Thursday, December 16

Nine more days!!

Boy, the time is sure flying by!

I've got the thumb of one mitten to finish, and a scarf to knit, and stocking stuffers to pick up, then I'm ready for the "big day". YIPPEE!!!!

My sister made me a fir swag thing for outside today. I need to cut out and paint the wooden stars that are going to go on it, then it's ready to hang outside. I bought some wide gold holey ribbon type stuff to make a big bow to go on it. The kids were soooo impressed that I was able to make a bow :)

I went to a cookie exchange party last night, and came home with a nice variety of cookies for us to nibble on. Ohh those calories taste so nice going down. I do have to make a few cakes though.

It's been a busy week. Tonight is supposed to be our sons school concert, but he's had no desire to take part in it, and I'm not going to put us through the hassle of trying to get him to take part! Some things just aren't worth it! It'll be nice to have the evening to sit at home and relax.

Tomorrow our daughter has a b-day party to go to. I think we are going to rent a couple of movies for the weekend. I have been wanting to see Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas since I first saw a commercial for it.

Thursday, December 9

Someone stole my hubby

And I don't want him back. I like this replacement one much better! This one went out and bought (and put up!!) new icicle lights for the house. And it bought new decorations for inside the house. The old hubby was a bit of a scroge about decorations. Would you want the old one back??? I'm more than pleased. It's a Christmas miracle!!!

And, he ordered me the kit to make the peacock shawl for Christmas. Mind you I did have it bookmarked and named "WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS" in our favorites list :)

Now I'm off to decorate, and then do ironing.

Yup, ironing. I decided that the fabric I have stored downstairs in my craft room needed to be washed and ironed. Forgot how much there was. No where near half washed yet; and I have a mountain of ironing ahead of me. Why did I start this? Oh yeah! The new model of hubby also did a "clean sweep" on my craft room.


Wednesday, December 8

The Countdown is on!

Yup, that "X days till Christmas countdown" that we all love so much. NOT!

We have a son with Opitz FG Syndrome. He doesn't ask for much. When he does we try to get it for him. Within the last few days he decided what he was going to ask Santa for; a guitar. So, I think he is going to get one. I'm leaning towards the cheap one that Sears sells. Hubby is starting to think perhaps we should spend a bit more. Why bother spending more; Troy has a good track record of wrecking stuff. Maybe he is thinking he (meaning Dan) might try to learn to play it?

I've been battling with our daughter to get her room cleaned up. She's lost her allowance because of it being messy. Poor kid, she finally gets us to agree to give her an allowance, and she hasn't gotten it a single time since then. One week she got caught in a lie to us. Other weeks it's been the messy room to blame.

The schools here are closed today. Over night we got some freezing rain and rain. In some areas the road were a tad slippery at 6 am. But by the time the kids would have been getting on the buses the roads were fine. Katie was supposed to go to a friends house after school today. Instead I dropped her off there when I went to work this morning, and will pick her up at 3:00. On the way to her friends house she said to me "Ummm...why was school closed?". Good question! The wind is picking up a bit now though.

I'm hoping to take the kids to our Save Easy store this evening. Terry Kelly is going to be there as part of his promotional tour for his new Christmas CD that you can only get at Save Easy (at least that's how I understand it). The kids like Terry Kelly. He's been to speak/sing at their school before. Have yet to figure out how I'm going to do it though, we have one truck, and it needs to be in two places at once.

I got new living room curtains today. I picked up a blue triangle thing as a topper for each one. I can't decide if I like the blue thing or not. I have a friend coming up later on to give me her opinion. I think they'll be going back to the store.

Well, I guess I've avoided the dishes for long enough now.

Happy Holidays!

Tuesday, November 30

Oh MY!!!

It's been 12 days since my last update. Someone get a wet noodle and flog me! Shame on me!!

So, what's new on the knitting front? I have made a pair of half-finger gloves, a pair of thrummed mittens and a pair of fisherman's mitts, and one thrummed mitten (one more to do still) - they are all Christmas gifts for a family of friends. I've also knit a booga bag for MIL for Christmas; 2 more feet of I cord and I can felt that. And I've knit one sock and started the second sock for my son.

Knitting for kids is so nice. My son gave me a high 5 and a big hug; all for just finishing one sock. He was even thrilled when I started the second one right away. He even told his Dad as soon as he walked in the house that I finished a sock. OH! Knit a pair of socks for hubby in the last little while too.

Now I'm thinking I want to try to knit some Christmas ornaments. Just not sure what I want to make. I don't want it to look "cheap". Perhaps I'll leave this idea for next year, when I have more time.

Besides, Katie needs a new Christmas stocking cap; her's is a tad too tight. Hopefully I'll be able to get the yarn today to start that for her. There's not much for yarn selection in our little town. Two stores that have very small yarn supplies.

I did some Christmas baking on the weekend. Funny that I call it Christmas baking, when I know that none of it will still be around at Christmas time :) I did tomato soup cakes and gum drop cakes. I used my mini loaf pans to bake them in, so they are individual serving size. I think that teachers, bus drivers, etc are going to get cakes for Christmas gifts. I know I'm going to have to make more of them.

I think this Saturday Katie will have 3 friends over to do some crafting. That'll make 4 girls. Gotta have them in even numbers, or there'll be trouble. One of her friends is quite bossy. Another is the "peace keeper". The other one I'm not sure about, she's new to the area, kinda quiet. I think it'll be a good mix. They'll be making door frame sitting snowmen, clothespin Santa, and maybe something else. They'll have times that they need to wait for paint to dry.

Strange things have been happening. Our hair dryer will not work on the "high speed" setting. I have gentle breeze and rustle the wind breeze; but not the gale force wind speed that I like for drying my hair. And on top of that my curling iron has gone missing. So my hair has looked like heck the last few days! I'm not a happy camper! Something else has gone missing on me, but I can't think of what it is right now. (perhaps it was my memory??)

OH! It's official. Our puppy will be born on/around Dec. 23rd :) A border collie. We are getting a male, and we think his name will be Flint. (I wanted Skye, but hubby doesn't like it) We went to the breeders place 2 weeks ago and met him, his dogs, and 2 people who also own 2 of his pups. They were there to do some training with their dogs. They were herding sheep, what fun to watch! The breeder (Roy) has his dogs herd ducks too. We met our pups Mom and Dad too. Mom (Tammy) sat beside Troy and put her head in his lap; I really wish I had remembered the camera!! We are pleased with Roy, his dogs, and how he deals with them. Too bad he's 2 hours away, because you get free training when you get a pup from him!

Well, I guess I've avoided the laundry long enough. Time to go get the housework done... YUCK!!

Thursday, November 18

why do I torture myself???

I have a craft sale to go to on Saturday. I'll be trying to sell stuff my hubby and I have made. Wish me luck!! Wish me luck also in getting the 9 (yes NINE) painted projects that I have on the go on our kitchen table at the moment. Three big snowmen, 2 small snowmen, 3 corner sitting snowmen and a NOEL thing. I really meant to get to work on them sooner, but hubby didn't get the wood for me till last week. Then I had to plane it down to the thickness' that I needed. And then Sunday when I went to start cutting things out the power went out. Same thing on Monday. And Weds! Finally got everything cut out this morning! And I hope to have all the painting done before I go to bed tonight!
Tomorrow morning I go to help set up the tables for the craft sale. It's sponsored by the fire depts ladies aux. group that I'm a member of, so I help with the table set up. Tomorrow night it's back to the fire hall to set up the stuff on the tables. Then Sat 10 - 4 is the sale.

One top of that our Home Hardware store is having an ornament making contest for kids. They have to decorate a paint stirrer to be a Christmas ornament. I don't know what the prize is, but our kids will be trying to win it :) I'll show them pictures of a few painted stir sticks that I found online, then give them a bunch of paint, glue, glitter, feathers, etc. and let them have fun. We'll see what they come up with!

Oh, the power going off so often. Why?? We had a snow storm here on Sun. Well, it really started to snow Sat night. Sunday was rotten weather. Cars off all over the place. Power out throughout most of our end of the province. I think it's still out in some areas. Mind you the kids have been having lots of fun playing in the snow, which is a good thing. (they are sleeping well at night!)

Just remembered I still have a purse to finish off before Saturday too. So much to do, so little time!

And if I stop typing I'll have more time, right???

Thursday, November 11

Rememberance Day

I didn't get to go to the service this morning; I had to work. When you're providing meals for an elderly couple, you have to go. Neither of them realized it was Rememberance Day. I did sit quietly for my minute at 11:00.

Katie and I played with Christmas ornaments this afternoon. I have some of the clear glass/plastic ornaments, so we squirted paint inside of them and let it "swirl" around. That process took too long, so I shook them. We're happier with them now. We did 3. We think the rest we will put feathers and Christmas glitter (If I can find some) in.

I got 5 projects cut out on the scroll saw this afternoon; they are ready to be sanded now. Then painted, put together and packed away for a craft sale next weekend. No, it's not quite the last minute yet :) I have more to cut out, but need to find wide enough wood. We have lots of wood around here; but none the width I need.

Now I think it's time to go and knit for a while. My back is feeling a bit sore.

Monday, November 8

Whatcha doing?

Don't you hate that question?? People call me and ask me what I'm doing; and I usually say "nothing" or "not much". Who wants to hear that I'm knitting, or doing laundry, or whatever??? Do they really care?

But, just incase you really are interested, here goes :) I've got a cross stitch dolphin on the go; it's for my niece for Christmas ... hopefully I'll get it done in time! I have a pair of half finger gloves that just need the pinky and thumb done on one of them, and it's one Christmas present done. And another pair to do for the brother of the guy who is getting the first pair. I have a pair of socks on the go for hubby. I've got a long cardigan that's been on the go since July, and will be for a long time yet I'm afraid. Perhaps that'll be my major project for after Christmas? I also just started a pair of felted clogs. I joined a "clog along" on a knitting list I belong to. Size 8mm needles!!

Those needles; had to make them myself! I got a 3/8" wooden dowel, cut it into pieces, and sanded the ends like knitting needles. Turned out quite good if I may say so myself. I'm thinking they need to be stained a color and then have a slicker finished put on them; gotta dress them up a bit :)

I'm trying to come up with Christmas gift ideas. I'm not sure what to make (or buy) for folks this year. I do hope to get some wooden items made for a craft sale in a couple of weeks; if they dont' sell then they will be gifts.

And, in a fit of temporary insanity - or at least more insane than usual - I decided that Katie should have some friends come over to make Christmas decoartions. I'm thinking of a wooden Santa doorframe sitter. Gee, glad I went to look at that, forgot I need to get fabric for his beard!! Anyway, that won't happen until after my ornament party on the 26th.

Well, time to go knit some more. Not doing housework today; I'm on strike. More fun to knit anyway!!

Tuesday, November 2

New use for old CD's

It's Tuesday. Every Tuesday I go to work at the school, then volunteer in the school library for the afternoon. My son's class comes down to the library on Tuesday afternoons :)

The librarians teenaged son usually shows up at the library at some point in the afternoon; waiting for a ride home. He's a tall guy, long hair, doesn't say much. Friendly guy though when he does talk. Well, today he talked. And got me thinking of doing some creating. Curious??

Can't remember how the topic came up, but he told me about making CD coasters. I asked him how to make CD coasters, cause I had an idea in my head; wondering if he knew the same idea. NOPE! His way was to put the CD in a little bit of water in the microwave. Being skeptical like I am I had to check into this more. Rather than call the guy who had told him about doing this, I went online. And YES, you can microwave a CD!!

You put your CD face down on a sheet of paper towel. Microwave it for 3 seconds - no longer. At about 2 seconds you'll see a little fireworks display and here a snap, crackle and a pop; maybe even a sizzle. Open the microwave, and there you have it, a cool coaster. And a stinky microwave. (Don't do this immediately before you plan to use your microwave, it takes a few minutes to air out) Honest! I did it 4 times.

On one CD the face stuff peeled off some. I'm thinking that 2 of them glued together will make a neat suncatcher.

On the knitting front I have another purse almost ready to felt. Just need to knit a few more feet of I cord. That's the last one I'm making for the craft sale. Next I have to start working on some other items for the sale.

OH, Knittgirl.... you're not going to get the info out of me by whining :) If I can ignore my kids whining, I can ignore yours!! I really have to figure out how to put pictures in my blog, so I can show you the beautiful scarf she knit for me!

And now its time to go and get some supper ready for the kids. I've played with the microwave, not to really use it :)

Saturday, October 30

Ahh...time to relax a bit

What a busy day I've had!

Laundry, dishes, crockpot supper, yard sale to go to .... it's been a full one.

I found a camera at the yard sale/flea market I went to. 35mm for $5.00. Hubby says I got a good deal. No battery in it, so the light meter doesn't work; but I can live without that.

The kids are coloring rocks. What fun! We did it last night too. My friend Jan stopped in, and she colored one too; I think she enjoyed it. You find some flat, smooth stones, and heat them in the oven for an hour or so on 300 degrees. Then you melt crayons on them. Once they are cool you polish them with a cloth. The more crayon on them, the better the shine when you polish them. You can try to make pictures, but it's more fun to just let the colors mix and do what they want to do.

Knittgirl has figured out that the secret project I was working on is for her. It's done now; but she won't be getting it for a while yet; gonna be a Christmas present. I've decided that I need to make the same thing for myself. :) My goal now is to make her very curious as to what it is :)

This afternoon I sat down to watch "The Brooke Ellison Story" and knit. I finished off a hat for Troy, and took out and re-finished a hat for Katie. (she'd better like it now; I'm all out of the yarn that I used for it!) I finished the "mystery item". I put the handles on a felted purse, and knit a test swatch with some 100% wool yarn I was given. And I cleaned out my knitting basket a bit. Pretty good accomplishment for 2 hours!

The kids are getting very wound up about Halloween. Pity help me after they have had candy!! I'm sure they are going to drive me crazy tomorrow afternoon!! Troy was outside raking the leaves in his costume this afternoon; I took a picture. Katie was invited to go trick or treating with my niece, but I've decided she'll go with us. I don't like the idea of trying to drive in town to pick Troy up, (he helps my sister hand out her treats while Katie and I go to some houses) with all the kids that will be walking on the street. We'll go in early before they really start going around, and back the truck into my sisters neighbours driveway.

Must go and get something for supper. My tummy just growled at me.

Wednesday, October 27

Knitting Needle Find :)

WooHoo Did I ever hit it good today!

Our local hospital has a second hand goods and clothing store. People who have things they don't want anymore can take them there and drop them off. Same people can shop there for things they do want. I'm known for making a delivery, and then buying more stuff :) Hey, where do they think the stuff I'm dropping off came from in the first place??

It's a great source for kids clothes, because where else can you fill a grocery bag with clothes and only pay $1.00??? No where else that I know of.

So, today I had 4 boxes of stuff to take down to them. My sister had a couple of bags of stuff. So off we go.

First find was a funky pair of red sparkly cowboy hat earrings for my daughter. Just HAD to have them!

My SIL's mother came along about then, and we discovered that she has little balls of yarn at home - perfect, because we need little balls of yarn for finger puppets. She's going to see that SIL gets it and will get it to one of us. (we knit finger puppets for the local hospital and for the children's hospital in the city ... took 4000 to the city this past spring)

Anyway. That's when I saw IT. The container full of knitting needles! Ahhhhhhh A fist full of knitting needles, ranging in size from the tiny size 13 up to the big size 11. (make sense?) Just had to buy them all, even if there were doubles in some of the sizes. My daughter is starting to learn to knit; she's going to need her own needles eventually - right??

So, between the 2 of us we got 4 men's sweaters, the needles, the funky earrings and a book. And spent a whopping $5.00.

Now I need to decide what I want to cast onto the needles next. I've got 2 felted purses done for a craft sale next month (still need to felt one of them). Want to make some more things to try to sell. It's so hard though; because you can't predict what will and what won't sell. And if you can predict that; please let me know what to make!! PLEASE!!

I'm already working on a long cardigan for myself; which I'm not really liking much at this moment and therefore haven't touched in quite a while. Plus a pair of socks for hubby. And that mystery item for my friend :)

One thing I am looking forward to - next month I hope to go to Bridgewater (about an hour away) and learn if the sheeps wool I have here is any good for spinning or not. And if it is, then I'm going to learn to use a drop spindle. I'm excited about that. I know it'll take me forever to spin enough yarn to make anything; but it's the fact that I will know how to do it that is important, right?

Fifteen minutes till the kids get home. Better go get a cup of coffee.

Monday, October 25

The cat came back

We thought it was a gonna, but it just couldn't stay away. (Fred Penner song, I think)

It's Monday early afternoon. Haven't seen our cat since Saturday morning sometime. I was starting to get worried and upset. She's the last of 3 cats. Really didnt' want to think that she may have gone across the road and gotten hit by a car. (no, not that again!!)

I got home from work at 1, and heard a Meow out of our bedroom. The door was shut, so I opened it, and there was the cat.

Called hubby at work, and said all happy like "Bear Cat is home!". "Oh, really?" "Didn't you shut her in the bedroom?" "No"

Soooo. The bedroom door is shut, and the cat was in there. I know she didn't open the door and get in herself; so that means she had to have been in there. But where in there??? Has she been in there since sometime on Saturday, sneaking out to use the litter box while we were sleeping or out?

Stranger yet, I saw her heading back towards our bedroom. So I followed to see where she went; and she's not in sight!

Do we have a porthole to another dimension somewhere in our bedroom? Has she rigged up a "beam me up Scotty" device that we don't know about? Where does she go???? Anyone got a little camera I can put on her collar next time I see her??

Off to do some knitting now.

Wednesday, October 20


Was just outside seeing what the kids are doing. Katie is apparently over the case of "schoolitis" she had this afternoon. And has the temperature ever dropped. Definately cold out there! Not even 5pm and I could see my breath. Brrrrrr

Came in, and decided it was a good day to take the turkey bones out of the freezer and start turning them into turkey soup. Yummmm I even have a package of egg noodles to throw in, so it'll be turkey noodle soup :)

Kids won't like it, but I don't care!!

I think, if the temperatures keep like this, that the kids will freeze on halloween!! Good think they wear costumes they can put heavy clothes on underneath. I can't remember October being this cold when I was a kid. I remember going trick or treating in my brothers black and red checked jacket and being warm enough. Of course, we walked a couple of miles that night, so that's probably what kept me warm! Ahh, the simple costumes we had back then (makes me sound older than my 37 right??) Old pants, brothers jacket and some old mans beard that you ripped off a tree, and voila - an old man costume. Mine kids are going to be a clown and a cat (or a box of free kittens)

We go to a few houses around here, then we go in town to my sisters house and go around the block there. Troy stays with her and helps her hand out her treats. It's so precious to hear all the kids saying "HI Troy" as they come to her door. And he makes sure they each get one treat bag, no more. We live in a rural area; only 10 houses close by, and some of those we have to drive to.

And two posts to my blog in one day. A week off and now I'm really babbling!! :)

Can't think of a Title!

So, what's new??

The pumpkin I killed was offered to the ponies as a gift. Which I'm starting to assume they didn't like, since they didn't eat any of it, didn't play with it. Silly ponies!! I still have to buy one to replace it, but I'm trying to hold off for a while longer.

I've got lots of knitting on the go. A purse that will be felted when it's done. Not quite the same pattern as the "booga bag" but similar. A pair of socks for my hubby. And a gift for a friend that I can't type about, since that would ruin the surprise :)

Katie is working on some knitting too. It's supposed to be a scarf for Troy for Christmas; good thing we didn't say what year!!

As far as we know now there will be a new member in our family in January. A four legged one. As far as we know we are getting a border collie pup then. I know it's most likely a done deal; but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, just in case. Thus the "as far as we know's" LOL My sister will be getting one too. Should be fun. Been quite a while since I've had to deal with a puppy. But it'll be nice to have a dog around again; I do like them! And, if you know my kids.... DON'T TELL THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My MIL is coming to visit for the weekend. She picked a busy one to come! She'll be driving down from Bathurst NB on Friday. The kids don't have school that day, so they'll be home when she gets here. They don't know she's coming though; so that'll be a nice surprise for them. Saturday afternoon is a fun day that our church is having. Saturday night hubby and I are going out to supper (but, we got a baby sitter for free!!). Sunday morning I have to have Katie to the town 45 minutes away at 8:30 am to record a song that might make it onto the Sobeys Christmas CD (she's in the school choir) and Sunday night we have a Bible study group meeting here. I did have a Mary Kay party that I was invited to; but decided I can't go to that. (good thing, can't afford it anyway!)

Supper Sat night is a special one. I'm a member of the fire depts ladies aux. group. This month is our 40th anniversary of the group being in existance. So the firemen are hosting a supper for past and current members. A three course meal (roast beef), catered by someone else - not us!! They have other things planned for the evening, but we don't know what. Quite a nice treat for us ladies. Usually we're the ones working in the kitchen and catering to someone else.

Guess that's it for now; my brain just shut down.

Wednesday, October 13

I killed a pumpkin

I did, honest!! totally by accident though.
There is a guy up the road from us who sells pumpkins; $3 each, or 2/$5.00. So the kids and I went and got 2 of them.
Had to take a saw back to my brother, so went and did that next. Forgot to close the tailgate of the truck.
Down the road I go, hear a "bump" and there goes a pumpkin rolling down/across the road, and into the ditch. Went and found it. Poor thing, cracked almost in half.
So now we'll have to go and buy another 2 pumpkins (because it's cheaper that way!). I think buying a new one is the only way my daughter will forgive me.
I'm working on a pair of socks for hubby. Started them for our son, but then found out that my Mom is knitting him some socks, so re-started them for hubby. Really hope the yarn (red heart super saver, painted desert is the color) softens up when it is washed. It feels rough right now. I have the cuff done, and about an inch of the leg.
Other than that, not much exciting going on. Couldn't get online for a couple of days - that was bad!! I was having with drawal problems! :)
Happy Day everyone!

Sunday, October 10

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

What a nice morning it is. I looked out the window first thing and there was an orangish glow to the sky; which made the leaves look just that much more pretty.

It's been busy here the last few days. Yesterday was spent sanding the new floor - still not done!

Today we're off to church, then to my Mom's house for Thanksgiving dinner. All my brothers, sisters and various inlaws and nieces and nephews will be there; so there will be 20+ of us. My brother raises meatkings (big chickens) so we'll be eating a couple of them.

Went to a baby shower last night, and won a prize. A nice fall mug. I'm using it to have my morning coffee in. :) What a lot of nice gifts the mom-to-be got. Other than the ususal soaps and shampoos there were no duplicate gifts. She's so tiny. From the back you wouldn't even know she was pregnant. From the side she looks like she has a small pillow stuffed under her shirt.

I decided that I don't like the shrug I was knitting, so I took it out. Picked up yarn in the city on Friday to do a pair of socks for Troy, so may start them today. It's a red heart yarn in sort of fall colors. Also picked up a couple of balls of yarn for Katie to start trying her knitting again. Her's is a mix of blues and greys. I told her she could knit a scarf for Troy for Christmas with it; and she seemed to like that idea. (now, to see if it really happens!)

Must go and get something to eat with my coffee :)

Thursday, October 7

new floor going down

It's started. He's started. What?? Our hackmatack wood floor in the living room in a little less than half down. Hubby hoped to have it all down today; so he could put a coat of finish on it tomorrow. Not looking like that is going to happen :(

I'm really happy that the floor is going down; that means the room will soon be finished. But I don't like the way that the house is looking right now. All the smaller chairs, tables, etc from the living room are piled up in the kitchen/dining area. Which means I'm using the computer at the kitchen table. Not fun! And for some reason it's gone all yellow on me. Must have a cord out of place somewhere. Clutter is not my friend (honestly Dear, it's not!!)

I'm starting to think I'd almost like to have the "Clean Sweep" crew show up at my door!

Last night Katie got invited to a b-day party next Thursday. I had two balls of "fun fur type yarn", one in blue, and the other had a variety of colors; orange, rust, red, green ... very fallish looking. So, the multi-colored one got paired with some purple mohair mix that I had on hand (thanks to a friend sharing it with me), and became a scarf for a little girl. The blue had a thicker yarn already mixed in with in, and with the help of my size 12mm needles it became a short scarf for a little girl. Now I'm thinking I could have used that blue to make a purse. But I refuse to rip it out!! Even had the girl who is receiving the scarf try it on today to make sure the length was good for a little girl; told her I would be taking it to a craft sale. Baaahhahhahaha

Darn, just realized I forgot to feed the ponies. Better go do that!!

Wednesday, October 6

Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is it about them? Why do most people like them; home made is definately better though. And why is it that when you are in a rotten mood, making chocolate chip cookies can cheer you up a bit? Is it that smell? The raw cookie dough that you just HAVE to taste? The chocolate? The fact that you are making something special for that family that loves you (or is it loves to annoy you??)

Anyway; it's been a busy few days here, and my nerves are sort of shot. Today I yelled at my hubby; but it made him realize how much I've been going through lately; maybe. I'm physically and mentally exhausted. Troy (our son) has been a handfull lately. Makes me wonder how other Mom's survive!

So, my afternoon home alone, and what do I do? Sit down, look through my Regal catalog (found lots of things I'd like to be able to get) and decide to make chocolate chip cookies. I'm using my niece's recipe. Her's turn out so much better than mine though. Perhaps it's because she beats the margarine and sugar almost to death? Seriously; almost 3 hours to make cookies!!

Not much knitting going on. No energy to do it! I did knit a Barbie poncho using some scrap sock yarn, I'd tell you where the pattern came from, but I can't remember. :) It has 116 sts on the cast on; 4 needles. The picture with the pattern is orange and black yarn.

The shrug hasn't grown any since I first mentioned it. So, that means it has the first 2 increases done.

It's a nice fall day here today. There was ice in the rabbits water dish this morning, and frost on the steps. My flowers are gone :( But, now that means I can take the glads out, and start putting the bulbs in for next spring. Almost sounds like I'm a gardener, doesn't it?? I'm not! I have to get my sister to come and tell me what my plants are, if they are going to flower, or if they are just greenery. And of course I can never remember what she tells me. I put things in, they grow, and I'm happy. :) Katie has her own little flower garden too, she even liked to weed it! (humm....does frost kill of the weeds too??) We're going to be moving her garden though, it sort of got over-run by the trees around it this summer, and couldn't be seen very well.

Well, cookies are ready to come out of the oven. YUMMM How many can I eat before the kids get home from school?

Oh, thank you KnitttGirl for mentioned me in your blog. As soon as I learn how I'm putting a link to you on my blog :) I hope all is well on your side of the country today.

Sunday, October 3

non-sun Sunday

It's a wet, chilly day here. No sun at all. Brrrr.

I frogged the shawl I was knitting with Lionbrands Homespun yarn. I re-cast the stitches on to make it into a shrug. It'll be a Christmas present for my Mom's neighbour - she's an "honourary Aunt". She liked the shrug that I knit for Mom last Christmas.

It's been a long day here. Both kids are getting on my nerves as much as they possibly can. And of course it's raining, so I can't send them outside to play. Grrrr

My sister said she would be over to visit; so they are watching out the window, hoping that each car that goes by is hers. Hopefully she WILL show up sometime! I know she's going to Mom's for supper.

I finished knitting one pop can coaster/hugger thing. Haven't felted it yet. The washing machine has been too busy washing clothes to do any felting today. Maybe tomorrow afternoon? (unless I decide to go yarn shopping)

Two years ago we were in Salt Lake City to a conference on Troys syndrome. Katie spent a lot of her time playing with one little girl while we were there. She decided recently that she'd like to remember that girls name, and maybe be a penpal with her. So we're working on finding out who she was and all that stuff.

Guess I've babbled enough for now.

Saturday, October 2

What can I say??

The choir was amazing, wonderful, enjoyable, incredible and the list could go on and on and on.

Anyone reading this who lives in/near Halifax should go to see them; they are performing somewhere there tomorrow night.

I took 3 kids, all under the age of 10. The concert started at 8:00 - bedtime for all three kids. (by the way, only 2 were mine!) It lasted for 2 hours. And only once did any of them make a fuss; and then it was Troy. He has special needs, including ADHD, so he can be excused for the little bit of fidgeting he did. I was so impressed with the kids too!

There was the typical choir type music. There was African music. They were standing still, they were dancing, they were being monkeys! (seriously!!) It was worth every single penny of the $15.00 that I spent to go see them!

And on that note I'm going to bed!

Why do I do this to myself????

Probably something that wouldn't bother more experienced knitters...but it's driving me crazy!!

What is it? Knitting with 5 needles. Four needles, no problem, I can handle that. But Five?? There are just so many needle ends in the way. Why am I doing this? A friend of mine, Knittgirl over at sent me a pattern for felted coasters, hotmats and wine or pop bottle caps. She knows I have this thing for felting :) So, today, to relax a bit, I decided to start a pop can coaster/coat/cover/cap whatever you want to call it. Yeah, right, relaxing! Try using 8 stitches on a total of 5 needles and see how relaxed you are! :) Thankfully it quickly grew to 32 sts and wasn't quite so bad.

I've finished off another booga bag. This one is for my SIL; she was supposed to pick it up a couple of hours ago. Guess she forgot. Oh well. It'll be here when she comes to get it.

The kids and I are off to see the Nova Scotia Youth Choir tonight. We got to see them rehearse yesterday, and they were good then. The school choir got to go to hear them. After one song all was quite except for one girl saying "WOW". Two of the school choir kids even got to conduct the NSYC; that was a thrill for them. The concert isn't until 8, so they'll be up late tonight. We're taking a young friend with us as well.

And now I'm off to feed them.

Thursday, September 30

new furniture...gotta love it!

We just got our new hide-a-bed put in the living room. The old one is going to someone who could use a newer than what they have now sofa. And a new loveseat is coming home as well :)
Yup, it's a big day for us!

On the knitting front; I have a booga bag about half finished. A good episode of CSI tonight will get my needles clicking and my knitting going faster.

Last nights CSI NY did nothing for my clicking speed. It's hard to knit when you are trying to block the view of the rats with your hands. Still get goose bumps thinking about it!

Katie has decided that she is going to learn to knit again. She has 18 sts on a set of 6mm needles. She's knitting a scarf; either for her or for a pony...depends on her mood. Whoever it's for, they had better have a lot of patience waiting, cause it's going to be a long wait!!

Wednesday, September 29

Stardate .... blah blah blah

I've been thinking about this off and on all day. What to type about? Will people care what I type about? I decided I'd tell you what I'm working on, and a bit about my family.

First, the needles :) I've got a shawl on the go. Using size 10mm needles and Lionbrands Homespun yarn in a blue color. I did a huge rectangle shawl out of this yarn for myself, and just love it! This shawl will either be for my Mother for Christmas, or go to a craft sale in November. That is, if it's done by then.

I also have a pair of thrummed mittens on the go. I've joined the Yarn Harlots thrum-along. You'll find her blog here (mental note to self; learn how to add a list of "blogs to check out" on side screen.) They are red wool, with white wool thrums. I am lucky to know a lady who raises sheep and goats. She has given me many feed bags of their wool, so I have an almost endless supply of thrumms.

I have also been asked by my SIL to knit her a "booga bag" (gee, hope these links are working like they should!) This is also out of red wool. I did one for myself out of red wool, and she liked it. These bags are fun to knit, and everyone should have one!!

Now, the family. There are 4 of us. My hubby, me and our two kids. I'm Dorothy, he's Dan, the kids are Troy and Katie (or Kaitlyn). We also have 2 bunnies, 1 cat and 2 ponies. And I want a puppy. (if anyone has a goodlendoodle they are looking for a home for....I'm your girl!!) We've been checking with the local SPCA's, but haven't found one that we like yet; I'm being fussy!

I do respite work with an elderly couple 3 mornings a week, and work at the local elementary school each lunchtime on the playground. Hubby works for the local cable company. The kids work at getting on my nerves :) Seriously though, Katie is a horse woman extraordinarire (how do you spell that??) in the making. Horses are her thing. She'll try anything on horseback that you ask her to, and some things that she thinks of herself! Troy doesn't ride. He has a special love for playing in the dirt; but, he's a boy, so what else would you expect?? He also has Opitz FG Syndrome, which has lead to many special challenges for us.

OK, guess I've babbled enough for now. This could be addictive, I can tell!!

Tuesday, September 28

What do I do now???

Welcome to my Blog. My first ever blog. Gee, it's kind of like a new baby, isn't it?? What do I do now??

I'm sure I'll figure it out, and hopefully people will read as I babble along :)

Sharon, are you proud of me??

Anyway. I do quite a few crafts; knitting, tatting, sewing, making miniature teddy bears, some tole painting. I'll try any craft once. Right now I'm in a knitting mode; so guess what I'll be blogging about. As well as family and such.