Tuesday, February 28

What now??

What am I up to now? Not much at all!

I have messed up my shoulder again - rotary cuff. To lift anything hurts, to move certain ways hurts, to knit on anything heavier than a sock hurts. I am not a happy knitter :(

I decided to serge around the edges of a quilt that I tyed for Troy. It's only been waiting for over a year to be hemmed. Broke 3 needles and the thread kept breaking on me. Have no more needles, and there is nowhere here to buy any. So, now need to come up with another plan for that. I got half of one side done.

Hubby just left to go to the hardware store to buy some shelving to be used to build a storage unit/shelf thingee for our sons room. Later on we'll cover it with pine so that it fits our "shaker sort of" theme in the house. It'll replace his dresser.

Soon I have to go to work. It'll probably be another inside day, it's very cold out there.

And that's it for today.

Friday, February 24


I have 30 puppets to take to my sister. She sews them up and puts the faces on them. She doesn't care for knitting them. I don't like sewing them up. So this is a good deal.

Have to clean house like crazy today. Ladies coming tonight for a party.

I took the day off from the school, so won't be going there at lunchtime. I'm not going to miss it either :)

Have a good one!

Thursday, February 23

I've accepted that I won't get gold

and that is fine with me.

My Aunt called the Children's hospital in the city. She is part of a group that knits for them, so she called to see if they needed mittens or baby outfits. Was told that what they really need is finger puppets. So, the rush is on to get a bunch of finger puppets done for them. I know someone who is going for an appt on March 8th, and will make the delivery for us.

My Mom, sister and I always knit them a bunch each year. This year we had thought about taking it easy and not doing as many. Now we're focused on them. My Mom had made the New Years goal of 200 puppets a month; she's now doing as many as she can. For her, that's pretty good. She was really sick back in November.

So you know what, I'm setting aside the baby blanket to do puppets for a while. And the gold medal will be the one that I have in my heart, knowing that I'm helping to make some little kid feel good.

Wednesday, February 22

Olympic gold? not for me

I've come to the conclusion that I'm not going to finish the baby blanket before the Olympics are over.
I failed.
I'm not surprised
Oh well, it'll still get finished.

Tuesday, February 21

Time to shock the system

Yup, I'm going to shock my system, my family and most of all my hubby! I'm going to try hard to be organized. I am even going to join FlyLady . I decided I'm sick of never knowing what's for supper, what I'm doing each day for housework, the kids rooms being so messy, the house being disorganized. It's got to change.

Besides, my friend Jan has menu's made up for her family for the next couple of months. If she can do that, then so can I!! Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing :)

Mary Anne asked about the baby blanket. It's growing, slowly. Last night I got it up to 80 sts between the corners. Still not finished the first ball of yarn. I'm starting think that when it's done I'll put it away and keep it for my Dan's sister and her hubby get pregnant. It's a lot of work to give away to someone I don't know. I have some baby sweaters in my craft sale stock, I'll give one of them to Elizabeth to send to her friend. Back to the blanket, it's not going to be finished before the Olympics are over I'm afraid.

I cleaned out our fridge freezer this morning. Did an inventory of what's in there for food. It looks much neater now. I know what's in the freezer downstairs, one meat king and a bunch of strawberries. I got 3 flats of strawberries for my b-day last year. Sheri mentions that in 6 years she turns 40, and is feeling a bit old. She's just a baby! 17 months and I turn 40. (in case you are wondering, it was the mention of my b-day that brought that up, but you should go check out her cute little guy with his skates on!)

More laundry on the go today. Not sure what else. Probably some baking. I have the recipes books open to a cranberry muffin recipe and a chocolate chip/nut cookie recipe. And I have raisin bread going in the bread machine. I'm getting very domestic lately ... what's up with that????

Have a good day!

Monday, February 20

Monday, again

Funny how the days keep coming and coming. Oh well, guess that is a good thing, right??

Daytona day went well yesterday. Troy and Jan's boys were thrilled to see the race on the big screen. The two guys did all the cooking. I do have to admit though, the race didn't thrill me at all. I'm not into car racing. I did enjoy Bon Jovi before hand though :) We did have the small TV in the kitchen on the race as well, and I did watch parts of it. Mostly the crashes. But how uninterested was I? I missed the end of the race because I was out feeding the horses. I also did the kitchen clean up for the guys.

I also knit. I cast on a Yarn Harlot poncho, and got about 6" of it done. I'm hopefully going to be teaching a knitting class on the poncho at the local craft store, and need to get a sample one done to hang in the store. And before anyone asks, yes, I have Stephanie's permission to use her pattern for the class.

Just called the lady I knit the thrummed mittens for and told her they were done. And they are, I just finished sewing the ends in :)

Yesterday our minister announced that he is leaving our church. He and his family will be moving to the Chester area, where he will have two churches to minister to. We'll miss him. But as they say, chance is good. Now our church has to start looking for a new minister.

Today I'm not doing anything exciting. Laundry. Yippee. Starting to do the housework to get the house all cleaned up and ready for my Epicure party on Friday night. Have 12 ladies who said they are coming. Hopefully the weather will be good, and they will all come. Hey, readers from down the south shore further, want to come to a party??

We may have sold our pony. The lady would like to take her for a month on a trial basis. She owns a half-sister to our horse :)

Have a good day!

Saturday, February 18

Saturday, day before the race

Yup, just like that, I forgot the name of the big car race that is on tomorrow. Daytona! That's it!!

The guys are rigging up the big screen in our living room again. Daytona on a huge (7X11foot) screen, with complete surround sound. Troy and Jan and their two boys are coming up. Just them as far as I know. Deep fried fish, home-made fries, onion rings and pepperoni on the menu. Plus chips, home-made pretzels, broccoli and dip, crackers, red roasted pepper dip and maybe some shrimp dip. And pop to drink. Oh, chocolate cake for dessert. The two guys went and did all the shopping; and they did a good job.

Oh, the best thing the guys bought - both wives got roses. A pre-made bouquet of them; at least 24 of them in mine, maybe more. Jan counted 21 in hers. I got nice pretty red ones, with babys breath in them. I'd love to take a picture to show you; but no camera :(

Today I've made two batches of rice krispie squares. One regular, and one with chocolate chips mixed in. I'm freezing some of them to use for the kids lunches and snacks. I'm trying to be more organized. (which will really shock my hubby)

Had someone come and see our pony today. She's not sure if she wants her or not; but she's thinking. She asked if we would be open to having her take her for a month on a trial basis (at her expense). We'll think about that.

My baby blanket has gone from 4 stitches on each side to 60 stitches on each side. I'm on the round needles now. It's growing, slowly. I'm enjoying it still, which is good. I haven't knit a baby blanket before because I get bored of them before I'm done.

Guess that's it for today.

Friday, February 17


The thrummed mittens are done! Well, almost done. Still have ends to sew in, but that won't take long to do at all. I'll give the lady they are for a call in the morning and let her know they are ready to be picked up. :)

And the baby blanket is about 4" square. I'll soon be able to put it on the round needles.

I picked up the needle to do the yarn harlot poncho for the store sample for the class I'll be possibly teaching.

And why are there no pictures? Because the digital camera won't work! Grrrr Use your imagination. The mittens are one pair burgandy, the other pair green. The baby blanket is white with specks of pink and blue through it. Very nice. Baby blanket pattern if you want to see what it should look like :)

Mary Anne, took your sock to curling yesterday; turned the heel and have the foot about half done - and enough yarn to finish the sock I think. Hope they will be big enough!

Anyone ever made baked sweet potatoes? I have some in the oven. Never done them before, never ate them before; sure hope I like them! :) Watching these cooking shows on TV has me wanting to try new things.

Ohh... new things... I made chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate chips in them. Yummm. It was a new cupcake recipe, didn't call for the chips; but I added them since I had them.

Tomorrow we have someone supposedly coming to look at the pony we have for sale. If they don't take her we may keep her.

Camera update - we think it's dead. It's showing colored bars on the viewing screen. Wonder what the boy did to it the last time he had his hands on it??

Well, off to do something productive. Oh, and to check to see if Miss Woolly Knits has updated her blog yet

Wednesday, February 15

Sunny Day

What a nice day out there! The sun is shining, I have chickadees at my feeders (very rare occurance!), and the snow is melting a bit.

Yesterday afternoon I "played" with Star, and had her join up with me. Which basically means she followed me around without a lead line on her. It builds up trust between her and me. My friend came and did some work with her and rode her as well. This little pony is coming along nicely with her training, and may end up not being sold afterall. Or, being ridden all summer and being sold in the fall for more money than we are asking now.

I am now working on mitten #4. I have the cuff all done. I was working on it last night, but had to stop. I was too tired to focus on what I was doing. I stayed awake long enough to watch American Idol and House, but don't ask me what they were about, because I can't really remember. I have got to do a lot of knitting tonight if I want to be able to start the baby blanket tomorrow. It might not happen until Friday :(

This is my afternoon to volunteer in our school library. I take knitting there to work on, but not thrummed mittens. HEY!! I could start the baby blanket in the library! Up until now I was going to work on a dishcloth. Time for plan B :) (or would that be BB?)

Time for my cooking show to come up. We are getting lots of cable channels free, and I've fallen in love with 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray.

Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is here. Kids have gone to school with their valentine's in their backpacks. We made paper pyramids, and put a chocolate kiss in each pyramid. I don't like buying those silly valentine's they make for kids to hand out.

I'm making sweet and sour meatballs for supper - need to buy pineapple tidbits when I go to work. And I'm making jello. I think I may make some heart shaped cakes for supper too.

I don't buy presents, I make special treats.

Yesterday a friend came and worked with Star for a couple of hours. She did some free lunging, and got her to "join up" with her. I don't come close to understanding what was going on; but it was impressive to see Star following her around at the end of an hour. Then she got on and rode her; with no problems! Now Dan is thinking we might keep her. (shaking head)

Katie and her friend got her room re-arranged yesterday, but not totally cleaned up. But, they were busy playing with my friends daughter and niece for a couple of hours. Katie went to bed and discovered that she was scared to sleep in her bed the way that it is now. Grrrrr

I've got just the thumb to do on thrummed mitten #3. That'll be done today, and #4 started. By Thursday I'll be working on my official Olympic project - I hope!

Have a good one!

Monday, February 13

it's a snow day Monday - YUCK!

Man do I ever wish there was school today!!! The kids are driving me crazy!!

I just looked in Katie's room - big mistake! I'm not sure what they are doing in there, and I'm even less sure that I want to know! I think they are re-arranging it; thing is it only works the way it is now.

Troy and the dog are getting on each others nerves. And thus getting on my nerves.

Our TV has decided to not work; which means I can't watch the cooking shows that I've grown to like in the last 2 weeks. In fact, can't watch anything on it at all. :(

I did manage to get a bit more done on mitten #3 this morning; put the sts for the thumb on a holder, and did a few rows of the hand.

And laundry - I've got more laundry to do.

I HATE MONDAYS!!!!!!! (well, this one anyway)

Sunday, February 12

Olympic Knitting

My Olympic Knitting is off to a good start. No pictures because camera batteries are dead.

I finished one pair of thrummed mittens. Well, still need to sew in yarn ends, but that won't take me long. Now to go down to the craft room and get the wool for the second pair.

Gotta get those mittens done before I can start my "official" Olympic project - the baby blanket. I won't even let myself swatch for it, because I know I won't want to stop once I start. (and I don't want to knit the mittens!)
My hubby has his woodworking shop in our basement. I'm hearing musical sounds coming from down there, and I'm not allowed to go down. Hummm Something tells me my Valentine's gift is in the works.

Our daughter has a school project to make a musical instrument, and yesterday she and daddy made a tongue drum I'm quite impressed with how it turned out. OH!! I did get a drum!!! They just gave it to me. Go to that link up there, then click on "thumb drums" and then scroll down to see the pictures of them. Hers is copied from the bottom one, mine from the second one from the bottom. Can you see those prices!!!

I think I might try to make an ocarina . Guess our family is going through a musical instrument phase.

No olympic knitting happened here yesterday. I pulled muscles in my shoulder/back carrying our son Friday night. Then helped a friend deliver newspaper fliers yesterday. (fellow Nova Scotians know the "out and about" fliers; years ago I had a job putting those things together!) Sat with heat on my back all evening. Hopefully today I'll get the hand of the second mitten done; then it'll just be the thumb and a second pair to do. After the first mitten they go faster, because everything is measured/counted to that first mitten.

It's snowing here, we're supposed to be in for quite a storm. Hope everyone is having a good day!

Friday, February 10

Olympics start today

Thanks Lexa for letting me know where the store is. I knew there was a store somewhere in Liverpool that sold yarn, but had no idea where it was. I missed the Ball and Skein when it closed. I've got a friend who will also be interested in knowing that there is yarn available there.

Today the Knitting Olympics start. As well as the sports olympics; but that's second place :) I can't start my official KO project until I finish the thrummed mittens. I guess the thrummed mittens are my first official project, and the baby blanket is my second. Both will be finished before the Olympics are done. Honest!

We're expecting snow today. Apparently it's already started an hour away from here - quite heavily from all accounts. And it's just starting to fall lightly here. At least the ground is frozen this time.

Hope everyone has a good day. And remember, it's Miss Woolly Knits update day :)

Wednesday, February 8

I'm training my daughter well

We went to the hospitals second hand shop today. Had things to take to them to sell, and looked for things to buy as well. Usually get lots of clothes for the kids there; it's fill a grocery bag for $1.00, but didn't have much luck today.

Katie comes up to me with a sweater. Just checked the contents - no tag, but it's a "Rhonda B" design. I think it's cotton, feels like cotton. The colors are fallish; orange, red, browns, greenish/brown, variegated so it's all splotchy. And the seams aren't serged :) Anyway, she says to me "Mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "I don't know, what are you thinking" "That this would make some pretty socks".

$3.00 later we left with that sweater, a pair of sleep pants for Troy, a horse sweatshirt for Katie (that she doesn't know about), a Hi-Q game, a chinese checkers game and a toy iron. Understand now why I like to shop there?? Plus it supports a great cause!

Now I have to do some laundry (again) and get some supper started. Same ol' same ol'

Oh, I went to the dentist this morning. He did 2 fillings, have 2 more to go then I think all my dental work is caught up. I have a huge fear of dentists! If it weren't for the great dental plan we have I wouldn't be going to one now! Anyway, as he was working he poked on of my other cavities, seeing how bad it was. It hurt! Kept hurting for a while, but now it's not so bad. Hopefully it won't start hurting again.

Happy Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 7

Knitting Olympics

Not too many more days till they start.

I've got my yarn and needles picked out for the baby blanket that I am going to knit. But, before I can start the blanket I NEED to finish the thrummed mittens. I made that deal with myself.

There was a site where you could order "official" team Canada knitting olympics hockey jerseys. I can't find that site now; I know the order date is passed anyway. And they were too expensive for me. But, today while in the "ideal discount store" I noticed that they have hockey jerseys there with Canada on the front with a big maple leaf. I think I'll have to go back tomorrow and check the price on them. I can always take it to the embroidery lady and get her to embroider "Canadian Knitting Team" on it or something.

If you want more info on the knitting olympics, feel free to click the button on the side over there. I haven't been able to find a "team Nova Scotia" :(
I just sat down at the computer for a few minutes, and already an hour has gone by! It's 10 am and I haven't done a bit of work yet. Shame on me!

Managed to do some knitting last night. I'm now narrowing down the top of the hand of the first of 4 thrummed mittens. Here's hoping I have enough of the yarn to knit both mittens the same! It's going to be tight I'm afraid. I'll keep everything crossed that I have enough while I'm knitting that second mitten!

I did get some stuff accomplished on the computer this morning. I'm the Canadian Rep for the online support group for the syndrome that our son has. He has Opitz FG Syndrome; you can find more info here (man that link just didn't want to work for me!) Anyway, I updated the contact list for the Canadian families - there are 6 of us - and sent an email off to each of the other families. Last time I did this no one got back to me, so we'll see what happens this time.

Came very close to buying an angora sweater at the local
Frenchy's last night. Had it in my basket, then took a second look and noticed that the seams were serged, which meant I wouldn't be able to re-use the yarn. Darn :( It would have made a couple of really nice scarves. Guess I wasn't supposed to do that extra work.

Mary Anne, I can barely see our barn it's snowing that hard right now!

Donna, next time I'm heading to Liverpool I'll have to let you know, maybe we can meet? I don't go down that way very often though; at least not till late spring when riding lessons start up again. Katie goes here for her riding lessons.

Phew, just learned how to recover a post! That was a relief!

I'll take as a sign to get off this machine!

Monday, February 6

Monday, again

I really need to come up with some better titles for my posts! :)

I'm back to using my old keyboard. I really wasn't getting along with the wireless one. Besides, I don't need to have the letters on the keys in order to type. :)

It's laundry day. I have a small mountain of it to go through. I know there's a load sitting in our daughters bedroom; but it's her job to bring it to the laundry room. And if she can't do that, then I can't wash it. That's the way the deal goes, mean mommy that I am.

Had a horse club meeting last night. Two and a half hours long! I was starting to think it wasn't going to end :) But a lot was accomplished, and that is the important thing. There are rules being changed about our local exhibition, and the changes had to be discussed and agreed on. Didn't get to brag about our new horse very much though. Which reminded me that I needed to share a picture of her, not sure if I had done that yet or not. So, a picture of Katie on Dee.

I'm tired today. After getting home from the meeting I went to a friends house to watch part of a movie with her until her hubby came home from watching the superbowl here at our house. After midnight before I got to sleep. At 2 the air compressor started up which scared me half to death. At 5 I woke up with a pain in my back. Went and laid in bed at 6, and dosed until 7. So I'm going to be starting a pot of coffee soon. And tonight I'm taking a Robaxacet before I go to bed.

I hope to get more done on the first thrummed mitten today. If I'm really lucky I'll finish one off. But, I've got housework to do too. YUCK!

Have a good day!

Edited to add: I feel better now; my info is no longer at the bottom of the page like it was. I reduced the number of posts shown on the main page, and it fixed the problem :) All is well in my blogger world now.

Saturday, February 4

10 days to Valentine's

should I start dropping hints to my hubby now??

We went to our local park today. It was kick off day for a get active thing they do in Feb. Take the Roof off Winter is what it's called. They had free hotdogs, hot chocolate and marshmallows; a scavenger hunt, and games to be played. Was supposed to be wagon rides, but they got cancelled. (the guy doing them had to put on of his horses down last week, he was too upset to come today with his other team)

Still haven't done any kniting.

Didn't sleep well last night.

Hubby bought a new wire-less keyboard and mouse. I'm hating the keyboard right now. I have to press most letters twice or really hard, which is really slowing my typing down. And it's harder on the hands to press harder. Grrrrr Darn thing had better smarten up or it'll be going back!

Tonight there is free skating at the arena from 7-9; I'm taking Katie and one of her friends for an hour of fun.

Tomorrow is my busy day, I'm trying not to think about it.

Friday, February 3

Friday - still

HI again :)

The guys asked if I could make pretzels for Sunday night; so I have a batch of dough on the go in the bread machine. I'll do a test batch today, and if they turn out I'll make more on Sunday.

Just don't ask me how I'm going to find the time. Sunday morning is church. At 2:00 the ladies aux. group is getting together to clean the kitchen at the fire hall; it's a mess and needs a good cleaning. Sunday night is the girls superbowl get-together, as well as a horse club meeting. I want to go to the horse club meeting; I know people will be wanting to ask about the new horse. Plus gives me a chance to promote Star being for sale.

Troy did end up coming home. Grrrr. Acutally, he's been downstairs watching Dad and "Poppa Troy" work on projects. Right now they are fixing drawers in a dresser.

I've got a pain in my right shoulder blade. Need to find a tennis ball and pop my rib back into place I suspect. Or it could be a gas bubble, they feel about the same. Sometimes I wish I was still a baby and could be burped :) But I also understand why babies cry when they need to be burped.

Haven't touched my knitting at all today. Haven't really had time to yet. Did get my grocery shopping done though. Forgot cat food and litter though.

Think I'll go try to mess around with my blog templates now.


Well, another week finished.

Felt really tired this morning, so after the kids went to school I went back to bed. Got up and now have 40 minutes until I need to be to work. Gotta eat something.

I lied. I started a dishcloth before the thrummed mittens were finished. I do not enjoy the thrummed mittens right now! I WILL work on them tonight though. I needed something easy to work on while watching Katie curl yesterday.

Dan is on his way to the school. Troy has been having lots of his myclonic jerks today, they are worried that he may be working up to a bigger seizure. Although he's only had one big seizure in the daytime, and I don't expect him to have one, things can happen. Not sure if he'll be coming home or what they will decide.

We're supposed to be getting rain today. I was hoping it would have started by now, so that it would be an inside lunchtime. Then I was going to call in and say I wasn't coming in today. I want to go back to bed.

Must go to bed early tonight!

Sunday is SuperBowl day. I guess there are a couple of guys coming here to watch it. They'll set up a sheet to use as a big screen, and use a rear projector sort of thing to project it onto the screen. We're talking 1/2 life size (if not bigger)! I'll go to Jan's and the three wifes will watch a movie there. Troy will stay here with the guys; not sure about Katie, might get her a special movie to watch in her room. Right now I don't feel like going anywhere and doing anything.

Tired, not in the mood to do anything, time for the Feb. increase in anti-depressants.

Can't think of anything else for now.

Wednesday, February 1

Snow Day!

My kids are happy. There is no school today. We're getting a blizzard. Not really a lot of snow down, but the wind is blowing. Almost everything is closed, and only the main roads are being plowed. Katie, who is typically sooo sllooowww in the mornings, was up and out playing in the snow within 15 minutes of her alarm going off. Kids!

Yesterday was a friends b-day. His wife gave him a balloon bouquet. He had to pop some of the balloons in order to find his presents. Little notes stuck in some of the balloons told him what to do or where to look for a gift. What a neat idea. I'll have to try to remember it.

Made some tomatoe soup cake cupcakes yesterday. Really wanted to make a chocolate cake, but have no cocoa :(

Finished off the socks for Katie. Now to get some pictures of things taken. Got to find the camera first :) Not working on anything else till the thrummed mittens are done.

Donna, hope the snow isn't too bad down your way. And hope you don't need to go anywhere today.

Mary Anne, sorry that we're getting more snow - wish you would get some!