Tuesday, November 25

A new day, a new post :)

I thought I'd share a link to some amazing Christmas lights. Someone with too much time on their hands. Or hired help to do it. Pretty just the same.

Got an email from my friend who lives in Fredericton. She's coming home for Christmas :) Asked her for some gift suggestions. She said "Mittens, because gloves just don't cut it up here". I had found a pair of thrummed mittens I had started, so they are being finished off for her. One is done, and I just put the stitches on a holder for the thumb on the second one. :)

Was knitting my mom a sweater for Christmas. Think I'm going to scratch that plan, and finish off a shawl/shrug thing I was working on for her instead. It'll get finished much quicker. And keep her shoulders warm. No word yet on when she goes for her surgery.

I knit a fish last night. Found the pattern on Ravelry last night. Quite cute. Think I'm going to knit two the same, sew them together with catnip inside.

Went to Barrington with my hubby this morning. Fell in love with some yarn there. What was it called?? Wait, let me look at my phone - took a picture of it :) Mode Dea in the cherry cola colorway. $8.50/ball They also had the stretch sock yarn; $5.99/ball.

Now I'm off to do housework - isn't that exciting? Might get hubby to bring up the Christmas decorations tonight. Maybe.

Have a good one!

Monday, November 24

Haven't posted in a while

and Barbara is starting to bug me about that ... so here's a post :)

I gave the socks to their new owner ... and realized several hours later that I forgot to take a picture of them when they were done. Sorry.

I've knit a pair of blue mitt envy mitts; they are going to one of Katie's friends tomorrow for her b-day gift.

Had a craft sale on Saturday. Woke up to lots of snow, and knew my little car wasn't going to make it out the driveway, so called and cancelled my tables. Then a friend called and insisted she was picking me up, so I got ready and went to the sale. One of the best sales I've had in ages. I've been busy like crazy sewing lately - made 7 pairs of kids pj bottoms, and some Christmas runners, and some small gift bags. Didn't sell a single one of them! Did sell a bunch of suet feeders we had made, and some spurtles. The number of sellers was way down, but the attitude was good. And, my friend taught me how to make cinnamon stick and wire stars.

My mom is waiting to go to Halifax for some heart surgery. They are going to replace a valve, and then hopefully she'll start to feel lots better.

For those of you who save AirMiles, did you know that you can go to the airmiles website and print off a coupon for 25 bonus miles if you buy 5 our compliments products? Only good till Nov 30th. (and, it won't print for me, so I wish you luck!)

Not much has been going on here. Nothing exciting to type about. The same 'ol same 'ol. Yawn. No good knitting to take pictures. No cute puppies to take pictures of. No exciting down town to share pictures of. Boring. Sorry.

Friday, November 7

PIF's and RAK's

Barbara mentioned that she got a PIF yesterday, showed some nice pictures on her blog. She also teased me by reminding me that she has one in the works for me.

Got me thinking. We need more PIF's and RAK's in the world.

But first, we probably need to know what they are, right?? :) PIF - Pay it Forward (remember that great movie with the very sad ending??) RAK - Random Act of Kindness

There, now you know what they are ... go do some!

Yesterday afternoon I started a pair of blue mitt envy mitts, finished them this morning. Man I'm getting fast at them!! They were going to be for one of Katie's friends for Christmas. Now I think I'm going to give them to the high school to put in their "Doing it Right Store". The kids get "coupons" if they are caught "doing it right" - wearing pink on Weds, red on Friday, doing something nice for someone, things like that. Last year they put all the names in a box, and drew out names for small prizes. This year they decided to change things, and today a store opens that the kids can cash in their Doing It Rigth coupons for products. I figure the mitts might be just the thing. Maybe I'll do a couple more pairs?

Off for my volunteer time in the elementary school library. Have a good day!

Mary Anne - hope you get mail today. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5

invisible mitts

Pretend you can see the picture of my latest mitt envy mitts. They are heather green wool from B&L. Very warm.
I altered the pattern. It says to go until there are 21 sts for the thumb; I only go up to 15. That's skipping repeat 3 of the pattern. Either I'm using thicker yarn/bigger needles than the pattern calls for ... or I have small hands. It means there are 4 cables in my final mitt rather than 5.
Of course, on this pair I meant to do one more cable repeat before I did the fingertip ribbing ... but I forgot.
And, because this picture is invisible (for the time being) you can't see where I messed up the rib on the right mitten. Not bad - 4 pairs and I only messed the cable up once!
Pair 3?? Oh, I can't tell you about that pair. Shhhhh
Pair 1 is purple, for Katie, pair 2 are green for her friend, pair 4 is for me!
Going to a friends house for coffee later - looking forward to that.