Friday, February 22

Snowing again

It's a pretty snowy evening out there. Both in the fact that it's snowing pretty hard, and that it looks pretty.

I finished the wool socks for my friend. And am now working on hubbys socks. And the thrummed mittens are there ... but not being touched right now. Not in the mood.

I worked 2.5 days in the school library today. This working all day stuff is exhausting!! Fun, but exhausting :)

Nothing much else to tell you, I lead such a boring life.

Oh!! Another thing I've been knitting a few of - cast socks. Not using this pattern, but made up my own. My friend Robyn has been knitting them, and I've done a few to help her out. Her daughter has to go to the IWK next month to have some leg surgery, she'll be in a cast from hip to toe when finished ... and will need some cast socks to keep her toes nice and toasty warm. Robyn is making some for her daughter (and I did a fuzzy pink and purple one for her), and soem to give to the IWK. She'll also be taking a delivery of puppets to them for me. Oh, I updated the puppet count.

Take Care!

Monday, February 18

I give in

I'll admit defeat.
I'm sick.
No more fighting it, I'll just accept it. UGH!
I've got about as much energy as a wet dish cloth.
And it's a cold, drab, rainy day. Double UGH.

On the knitting front, I've started to turn the heel on the second sock of the second pair of wool socks that were ordered. Will have the socks finished by Friday.

I've got the first mitten of the first of two pairs that were ordered started, just about ready to start decreasing for the fingertips ... and my desire to work on them has died. After the socks are done I'll work on them.

Marti - forgot to leave you a comment ... I think a little girls lopi style sweater would be nice with your yarn. About a size 18-24 months. Yup, you can knit it, then I'll come find you and take it to give to my niece :) (just kidding ... I'd take Hank before I took a sweater!)

Have a good day!

Monday, February 11

Snow Day

It's a snow day here. It's a snow day in Nova Scotia. It's a day to sit and knit. (yup, I dream!!)

Valentine's Day is coming. Have you bought or made something special for your sweetheart yet? My hubby is getting a sock and half. And, if I'm energetic, he'll also get a new toe on a pair of socks he already has. He already bought me my present - new leather gloves for working with the horses. Mine aren't quite like the ones pictures, but close to that. We're such a romantic couple :)

Nothing else to say. Updated the puppet count.

Have a good one!

Monday, February 4

Spoil Sports!

Jennier and Donna ... couldn't you just let me have some fun and wish for a bit longer??? I know they'll be the same ... but I'm allowed to wish, aren't I?? :) There is a set of identical twin boys in our church, known them since they were babies; they're 10 now (I think), and I still can't tell them apart. How the heck am I suppose to tell "my twins" apart when I'll only see them once in a blue moon??

Marti, the puppets we donate to the IWK in Halifax. They give them to kids when they get bloodwork done, have needles, are scared, just about anytime that a child might need some comforting. They go through about 3000 a month (if I remember correctly). I'm not sure if the hospitals in Liverpool or Bridgewater use puppets or not - I never go there, so don't get to ask. Whenever I take our son down to the IWK for an appt I always take a delivery of puppets with me. My Mom and myself, and some other friends all knit them. Mom and I give ours to my sister, and she finishes them up for us, because she's not crazy about knitting them. So, if you'd like to knit some, we'd be happy to have you do that. You can get them to the IWK yourself (they can be dropped off at the desk in the entry way if you want ... be sure to include your name and address so they can send you a thank you note). Or you can get them to me somehow. Just leave me a comment with the number that you've knit, so I can add it to my total. Anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Jennifer - guess what! No more sewing up ... at least not mine or Grannies. We've been converted to 4 needle puppet knitting. Just one little knot to do at the top, and then a face to put on. But I'm sure if you really want some to sew up I can knit some flat ones for you :)

I'm thinking that once I get some things finished that are in my knitting pile I want to do two of these for the twins.

That's it for today. Spoilsports!

Saturday, February 2

Happy Ground Hog Day

It's overcast, so no shadow ... so what does that mean???

It's certainly a windy day. Or as Pooh would say "blustery". Strong winds, thankfully no rain with them!

Nothing exciting going on here.

I'm working on wool socks that a friend ordered. And finger puppets. Up to 668 so far! That's with just 3 or 4 of us knitting. Imagine if we had more knitters??? Wanna knit some finger puppets??

We've learned that the twins are going to be identical. Can't wait to find out if it's nieces, nephews or one of each :)