Friday, January 26

Mitten update

We now have 8 pairs of mittens and gloves in the mitten box. More are supposed to be coming to me on Sunday :) YIPPEE!!!

It's a bitter cold day out there today. I just got home from the gym - and the air is so cold it hurts to breathe.

I need to figure out how to add a thing to my sidebar so I can keep track of how many steps I walk, once the walking challenge starts. Anyone know any simple dimple ways to do that? Was thinking of doing an "inches lost" as well, but changed my mind! One of the other ladies that goes to the gym with me has lost 11.75" off her waist since January 2nd!! What motivation!!

Wonder what I should take to knit on as I roam the halls of the school at lunchtime? I don't have any simple projects started. Can't do thrummed mittens as I walk - too many things to try to juggle. Have a dishcloth for the dishcloth exchange that I'm in - but that's too complicated to knit on as I walk. Guess I'll have to cast on a pair of mittens!! :) Well, Duh to me! I should be able to get a cuff done as I walk. Now to go downstairs and find the needles/yarn and a pattern.

Keep warm!!

Thursday, January 18


It was drawn to my attention today that there are several children at the school where I work who don't have mittens.

Little red fingers and hands do not look good!

I had taken in a few pair that I had extra; but they were used up. One girl had a pair of socks on her hands.

So, if anyone who is reading this wants to knit some mittens and send them to me, I'd be more than happy to take them to the school and put them in the now empty mitten box. Or, if you have extra mittens at home that aren't being worn.

You know what, if you don't want to send them to me, take them to your own local elementary school - bet there are kids there that could use them.

I will be doing some myself, but first have to finish a pair of thrummed mittens that were ordered - gotta give the money making stuff priority, sorry.

Wednesday, January 17


Boy is it ever cold out there!! Just fed the horses, and my nose froze. It's so cold it hurts to breath the air in.

Hubby drove the kids to school this morning. They are so upset that there is school today. There are three counties in our school board - the other two counties schools are closed; only ours is open. Yesterday it seemed like two of the counties in our area were the only schools open in NS. My daughter thinks someone is picking on them :)

I've been knitting pocketbook slippers. Will try to remember to take a picture later. Finished off 5 brown varietgated ones last night; which combined with the ones I already had done gives me 3.5 pairs of them - but really only 3 pairs because I just discovered a hole in one of the older ones this morning; so it's getting tossed. Now I have a smaller pair on the go for a young friend of mine.

I'm also working on a pair of thrummed mittens for a man at work. And a pair of socks for myself. Must pick a project to take to work with me today - since I'll have knitting time as I walk the hallways at lunchtime.

Stay warm!!!

Wednesday, January 3


I'm confused. More than normal! Just had a little post typed up, went to add a picture to it, and lost everything. Grrr. Maybe I don't like the changes blogger made? worked perfectly this time.
The picture is of a scrollsawed sign I made for friend of ours for Christmas. The cat ornament is one that our daughter designed and I cut it out for her. I think she has a future as a designer :) And please note that it's not a horse - she is slightly horse crazy!
I've been doing some knitting; but not much. Working on a pair of socks for my mom - at least I think they will be hers - I might claim them for myself yet. I knit a headband sort of thing for mself, it's in the newest online issue of knitty - I weren't so darn lazy I'd post a link to the pattern. But I'm lazy today. Calomitery or something like that is the name of it. Really easy knit, and keeps the ears nice and warm.
Guess that's it for now.