Sunday, January 23

Snow Snow Go Away

And don't come back another day!

It's been snowing since sometime before 7:00 here. Lots of snow! Weather Canada is forecasting 30-45cm of snow for us. YUCK!

I was out to feed the ponies at about 8:45; now 3 hours later, you can barely tell where I walked. At that point the new snow was almost knee deep on me.

The strange thing is that right now the snow isn't falling down, it's falling sideways. That's how much wind there is.

It's only 15 degrees in the house, and the heat is working as hard as it can. It's that cold! Brrrrrr

So far today I've knit most of one fingerless mitten. Watched quite a bit of TV. Lazed around. Have pizza (bought pre-prepared yesterday) in the oven for lunch. Taking life easy. No where to go, and can't get there anyway.

No call from the hospital cancelling my appts for tomorrow yet, but emails from folks living down that way have let me know that they aren't getting the snow that we are.

Pizza's ready! Hot food YUMMMM

Saturday, January 22

Baby it's cold out there!

-30 at 8:45 in the morning. Too cold for my liking. It's a day to stay inside and knit the day away. Watch movies, drink hot chocolate. Drag my daughter out to a b-day party at 3:30 (hope it's warmer by then!)

I'm sitting here listening to the dog 2 houses down howl like crazy. Poor thing, it's probaby cold. Hope they take it inside soon. I hope it wasn't out all night!

That said, I made sure all of our animals were as snug and comfy as could be last night. The ponies were fed inside, which encouraged them to stay in out of the wind. The bunnies were bundled up with lots of hay for warmth, and extra food for them to eat. The cat was inside; probably laughing at everyone else who was outside :)

Star has frost on her back this morning; but that's a good thing. It means that her body isn't wasting heat trying to melt the frost; but is instead keeping her warm. Tiny has his coat on, so he should be warm. (Star has a coat, she just knows how to take it off)

I finished knitting a "surprise" for a friend of mine. Can't tell you what it is though. But I think she'll like it, especially since she sent me the yarn in the first place. :)

We're due for another snow storm. The third one in about a week. I'm tired of snow!! I'm supposed to go to Halifax for appts on Monday, and to meet "Stitch Witch" but it's sounding like those plans will have to be changed - again. Yup, had to change them last week because of a snow storm. The receptionist from my doctors office called me to confirm this appt and jokingly said she hoped she wasn't talking to me again on this Sunday. Honest, a doctors office that called the day before a storm to cancel an appt - she called me last Sunday! I was shocked! Anyway, she sounds very friendly on the phone.

Today I want to start a new knitting project. Not sure what it will be though. It's got to be something I can work on while the kids are bugging me. I've got no idea. I'll have to look through my patterns and see what I have enough yarn in my stash to make.

Hope it's warmer where you are!!

Wednesday, January 12

WooHoo! I must be on a roll

It's only been 2 days since my last post. What is going on???

Not much exciting in my little world.

I spent a while this morning getting things ready to take to our local hospital ladies aux. for their second hand shop that they run. Cleaning out "unwanted/undeeded stuff". Eventually I'll get there when the shop is open and pick up some needed stuff :)

I'm working away on a pair of socks for my daughter. Almost ready to turn the heel on the second sock. Haven't decided what I'll start after that. I owe a friend a pair of thrummed mittens, so probably those. Have to ask her again what color she wanted. Haven't worked on the peacock feather shawl in a while; have to be in "the zone" to work on that; I'm thinking this evening I may be able to enter that zone.

Puppy owning day is coming closer. Kids are starting to get excited. Hubby is starting to get excited too.

This spring we get to start training our youngest pony to be ridden. In anticipation of that grand event we bought 2 second hand saddles in the past week. Got super good deals on them. Eventually we'll be able to use them. It made sense to buy them at great prices now, then to pay more for them later.

Yesterday afternoon I volunteered in my kids school library. There we were, me and the librarian; both knitting :) She is working on an eyelash scarf for her dauther, me on a sock. She is teaching her daughter to knit. The kids would come in to get their books, and stop and watch us for a bit. Most knew what we were doing; some asked. Some told us that their Granny knit mittens for them. One little girl is going to ask her Nannie to make her a pair of socks, because I showed her the ones I was working on. And, yes, Nannie did call to ask me what yarn I was using; and she is going to be picking some up today.

That's it for today. Boring, right? Sorry.

Monday, January 10

This is why I don't make New Year's Resolutions!

If I had made the resolution to post on my blog more regularly, I'd now be terribly disappointed in myself. So I'm happy I didn't resolve to do that!! I'm sure you wouldn't want me to be disappointed in myself, right?

I have decided to keep a journal of all the knitting I do in 2005 (still trying to get used to that!). I'm amazed at what I have accomplished so far. Two knitted hugs (kinda like a scarf/shawl thing), a moebius scard, finished a pair of socks, started a pair of socks, a Barbie poncho and skirt, teddy bear pieces (for someone else to finish!), and started the Peacock Feather Shawl. I'm thinking there is something else on that list, but can't think of what it is right now.

It's snowing here again. Little flakes - big snow. According to the weather people it's supposed to change to rain at some point, then back to snow. Messy!!

I spent my morning puttering around home, doing work that needed to be done. And laundry. I could do laundry every day and still have a pile of it to be done. How does a family of 4 make so much dirty laundry?? I'm pretty sure that the stuff multiplies as it waits to be washed! Or maybe the neighbours are sneaking their laundry in for me to wash? no, I recognize all the stuff I'm washing. Go figure??

That's all I can think of.