed yesterday morning. Had more compliments on my hair today.

I had had to return some yarn to Briggs & Little, and the replacement yarn came today. Wrapped in brown paper; a huge piece of brown paper. So I gave that paper to my daughters class and they were drawing a mural for their teacher on it at lunchtime. It was an inside day today; and I forgot my knitting at home!

I'm in the process of trying to find someone to watch Troy on Weds. Wish me luck!

Thursday, March 9

Half Day

Today is report card day for the kids, so they are getting out of school at lunchtime. I have to go in at 2:00 to meet with Troy's resource teacher. Then back in town at 3:00 for Katie's curling. I don't like days like this; seems like all i do is run here and there.

This morning I went grocery shopping as soon as the kids left for school. Then got my hair trimmed; just enough to get rid of the dead ends. Looks a lot nicer! Came home and put all the groceries away. Didn't get two things on my list; which isn't bad. Otherwise I think I got enough groceries for 2 weeks.

Someone I know was picking up Philadelphia cream cheese because it's on sale 2/$5.00. I looked at it, and said "no" and started to walk away. She asked me why I wasn't getting any. So I told her it was because I knew that the no-name brand was $2.34 regular price, and it's made by the same company. She put hers back :) I bought 4 tubs of cream cheese, and 3 of sour cream. Need some for recipes in the next two weeks, and the rest is for making dips. I bought light, so it's not quite so fattening :)

I know a guy who works out in the fireman's gym almost every day. We've been trying to get there at the same time so he can help me to set up a routine. Saw him in the grocery store. He looked me up and down and said "you're losing". YUP! I'm wearing jeans that a month ago I couldn't zipper up :) All I said to him was "I think so". It's getting nicer, I'm getting more active, and I'm watching what I eat. But, it's going to go off a lot harder than it went on!

I signed up for a horse riding clinic on May 20th. At the place where Katie takes lessons, being taught by the lady that teaches her. I predict I'll be sore on the 21st! I really have to get out riding on Dee, so that I won't be totally un-used to it. Today would be a good day if there wasn't so much else going on.

Dan is going on Saturday to buy hay. We have a guy 1.5 hours away that we get it from. Dan called him yesterday to let him know he was coming, and he told him he had sold all his hay. I heard that much of the story and started to panic. Then Dan went on to tell me that the hay man had arranged with his neighbour for us to buy hay from him at the same price. We're talking $3/bale less that it's selling for anywhere else right now. Which means that the hay part of our barn needs to get cleaned out by Saturday afternoon. Hope the weather stays nice.

On the knitting note. Started the heel process of Mary Anne's second sock this morning. I'll be taking it to curling to work on.

I have some Briggs & Little durasport yarn in a peacock color that I'm trying to decide what to do with. I have 2 skeins. I had thought of socks with it, but now I'm thinking I'd like the color to be seen more. (since it is my last name) The Irish Hiking scarf that Nova Knitter just finished is sort of calling to me, but I'm not sure if the yarn would be suitable. What do you think Donna?

Guess I had better stop babbling.

Wednesday, March 8


Yup, I stole my topic line from "Just in the Knit of Time". See her post for yesterday. See that picture? Pretend that it's over my house instead of hers :)

On the playground at lunchtime today we had all sorts of excitement. First a helicopter circled a couple of times, and then landed behind a huge (I mean HUGE!!)dirt pile. We think it may have been someone from Sobeys or Lawtons coming to check on the renovations that have been on-going for a while now. There were no kids on any of the equipment or the playground; they were all in one big bunch watching the helicopter.

A little bit later we hear a noise, and there goes the planes overhead. Kids were hitting the dirt and pretending to shoot at them. According to some kids in grade primary they crashed. Once again, kept the kids entertained for a little while. And afterwards they were in groups talking about the planes. Then they came again.

Made our job on the playground quite easy for today :)

Just a few minutes ago we heard them fly over the house.

I started a sweater for Troy back in the fall. Got it out last night and decided that it's just too wide for him, won't look good on him, and I'm not going to finish it. Thought I'd use some Bernat Denim yarn to knit the same sweater, but can't get gauge with it. So now I've decided that he doesn't need a sweater. Will be starting Mary Anne's second sock this evening.

Have a pork roast going in the crock pot. Vegies and potatoes cooking on the stove. Bread going in the bread machine. I'm hungry!!

Got my order from the spice party today. All sorts of yummy smelling things in there. Might try a loaf of bread later with one of the dip mixes in it for flavor.

That's it for today.

Monday, March 6


Just told my hubby I'm going to the gym tonight. Plan to be there at 6:00. He didn't complain at all; said "OK". I go to the gym in the fire hall, it's free for firemen and ladies aux. members to use. Plus I have to be there to work on a catering job the aux is doing for 7. So might as well go early and get a work out done. Right?? Yup, the new improved me is coming out again :)

"Nova Knitter" I tried to go to your blog, and got a message that I wasn't authorized to view the site. Same thing happened on another blog that I go to daily as well. Just thought I'd let you know. Gee, hope it's not me :)

Not much going on here today. Housework and laundry - same ol' same ol'.

Gotta go get some lunch.

Saturday, March 4

Dee is still pink

The color didn't go away over night. Katie has taken to calling her Strawberry. Ran into a member of the horse club at the grocery store last night. Was telling her about Dee, and how I had dyed her. Gave her a good chuckle. And got another potential buyer for Star should the lady who is taking her for a month decide not to take her.

Elizabeth and I got together for the evening. She got a good laugh out of my pink horse. So did her hubby and one daughter. I look at her and smile. She's good for the mood. We're going to try to get a picture using a video camera later on today.

Have I mentioned FlyLady? Check out this site it's a good motivator. My house is looking so much better since I started out on this. I'm on day 9. My laundry is getting done instead of piling up, my meals are planned, flat surfaces aren't piled up quite so much, I'm getting rid of things I don't need/want anymore. Katie is working on her room today, cleaning it in zones. Now, to just get her to get rid of some things!!

I've got a load of laundry going now, the dishes in the dishwasher are cooling before I put them away, I have a loaf of brown bread going in the machine, and Troy is sweeping the floor for me. Three machines and one kid working hard for me :)

Hubby has to work this afternoon, so I missed out on a chance to go to Yarmouth to do a bit of shopping. Oh well. I have a chance to go there with my sister on Tuesday, will have to decide about that. They are adopting this guy on the 15th, after he is neutered. They are taking their dog up to play with him for a bit on Tuesday. They used me as a reference, and when the SPCA called me I almost told the guy that if I were to die today I'd want to come back as one of their pets - they are that well spoiled :)

Well, back to the housework.

Friday, March 3


Well, the weekend is here, again. The kids only had a half day today, they just got home. Katie has a friend here for the afternoon. It's nice out, so hopefully they'll play outside quite a bit. The ponies will be their main attraction, I'm pretty sure.

I have an apple crisp in the oven, and does it ever smell good. Can't wait for it to be dessert time - of course I could have dessert first :)

Hubby and I tried to decide when he should take his vacation this summer. We decided on 2 weeks, but he has 3 this year. So I told him to discuss it with our friend Troy to see if they could pick a date that they want to do their canoe trip, and take that week off. What a nice wife I am :) He takes our local exhibition week off - he has to be groom and babysitter that week. First year he only had to get Katie ready to go, last year he had Troy and Katie, this year I think he has 3 of us! Unless we decide that he's riding instead of me. August will be here before we know it!

Not much going on here today. I got a lot of things accomplished this morning. Dropped Troy's quilt off at a seamstress to be serged around the sides. Mailed a package that needed to be mailed. Bought a few groceries.

This menu thing is really being a money saver for us. I used to go and buy groceries, then almost every day would be stopping in to pick up something that I forgot to buy. And of course would see something else that I "needed" to pick up as well. Today I sepnt $20.00; first money I've spent since last Thursday. My hubby is sooooo pleased! (me too)

That's it for today.

Had to add this. I wish my digital camera was working. Dee has had a red blanket on for most of the week, because it's been so cold. I had washed it a few times, and thought all the dye was out. It wasn't. We now have a pink bodied horse. Looks quite funny.