Thursday, December 20

Let's try this again

This is my third attempt at an update on my blog. Getting just a little bit frustrated!!! Had a nice, newsy update typed, lost it all. Had a shorter, but still newsy update typed, lost it. GRRR
Now the short, to the point typing ... bet it'll let me publish this!!

The birds are loving our bird feeders. Imagine a picture of a log suet feeder with a woodpecker and a chickadee on it, that's what you'd see if I wasn't so discouraged. We've got woodepeckers, chickadees, junco's, 2 types of nuthatches, bluejays and a morning dove that come to the feeders.

All my Christmas knitting is done :) Now I'm working on a pair of thrummed mittens that a lady ordered. They are blue heather in color with the white wool. Aren't they pretty??

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, November 28

Pay It Forward

Found this on Barbara's Blog - Country Acres Are My Home over there on the right. So, thought I'd take the idea and have some fun. :)

Here's the deal: I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this PIF exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days. That is my promise. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog.

I've been busy trying to get some Christmas presents made. Saturday our local library is having a silent auction/bake sale, so I'm trying to get some things made for them as well. Busy, busy, busy!!

Thursday, November 22


Do you know that it's just over a month till Christmas?? Where did November go?? Yesterday it was about Nov 4th I'm sure!!

On the positive side, I have a craft sale to sell at on Saturday. Today I finished off 24 ornaments to take to hopefully sell at it. If they don't sell they'll become Christmas presents :)

I've gotten some orders for ornaments that need to be made; I'll start on the patterns for those later today.

I've also got a few presents made and/or bought, so I've got a start on the list. Really need to get busy and get more things made.

Today is quiet ... for now.

Both kids only have a half day of school. It's report card day. Both had good reports. Troy is settling into the high school quite nicely, taking part in class and doing as he is required to do. He has done a few projects even :) Katie is doing nicely, she needs to work on her reading, spelling and book report doing.

When she comes home today she'll have a friend with her. I'll take the two girls to curling at 3:00. Come home, grab some supper, and then go to the firehall for 6:00. We're getting together tonight to set up the tables for the craft sale, decorate the hall and make the soup to serve on Saturday. (we make the *best* turkey soup!). We're also going to be making sandwiches, sweets and nibbly type food for a funeral reception tomorrow - a fireman's grandmother passed away. (The day after his daughter was born)

Tomorrow evening is set up stuff to be sold on Saturday. Saturday is the sale. There are actually two craft sales in town tomorrow, and a parade at 2:00 .... so it's a good day to come to Shelburne :)

I've been knitting pelts. Have some for the sale. Made a blue one for Katie to give to a friend for her b-day present tomorrow. Have to make a green one for another friends b-day gift ... green fun fur is not available in town. She may need to settle for another color.

I'm also working on a pair of socks for someone for her Christmas present - no names because she reads my blog. I hope she'll like them. Want to knit a bunch of pocketbook slippers for SIL and her hubby for their gift - they have a new house, would be nice for their guests to have slippers to put on.

Well, enough babbling. Have a good one!

Wednesday, November 14

It's getting chilly outside

which means I want to do more knitting. Right now I'm working on socks for Christmas presents. Nothing too exciting. Just plain ol' socks.

Have knit some animal pelts. That was the "pattern of the day" for Sat/Sun in my knitting calendar. I'd post pictures, but they aren't in the computer yet. I've done a purple pelt, and a multi-colored pelt (that one went to school with Katie today). This blog has a picture of a pelt on it that she knit ... so go there and get an idea of what I'm creating. Little bits of cuteness :)

I've got a Pampered Chef party here on Saturday. We're looking at all kinds of neat baking/cooking gadgets. Then the demonstrator lady will make us a cinnamon Christmas tree to eat, and we'll make some pretzel wreaths. I'm also going to make up a meat tray. We'll have brunch. 11:00 if you are reading this and want to come.

We had our first snow on the weekend. Our fish pond has been having a thin layer of ice on it in the mornings. It's kind of neat to look at the fish through the ice. We've been told we can just leave the fish in the pond all winter, and next spring they'll still be alive. I hope everyone who told us that is right!

Tomorrow I get to work as a Library Assistant for the day. Ours school LA has to go for an appt, and I've been hired to fill in for her :) YIPPEE for me! I've been volunteering in the library for many years now, and know how to do all the things that I'll need to do. I hope it's a good day. I'll have 2 classes coming to check out books, 2 classes coming to do research, and 1 a few kids from another class coming down to work on powerpoint stuff. I'll take my knitting with me.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Hope every one has a happy and safe Halloween night.

Troy and I are handing out the treats here at home tonight, hubby has to work. We're going to build a fire in the firepit and hang out there for the evening. Hope we have fun. Last year we had 12 kids, wonder how many we'll have this year?

I accidently got hit in the face with a soccer ball at work today. Now I'm sitting here debating if I want to go the the hospital or not. I'll probably wait, and try to see my own doctor tomorrow. My face is sore, and it hurts if I take a deep breath in through my nose. And it's a little swollen. I suspect I'll have a nice shiner.

Picked up some yummy apples for myself today at Sobeys. Honeycrisp. Friends of ours gave me on the other day, and I totally enjoyed it. Was at Sobeys today and a girl asked me if I wanted to try a sample of apple. Tried it, and it was the same kind ... so off to the produce dept I went. They are a big apple, I eat half of one at a time. A sweet, but yet a little tart, taste. Go buy some!

Working on a pair of red and yellow socks for a friends daughter for Christmas. Using some acryllic yarn that I got at our local "dollar store"; sort of Harry Potter colors, but not really ... close enough to do.

Have a big pot of chicken soup on the stove, and it smells nice!

Have a good one!!


Tuesday, October 2

humm ... can't think of a title

OK, so here is a picture of Katie holding her whirligig. Not the best picture, but a picture. I'll get a better one of it sometime.
Last weekend was 4-H Provincial Show in Windsor. Katie had a felted purse and a jean leg wind sock that were both entered in competitions. The purse got 5th place, and the windsock got 7th. She was pleased with the results. What a nice weekend it was. Over 2000 4-H kids there. Along with sheep, goats, rabbits, cows, light horses, work horses, turkeys, chickens, geese and dogs. It was kind of like organized mass chaos :) Since Katie didn't have any competitions to do we got to watch a little bit of everything. And if you ever have a chance to go watch a 4-H tug-of-war .. DO IT! It's amazing to watch. They have 5 minutes, and everytime we watched it the middle of the rope hardly moved at all in the first couple of minutes.
I'm up to 18 pairs of socks done. Gave one pair to Mary for her birthday on Sunday (she turned one). Pair 14 has also been given away. I'll have to get pictures of 15, 16 & 17 before they go away. 18/52 for the year, guess I'm not going to meet the goal of 52 for the year ... oh well.
Troy will be home soon. When Katie gets home we have to rush her off to a dentist appt. Then I think we'll stop at the local "variety store" and do some browsing .. he has been getting some craft stuff in.
Have a good one!
Updated to add that a kitten is coming here this evening to be fostered. A black long haired little thing is all we know. If it's a boy it may have a home waiting for it. Or it may stay here a bit. Who knows. All I know is I'm getting a baby to cuddle with as I read the latest Harry Potter book (got it from the school library today ... just came in yesterday .. first one to borrow it!)

Tuesday, September 18

Back in the Routine

School is back in, and we're getting into the routine of things.

Troy is waking up between 6 - 6:30; he has to be up by 6:30 to have any hopes at all of getting him on the bus. Bus goes at 7:25. Getting up that early with him means that I have lunches made up earlier, and am able to sit and relax for a while before Katie goes to school. She's getting up earlier too, which means she isn't as rushed in the morning.

I've been knitting socks. Last Saturday I started a pair of wool socks for my friends Columbian exchange student, finished them Friday evening. His birthday was Friday. Yeah, cut it close, but they were done in time! Also have knit a pair of little girl socks and almost one single little girls sock for another lady - getting paid for these ones :) Want to do a few little pairs up for the Christmas craft sale in November - if they don't sell then Mary will get them.

I think I decided what to make my friend Mary Anne for Christmas. But, can't tell you what it is because she reads this. I have to do a swatch first and see if the yarn and the pattern get along together or not.

Today was my first day volunteering in the school library. Well, my first day this year, not my first day ever. Just two classes. Kim and I are working together this year, she's very nice.

Should go and get a snack ready for Troy when he gets home from school. Made some fruit filled muffins this morning - they are yummy.

Monday, September 10

more socks

First of all the socks. From the left. Here's my daughters modified version of the feather and fan sock pattern. See my previous post for a rambling of the pattern that I did.
Second is my feather and fan socks. Katie and I have mother/daughter socks ... and we both wore them to work/school today :)
Third pair is a pair for Mary for her b-day the end of the month.
Speaking of Mary - here's a picture of her. Isn't she a cutie patootie???

Tuesday, September 4

What to knit??

I just finished a pair of feather and fan socks for me. (pictures tomorrow, hopefully). Have enough of the yarn left over to do my daughter a pair of socks. I just don't know what pattern I want to use. I'd like something with a little bit of pattern on the cuff. But a short cuff. Not the basic K1P2 cuff and leg that I normally do. I'll have to surf and see what I can find out there that I like. Problem is that most of them are adult size, not girl sized ... and I'm not sure I can mentally adjust the pattern.

I learned something new!! I learned how to make a pie crust :) I'm so proud of me. Both kids have told me how good my pie crusts are. I made hubby an apple pie for dessert tonight ... of course he had to go out to work sooner than he planned and hasn't had a piece yet. The rest of us, on the other hand, have all had a piece.

Friends of our got an exchange student on the weekend. Tony is from Columbia. We met him last night at a BBQ/marshmallow roast that we had. Seems like a nice guy. Quiet ... but I suspect that is because he had just met us and was a little bit shy.

guess that's it for now.

ADDED Sept 5th
OK, so I decided what to knit for Katie's socks. She told Dad that she thought it would be neat if she and Mommy had matching socks. I played around for an hour last night trying to get the feather and fan pattern to work on 54 stitches, and just couldn't do it. So I played some more. The final pattern is divided over 3 needles; 13, 28, 13. The 13 needles are k1p1. The 28 needles is k5, k2tog (3 times), yok1 (6 times), k2tog (3 times), k5. Then there are 3 rows where the 28 stitch needle is just knit, while the k1p1 continues on the other needles. This places a feather and fan row down the top of her foot. Just finished the guesset on the first sock, and it's looking pretty good. I designed a sock pattern!!! :) YAY ME!! I'm going to wait until I get her socks done, then I'll post of picture of the "Mommy and Me" socks.

We're going to the kids schools a little later on to drop off their supplies for the year. I like to do it the day before so they have less to lug on the first day of school. Especially Katie as she has a rubbermaid container to take with her.

If you ask Troy if he's excited to go to school, he'll look at you and say "high school" ... he doesn't go to school, he goes to high school. :) A part of the syndrome that he has makes toilet taining an issue - I'm proud to announce he is using the washroom now!!! YAY TROY!!

Friday, August 31

about the walkway

First of all, thank you for all the nice comments about our walkway. Hubby is pleased that people like it.

There are 201 puzzle pieces in the walkway.

Back in June we were at the local Pharmasave store, and saw 2 cement puzzle pieces there. Decorated stepping stones. Hubby liked them, but we weren't about to pay $20/stone for enough stones to do our walkway!!

So he thought, and he came up with a way to make them himself. He created enough puzzle edge pieces that he could form 6 pieces at one time. The forms were held in place on a piece of wood. Started on June 17th, finished mid August. Thank goodness my brother has a cement mixer we could borrow!

Some of the blocks have hand prints on them, one is painted, a couple have beachglass on them. One has Katie's foot prints on it.

And now I have to go hunt for a library book that is hiding.

Wednesday, August 29


OK, I promised some pictures, and here some are. :)

First is the socks I've knit for Katie, Troy and Mary. I'm not sure how the colors are compared to real life - our monitor has a yellow tinge to it, so I can't tell. Katie's are yellow, red pink and blue. Troy's are blue, brown and white. Might be other colors in there, I can't remember right now. Mary's are greenish, yellow, purple, etc.

Second picture, the part of the walkway that goes across the front of the house. You can see the edge of one flower garden on the front left, then the cement steps that we built around busted up cement steps. Just past the steps is our gold fish pond. Straight ahead is the newest flower garden that we have. The right side of the walkway is just a mess of dirt right now.

Third picture is the main flat area of the walkway. At the base of our main steps. You can see the socks sitting waiting for their picture to be taken, the wooden steps and a little bit of the flower garden. Yes, there is a piece missing. Don't most puzzles end up missing pieces?? It's filled in with pea gravel.
The first flower garden, the fish pond and the wooden steps are all built out of wharf timbers that have broken loose and were found on the opposite side of the harbour. One they are floating around or on the shore they are free game (as far as I understand the "rules" of beach combing). Dan and a friend Troy go out in our canoe (or Troy's rowboat with a motor on it) tie a big rope around the timbers and haul them back to where the truck is parked. They then manhandle them onto the back of the truck and bring them back to here. They have fun doing it. We have people stop and ask them what they are doing with them. We also have them surrounding a flower garden (in the works) around an oak tree in our front yard, and along the opposite side of the driveway.
Tomorrow is National Toasted Marshmallow Day. We're having a huge marshmallow roast to celebrate. If you are reading this, and are close enough to come, it starts at 6:30 and goes till about 9. Exit 26, opposite from Tim's - 0.8km up on the right .. there will be a sign. Come!! The more the merrier!! Last night (big) Troy came up and helped string Christmas lights to give lighting for tomorrow night. It was nice sitting out there after 9 and not in the dark. I think the lights might be staying up.
Didn't get a picture of Teddy when he was here, but he's coming again today to spend tonight, so I'll try to get one today. Monday one of our friends daughters went to her appt in the city. Today they are driving their other daughter to Mount A. She's excited, and a bit more nervous than she's willing to admit I think :) That will leave them with just their son at home now. But, on Sept 2nd they go to the airport to pick up an exchange student who will be staying with them until Christmas. His name is Edwardo, and I can't remember where he is from. Did learn yesterday that he shares a b-day with my Katie (and her Uncles Tom and Wayne).

Thursday, August 23

Weds update on life

Please, don't be expecting anything exciting!!!

Had Troy to the IWK on Tuesday for a dental appt, then Weds he went to the OR for dental work. Two hours, and lots of work later, he was done. Then we had to stay at the hospital until he was alert enough to leave - we left at 4:20. Got there at 6:00!! Long Day!! I spent the time knitting finger puppets for the IWK. Troy's almost back to his "normal" self today, still not really energetic.

I did finish his socks, and he was able to wear them into the OR. They made him happy. I'll take pictures later ... I promised Heddy I would! :)

Now I'm working on socks for my little niece Mary, she turns a year old next month. She'll get a pair to match Katies and a pair to match Troys. And maybe another pair, we'll see.

Our friends dog, Teddy, is coming tomorrow to spend the weekend with us. He's a good dog, and we enjoy having him come to visit. Last week he had a disc slip out of place in his back, and he's still not 100% percent on the walking, so they aren't taking him with them to their camp that is a 30 minute walk in the woods. Can't blame them. We get to enjoy him :) Our house is the only house he'll go to visit at and eat while he is there ... makes us feel special. When he was first hurt he'd try to get up when I'd go to visit, but not when anyone else went. I think Teddy likes me :) I'll have to get a picture of him too.

Oh, and I'll have to get a picture of the walkway my hubby is making. Really cool!! Not going to tell you what it is, you'll have to wait for the picture. One of our friends saw it yesterday and fell in love with it.

Monday, August 20

long time, no post

There's been nothing exciting to post about, honest!!

I did knit a pair of socks for Katie, and have a pair for Troy just about finished. I'll finish his tonight.

Tomorrow Troy and I go to the IWK in Halifax for a dental check-up. We'll spend the night in the city, and Weds morning he goes into the OR for any dental work that needs to be done. I'm taking finger puppets along to work on - something that is easy and doesn't require much thought. Have to be there at 6 Weds morning - UGH!!

Hopefully Tuesday evening we'll be able to meet up with some friends from the FlyLady group that I belong to. That would be nice.

Guess that's it. I'll have to try to live a more exciting life to have more to post about :)

Sunday, July 15

Who turned up the heat??

This morning was foggy and cool. Now it's sunny and hot. I'd like sunny and a bit cooler, please :)

Here's a picture of me beside one of the two big signs that were on the trees in front of our house Weds morning. One the side that faces the road. That I couldn't see from the house, and didn't even know were there until hubby mentioned them shortly after 10:00. I quickly took them down, but did put this sign on a tree in the yard, where it could still be seen - just not so easily! You know, it's still in that tree, should take it down soon. I smile when I look at it though. Thanks again guys!

I've been doing lots of reading lately. Worked my way through 4 books in the last 1.5 weeks. Need to either borrow more from Elizabeth, or go to the library on Tuesday. Anyone have anything to recommend? I should probably spend my time knitting, but I'm not really in the mood to knit.

Strange, typed this up yesterday, but it didn't post. Oh well, I'll add to it now :)

We went canoeing on Saturday. On our way out to the spot where we stopped for a picnic lunch we saw a bald eagle flying around. As we were sitting on the shoreline I was watching the eagle dipping and flying around a clump of trees. On our way back to go home we were paddling along, and I was looking for the eagle. Then I spotted it in a tree. Looked like a black blob, until it moved and I could see it's head. We were able to paddle up to probably within 50 feet or so of it, then it flew away. It was amazing! We also saw a younger eagle fly away as well.

Another muggy day. Hope my laundry will dry!!

Wednesday, July 11

The Big 4-0

Today's the day. I turned 40. :(

Last night I caught my sister, niece and 3 friends putting balloons all over our truck. Plus a sign on the mailbox (which is still there!) They would have gotten away with it, but Troy spotted them. And even when I went out to see what the sign said, they still would have gotten away with it, except that someone let the air out of a balloon ... and I busted them :)

Thanks you guys!!!

I got breakfast in bed. Katie knit me a little purse. They got me a mug that says "I'm not 40, I'm 39.95", and I got a cell phone holder with Eeyore on it. Other friends gave me a rose that is named "Super Dorothy".

The day is off to a good start. Well, as good as the day you turn 40 can be!

Thursday, July 5

rainy day

It's a rainy day today. I'm not complaining, we could certainly use the rain. But, guess what hubby bought this morning? A sprinkler for watering the gardens because we haven't been getting much rain.

Katie is bored, so she is re-arranging her bedroom. Told her she can put the bed however she wants - as long as the room is clean! She needs to keep that room clean. IF she keeps her room clean we have parts of a computer for her, and will rig it up in her room to make homework doing easier in the fall. She won't have internet access on it, at least not if I have my way!

Troy has been puttering around. Hurt his finger with a knitting needle. Now he's drinking a cup of coffee (a little coffee, lots of milk) with me.

Flylady. Ever hear of her? Well worth looking into to. It's all about getting into routines to keep your house clean. I'm not a strick flyer, but I'm working on it.


Tuesday, July 3

Walk/Trot Class for a Cure

In August, at our local exhibition, I'll be taking part in a "walk/trot Class for a Cure"

This is a riding class in which the riders will only be going at a walk or a trot. Typically a class for beginners, or those with new horses. But this class is different, it's open to all horses and riders. And it's a fund raiser! There is a $5.00 entry fee, and the entry fees will be given to Breast Cancer Research.

I'll be collecting "sponsors" for this ride, with the money being given as an added donation. If you would like to support me in this cause, drop me a line at and I'll let you know how to send some $$ to me.

Oh yes, would someone please let me know if this font is pink. Our monitor has a yellow tinge to it, so I can't tell. Thanks!!! I changed the color, is it better yet?

July 3rd

Gee, this is the most chatty I've been in a while.

Yesterday my friend Jan and I planned to take our friend Elizabeth out for lunch for her b-day. Her b-day was last week, but with her daughter graduating from HS, and the flower shop she works at being super busy we decided to celebrate a bit late. We went to White Point We had lunch and went for a walk on the beach. After lunch we went to the Rosginol Cultural Centre (well worth the $4 admission fee!!). On the way home we stopped at a little restaurant in Port Mouton for desserts. Another nice stop. It was a good day.

When they came to pick me up I got a surprise. They had gotten together and bought me a Super Dorothy rose bush for my birthday. (Jan is going to be away on my birthday next week) I had seen them at our local garden centre a while ago, and given the name of it, I really wanted one. Now I need to find a place to plant it. Jan also paid for my lunch as well as Elizabeths. (I was expecting to pay half of Elizabeths lunch, and for my own)

I've been knitting some fun fur yarn scarves for a friend of mine. She is going to knit hats to go with them, and give them as Christmas presents. I started the third one today, will have to email her later and get more yarn from her. Still too ticked off to re-start the socks.

Today is an exciting day, I'm doing housework. YIPPEE!!

Sunday, July 1

Darn Darn Darn!!!

Just had to frog my broadripple sock!!
Had the cuff done, the heel turned, and finished the gusset. Decided to try it on to see how it fit. Well, it went on my foot; but there is no what it's going over my heel!! Guess my needles were too small :( Don't have a bigger size in my needle stash.
I'm sad now.
Will go knit on a dishcloth instead.
So much for having some "exciting" kntting to put into this contest. Oh well. I could knit the yarn up into plain socks I suppose. Or pick another pattern that uses small needles.
Hope you're having a good Canada Day!!!

Friday, June 29

Turtle Rescue

Katie and I were driving home from her 4-H achievement day this evening, and there, on the side of the road, was a small turtle. One the road, where a turtle should not be if it wants to live. So we turned around and went back. Had to get it off the road. It was a small snapping turtle, about the size of a bread and butter plate. Sadly it had already been hit by a car, it's shell was cracked, and there was some blood. :( A man stopped and he put it down in the ditch, where hopefully it will decide to go the other direction. He said his wife was a bit further up the road watching another turtle, so we went to see that one too, and there it was, strolling across the parking lot of the bottle return depot :) On Tuesday Troy and I saw a turtle laying eggs.

Hubby bought the groceries for Troy's grad party tomorrow. And he bought me 5lbs of PEI mussels for my early birthday present. I steamed them up this evening, and was even nice enough to share them. There's no way I could have eaten that many mussels by myself. They were YUMMY!

Did I mention that I got on Dancer yesterday and rode her for a little bit? I did!! :)

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Not much going on

Not a lot of exciting stuff going on here. I've been knitting on dishcloths and socks. Mostly cloths. I do have a pair of broadripples on the go for me, and I think they will be the focus of my holiday weekend knitting.

Was thinking yesterday that I should get out my tatting shuttles and do some tatting to put in the little gift shop down on the waterfront. Might make myself a little extra money that way.

Weds night our son graduated from grade 6. Forgot to get a picture of him wearing his suit. I'm such a forgetful person lately. He wasn't too impressed with the whole ordeal, and wouldn't go up on the stage to get his "diploma". :( He did do the march in and out with his classmates though. :) We're having a little graduation party for him tomorrow. So, if you're reading this, and you're "local", come on down between 12-2 for some BBQ.

Guess that's it for now.

Saturday, June 9


Darn it!! Had a post typed and lost it!!

It's World Wide Knit In Public Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

Me? I'm babysitting my niece. Did plan to go to a knitting event in Liverpool, but really can't afford the gas money to go. Besides, my niece is such a cutie patootie it's hard to say "no" to babysitting her :)

I've started a pair of broadripple socks for myself. First time doing anything other than plain socks. A big step for me. Only have the cuff and the first 4 rows done on the first sock. And camera is with hubby, so no pictures. Sorry.

Sent hubby and 11 other men off on a canoe trip weekend. Hope they are having a good time. Last year it was only 4 guys, and it rained all weekend. Sun is shining brightly today - hope they remember their sunscreen!! Pick up is tomorrow afternoon, sometime. I know the canoes were well loaded down when they left yesterday. Here's hoping the fish are biting - and not the flies :)

I'm looking for a sewing machine. So, if you are reading this, and you are "local" to me, and you know someone with one for sale (cheaply) please let me know. Thanks!!

Have a good day!!
Happy WWKIPDay!

Wednesday, May 23

5 of 52 done

I've knit 5 pairs of socks. Had pictures of them all to, but lost the pictures somehwere :( I can re-take the pictures of 2 pairs, and will do that one of these days.

Right now I'm working on using up all my cotton yarn making dishcloths. Have 30+ done now. A few for gift giving, and most for selling. Want to buy a dishcloth??

Our son has a cold, and he has been so kind as to share his germs. I'm getting a sore throat and a cough.

More another day.

Thursday, April 5

Peer Pressure

You'd think that a woman of my age - and I'm not saying what that is!!! - would be able to resist peer pressure, but you'd be wrong.

I've gone and joined this. Heddy did it, it's all her fault! If I hadn't read about it on her blog I would never have known about it. So, in a way I guess Lexa is to blame as well, because she introduced me to Heddy's blog. But, yes, I know, it's really my own fault because I could have resisted.

But, on the plus side, even if I fail - there's going to be lots of Christmas, birthday and such gifts made while I give it my best shot. Jennifer - what color do you want for your socks??

Oh, incase you couldn't tell, I like the new blogger way of doing links - so much easier on my head!

It's a rainy day, which means an inside lunch. Must find some yarn and my sock needles to start a pair of socks as I walk the hallways.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 4

boring blogger

I've got nothing exciting to tell you about, thus no posts. Sorry.

Most exciting thing is the brown horse in the picture. Midnight Dancer (Dancer) we traded Tiny and got her during March Break. They don't get along as well as it looks like they do in this picture.

I'm baking bagels. Smelling pretty good. Sesame seeds on top.


Tuesday, February 20



This is a picture I took of our daughter having fun this afternoon.
Doesn't it look like fun?
She and I both like bubbles :)

Monday, February 19

The weekend, day 5

The kids are on day 5 of the weekend. A weekend that started on Weds at lunchtime. They have had 4 whole days of school, and 2 days when they were sent home at lunctime - and the month is half over!

To be fair, they are predicting 20cm of snow for us today.

Really have to take a picture of my recent sock creations to post. Will do that today sometime; I promise!

Had some friends up to watch the Daytona on the big screen last night. I spent the time in the dining area doing some cross stitch, then the grown-ups played hearts. I'm the official "dump on" person when we play hearts - so guess who lost. Me. It was a good evening. The race had no appeal to me at all.

Well, must go figure out what to do with the kids today.

Have a good one!

Just got an email from a friend of mine. Her daughter had some surgery at the IWK in Halifax 2 weeks ago. There is a Ronald MacDonald Room there; fireplace, computers, games and full kitchen. She would like to knit and donate some brightly colored dishcloths to the room. I'm going to knit some for her to take, anyone want to join me?? Cloths or yarn greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

We got the kids on the bus at 8:34 this morning, and shortly after that I took off for my work. One day of work. A long day of work. But, a fun day!

What was I doing? I was delivering flowers for the local flower shop. Started at 9, stopped at 4:30. Surprised a few people, made lots of people happy. Drove a whole lot.

The weatehr turned rotten about mid-morning. Started to snow. Then it was wet snow. Then it got slippery. At one point I couldn't see where I was driving. Now it's raining and very windy. YUCK!

The kids went to school until lunchtime today. Daddy was home with them for the afternoon.
When I got home from working I got my Valentine's gift - he had supper just about ready :) He made a batch of waffles - they were good!

And that's my day in a nutshell :)

Sunday, February 11


This afternoon we went sledding at my Mom's house. 29 people and one dog were there. Fun was had by all. Here's a few pictures.

Baby Mary in the pink. Four months old and out on the hill. Here she is being held by cousin Tabitha, and then on an inner tube with cousin Logan. And yes, they did go down the hill on that thing! Slowest ride Logan took all day. Tabitha chased them the whole way down just to be extra safe. We think she liked it. :)

Here's Troy and Katie on the hill. Katie wore her helmet - which turned out to be a good thing, because she later steered herself into a tree. Silly girl! :)

Look closely at this picture, you'll see Mary's snowsuit just below Logan's elbow - proof that they did go down the hill.

Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 7


Here are Katie's fish. Swordtails and Guppies. She had the tank, and has had goldfish in the past, but they kept dying on her. We had a beta who lived for 2 days. She got the fish for Christmas from Uncle Tom, and they are still alive and healthy :)

The two cute little kittens are Little Miss Boots (Boots) and Joey. They aren't related, but are about the same age. They go on Friday to be spayed and neutered. Boots belongs to Troy, Joey belongs to Katie.

Mary Anne wanted some snow pictures, so these next two are for her. Tiny and Dee in the snow. They found some hay that had been buried by the snow, and were not interested in posing for pictures at this moment.
The last picture is the oak tree in our front yard, with snow on the branches.
Next time I'll try to get some knitting pictures to put up.

Monday, February 5


Friday school was cancelled because a storm was coming - it didn't come.

Today there is lots of snow falling, the roads are slightly messy, and there was school. Mind you they did get out an hour early because of the snow.

I'll post some snow pictures later on.

I did inventory at a local store on the weekend. 17 hours. I went Saturday evening, Sunday and again this morning for a couple of hours. Man there's a lot of stuff in that store to count!!

Today is the first day of the walking challenge. Still want to try to figure out how to keep a tally of steps in the sidebar - but I need to look for something to do what I want rather than just think about it :) By lunch time I was up to roughly 4000 steps - I was doing an "inventory dance" to increase my steps LOL

I'm in the mood to make soup, and would you believe I have no soup making ingredients in the house. I am not a person to just throw some stuff in a pot and make a yummy soup; I have a few standards that I make and that's it. No variation on the theme. What I really want is some of that cabbage soup that is practically calorie free - I like that stuff.

Gee, now I'm hungry!


Friday, January 26

Mitten update

We now have 8 pairs of mittens and gloves in the mitten box. More are supposed to be coming to me on Sunday :) YIPPEE!!!

It's a bitter cold day out there today. I just got home from the gym - and the air is so cold it hurts to breathe.

I need to figure out how to add a thing to my sidebar so I can keep track of how many steps I walk, once the walking challenge starts. Anyone know any simple dimple ways to do that? Was thinking of doing an "inches lost" as well, but changed my mind! One of the other ladies that goes to the gym with me has lost 11.75" off her waist since January 2nd!! What motivation!!

Wonder what I should take to knit on as I roam the halls of the school at lunchtime? I don't have any simple projects started. Can't do thrummed mittens as I walk - too many things to try to juggle. Have a dishcloth for the dishcloth exchange that I'm in - but that's too complicated to knit on as I walk. Guess I'll have to cast on a pair of mittens!! :) Well, Duh to me! I should be able to get a cuff done as I walk. Now to go downstairs and find the needles/yarn and a pattern.

Keep warm!!

Thursday, January 18


It was drawn to my attention today that there are several children at the school where I work who don't have mittens.

Little red fingers and hands do not look good!

I had taken in a few pair that I had extra; but they were used up. One girl had a pair of socks on her hands.

So, if anyone who is reading this wants to knit some mittens and send them to me, I'd be more than happy to take them to the school and put them in the now empty mitten box. Or, if you have extra mittens at home that aren't being worn.

You know what, if you don't want to send them to me, take them to your own local elementary school - bet there are kids there that could use them.

I will be doing some myself, but first have to finish a pair of thrummed mittens that were ordered - gotta give the money making stuff priority, sorry.

Wednesday, January 17


Boy is it ever cold out there!! Just fed the horses, and my nose froze. It's so cold it hurts to breath the air in.

Hubby drove the kids to school this morning. They are so upset that there is school today. There are three counties in our school board - the other two counties schools are closed; only ours is open. Yesterday it seemed like two of the counties in our area were the only schools open in NS. My daughter thinks someone is picking on them :)

I've been knitting pocketbook slippers. Will try to remember to take a picture later. Finished off 5 brown varietgated ones last night; which combined with the ones I already had done gives me 3.5 pairs of them - but really only 3 pairs because I just discovered a hole in one of the older ones this morning; so it's getting tossed. Now I have a smaller pair on the go for a young friend of mine.

I'm also working on a pair of thrummed mittens for a man at work. And a pair of socks for myself. Must pick a project to take to work with me today - since I'll have knitting time as I walk the hallways at lunchtime.

Stay warm!!!

Wednesday, January 3


I'm confused. More than normal! Just had a little post typed up, went to add a picture to it, and lost everything. Grrr. Maybe I don't like the changes blogger made? worked perfectly this time.
The picture is of a scrollsawed sign I made for friend of ours for Christmas. The cat ornament is one that our daughter designed and I cut it out for her. I think she has a future as a designer :) And please note that it's not a horse - she is slightly horse crazy!
I've been doing some knitting; but not much. Working on a pair of socks for my mom - at least I think they will be hers - I might claim them for myself yet. I knit a headband sort of thing for mself, it's in the newest online issue of knitty - I weren't so darn lazy I'd post a link to the pattern. But I'm lazy today. Calomitery or something like that is the name of it. Really easy knit, and keeps the ears nice and warm.
Guess that's it for now.