Wednesday, July 11

The Big 4-0

Today's the day. I turned 40. :(

Last night I caught my sister, niece and 3 friends putting balloons all over our truck. Plus a sign on the mailbox (which is still there!) They would have gotten away with it, but Troy spotted them. And even when I went out to see what the sign said, they still would have gotten away with it, except that someone let the air out of a balloon ... and I busted them :)

Thanks you guys!!!

I got breakfast in bed. Katie knit me a little purse. They got me a mug that says "I'm not 40, I'm 39.95", and I got a cell phone holder with Eeyore on it. Other friends gave me a rose that is named "Super Dorothy".

The day is off to a good start. Well, as good as the day you turn 40 can be!


lexa said...

Happy birthday! :)

Mary Anne said...

Happy Birthday, dear Super Dorothy! Happy Birthday to YOU....
40 is nothing. It's young, young, young. Be happy to be 40!!

Donna said...

Happy 40th birthday!

Heddy said...

Happy Birthday -- What sweet friends to remember "the BIG one" for you! I turn it next february, and I am a bit afraid of it -- I keep saying I will be hugging a palm tree crying into my daquari when I turn forty, but you seem to have dealt with it well! Hope you had a great day -- best wishes!

Jennifer said...

I see you didn't mention those nice big, bright signs that were on the hedge by the road.
: )

Just think how many more balloons there could have been if we weren't caught!