Saturday, February 4

10 days to Valentine's

should I start dropping hints to my hubby now??

We went to our local park today. It was kick off day for a get active thing they do in Feb. Take the Roof off Winter is what it's called. They had free hotdogs, hot chocolate and marshmallows; a scavenger hunt, and games to be played. Was supposed to be wagon rides, but they got cancelled. (the guy doing them had to put on of his horses down last week, he was too upset to come today with his other team)

Still haven't done any kniting.

Didn't sleep well last night.

Hubby bought a new wire-less keyboard and mouse. I'm hating the keyboard right now. I have to press most letters twice or really hard, which is really slowing my typing down. And it's harder on the hands to press harder. Grrrrr Darn thing had better smarten up or it'll be going back!

Tonight there is free skating at the arena from 7-9; I'm taking Katie and one of her friends for an hour of fun.

Tomorrow is my busy day, I'm trying not to think about it.

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