Saturday, December 28

Post Christmas

Well, the big day has come and gone.
No knitter type gifts for me at all. Unless you count the hairclip that I can use as a shawl pin from hubby.
That shawl I was going to work on ... no go. I was liking it at first, then I reached a point where I said "I don't like this", sat it down, and haven't picked it up since.
Now I'm working on Klickitat. Making it in a soft smooth orange cotton. Almost a hunter orange. It's for the grandbaby-t0-be of a friend. The parents-to-be both do a bit of hunting. I have one front completed, and the second one close to being completed.
I can see me making this for another couple I know who are expecting. And maybe even using the basic pattern to make a stole for myself. It's an easy knit.
Have a good one!

Sunday, December 15

Almost Christmas

Long time, no post. Sorry. No excuses. Just nothing to post about. Seriously; I'm boring!!!

I just finished off a pair of socks for hubby for Christmas. They are crazy socks, made with leftovers from other socks. He likes those type. Even though he saw me making them, he doesn't get them yet :)

I think I am done my Christmas knitting. Nothing scheduled to be knit as gifts. But, I did get a free pattern on Ravelry today, that should be a quick knit. The Acer Shawl It's free till Dec 16th, with the code "Free1" ... if you see this in time to get it

Merry Christmas everyone!!