Tuesday, February 7

Knitting Olympics

Not too many more days till they start.

I've got my yarn and needles picked out for the baby blanket that I am going to knit. But, before I can start the blanket I NEED to finish the thrummed mittens. I made that deal with myself.

There was a site where you could order "official" team Canada knitting olympics hockey jerseys. I can't find that site now; I know the order date is passed anyway. And they were too expensive for me. But, today while in the "ideal discount store" I noticed that they have hockey jerseys there with Canada on the front with a big maple leaf. I think I'll have to go back tomorrow and check the price on them. I can always take it to the embroidery lady and get her to embroider "Canadian Knitting Team" on it or something.

If you want more info on the knitting olympics, feel free to click the button on the side over there. I haven't been able to find a "team Nova Scotia" :(

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