Tuesday, December 29

An Update

Since Barbara requested it ... and since she has an update on her blog ... here you go.

Nothing exciting to share.

Finished a pair of not cable cable socks for hubby on the 26th. Started them sometime in the fall. Got side-tracked by knitting thrummed mittens.

Now I'm working on an afaghan that I had started in the fall. Patons Divine yarn. 5 rows of big cables going up it. Quite pretty. Will put it in our exhibition next summer, then someone will get it for Christmas.

Have yarn to knit a pair of socks for me, that'll be the next project ... possibly.

Oh, knit a pair of thrummed mittens that someone ordered in the 10 days before Christmas. And the shop that I had 4 pairs in only has 1 pair left. So should try to get more made for there.

Also have hopes to make this for my niece Emily. We'll see.

I had more typed, and lost it :(
Happy Holidays!