Thursday, October 7

new floor going down

It's started. He's started. What?? Our hackmatack wood floor in the living room in a little less than half down. Hubby hoped to have it all down today; so he could put a coat of finish on it tomorrow. Not looking like that is going to happen :(

I'm really happy that the floor is going down; that means the room will soon be finished. But I don't like the way that the house is looking right now. All the smaller chairs, tables, etc from the living room are piled up in the kitchen/dining area. Which means I'm using the computer at the kitchen table. Not fun! And for some reason it's gone all yellow on me. Must have a cord out of place somewhere. Clutter is not my friend (honestly Dear, it's not!!)

I'm starting to think I'd almost like to have the "Clean Sweep" crew show up at my door!

Last night Katie got invited to a b-day party next Thursday. I had two balls of "fun fur type yarn", one in blue, and the other had a variety of colors; orange, rust, red, green ... very fallish looking. So, the multi-colored one got paired with some purple mohair mix that I had on hand (thanks to a friend sharing it with me), and became a scarf for a little girl. The blue had a thicker yarn already mixed in with in, and with the help of my size 12mm needles it became a short scarf for a little girl. Now I'm thinking I could have used that blue to make a purse. But I refuse to rip it out!! Even had the girl who is receiving the scarf try it on today to make sure the length was good for a little girl; told her I would be taking it to a craft sale. Baaahhahhahaha

Darn, just realized I forgot to feed the ponies. Better go do that!!

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