Saturday, August 26

17 years

Hubby and I have been married for 17 years today.

I spent the evening at the firehall catering a small wedding there (with the ladies aux).

Shortly after I got there to start working my friend Elizabeth showed up. She works at the flower shop in town. She was there on "official business"; delivering 17 pink roses to me :)

The heat in the kitchen made them open up quite a bit, and they are now at the point where I want them to be for drying. So I'm not putting them in water. I'll dry them, and put then in the craft room (I think)

Pictures of knitting tomorrow maybe. I gave my friend the skull and crossbones cloth and forgot to take a picture first. Have asked her to send me a picture.

Thursday, August 24

Less than two weeks to go :)

Yup, Two weeks from yesterday and the kids are back in school. YIPPEE!!! I'm more than ready to have my days (most of it anyway) to myself again! More than ready to get back on "my" schedule. More than ready to have silence.

After supper I go grocery shopping, and pick up the last of the stuff we need for back to school. Also picking up a few things for a friends daughter who is going away to school.

I'm knitting a multi-directional scarf, using a ball of Sirdar Snowflake that I found at Value Village, and then sort of forgot I had until I found it yesterday morning. I got the pattern from The Yarn Harlot Mine is pink, blue, yellow, peach, green and purple - think that is all the colors. Not sure what I'm going to do with it when it's done, probably sell it. Katie wants it, but she has so many scarves now!

My friend Linda was here yesterday, and noticed my little pile of face/dish clothes. Asked where I got the patterns from, so I showed her a few sites that I go to. She saw a skull and crossbones, and asked me to knit that for her to give to her brother for Christmas. We couldn't find any black cotton, so we decided on blue. She said to mail it to her when it's done - she only home until Sunday. I'll give it to her tonight when I go in grocery shopping. Had it done before I went to bed last night. I'll take a picture of it for you to see.

My friend Elizabeth got me a 1 lb ball of cotton that is greens and yellows. Nice bright colors. Can't wait to start using that :)

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 17


Here's Tiny looking up out of his stall at the Ex. He had a stall right by the door, he looked at everyone who went in or out the door.
Here's a shot of me doing the barrel racing. Can you see how fast I'm going LOL :)
Katie on her carousel horse Dee, just before the parade.

Tuesday, August 15

Swimming in the rain

Our daughter has swimming lessons this week. Today she only went half time today because of the rain. Cold rain. Brrrr. Hopefully the sun will be out tomorrow.

I took a sock along with me to knit on - there is a covered area that we were sitting in.

Not much else going on here.

Monday, August 14

Just because you need to know

My cousin sent me this link to some very important information that everyone should know about. Click here

Sorry, but I had to tell you!

Sunday, August 13

Home again

Dee and Tiny are home, and appear to be happy about that. It was a good week, but a long week.
Katie got second place in freestyle reining; there were three horses in the class. That was the class that worried her the most I think. She got mostly seconds all week, but it was a learning week for her and a new horse.
I had a good week. Got second place twice, but was usually 6th place, 5th twice. Another learning experience :)
We still have to unload the truck, but that's waiting until after lunch!

I'm knitting on a pair of socks; using yarn that I got for my b-day last month. It's the stuff with aloe in it; sure feels nice on the hands! Then I think I'm going to work on a few pairs of fingerless mitts - have a craft sale in October and one in November to start to get ready for.

That's it for now.

Wednesday, August 9

Off to the Ex

Our family is at the Shelburne Ex this week. All 4 of us are competing in the light horse stuff in some way. Plus I'm working in the canteen each evening.

This is my first time ever riding in a show. I'm nervous - but having fun!! Last night I got third in the stake race, and this morning I got third in equitation. (there were 6 of us in that class!)

Home for a lunch break, then back in to do more riding.

Have a good one!