Tuesday, December 6

Happy December

So, it's December. How many of my knitting friends are working their fingers to the bones trying to get presents finished??

I have to get my daughter to do some pictures for me. But, I do have some finished projects to show off. A hat and scarf for my BIL, a scarf for my SIL, a shawl. Think that's it.

We went to the city yesterday and did a lot of our shopping. Most of my list is done. A few people left - and I have no idea what to get for those people.

Our 4-H Club decided to sell home made chocolates as a fund raiser. Holy Smokes!! Before expenses we raised $1600!! Took us 5 hours on Sunday, and about 2.5 hours last night to make them all. FUN! Already planning ahead to next year. Yes, Barbara, if your club wants to do this, I can give you details :)

Have a great day!!!

Friday, November 11

Wednesday, November 9

Anyone have a way to get more hours in the day?

I have come to the conclusion that I need more hours in the day. Seriously! Since the time change I've been waking up at 5am; and it does seem to help out a bit having that extra hour in the morning. But man I'm getting tired!!

On my needles
- a faux lace shawl that I am really enjoying working on.
- a pair of socks.
- a pair of mittens. Double knit? Not really sure what the technique is called, will have to get a picture of them. FUN FUN FUN though!!
- miniature monster (a Rebecca Danger pattern) for a swap ... so can't post pics of that.
- 2 other shawls (sort of hibernating)
- finger puppets
- dishcloths
- think that's way too many!

Have a good day!!

Thursday, November 3


Yes, I am still in the land of the living.

Had a long rough hard summer. There was much sadness in it. A friend passed away (stroke). My MIL passed away (brain tumours). A young man from here was killed in a car accident. A college friend died from ALS.

Did some knitting, but don't have any pictures. Need to get better at the picture thing.

This was my Halloween costume:

This is the partridge that flew into a window. We kept it comfy till it died. (sense a theme here??)

Thursday, July 21


This is Tulip (tall with the pink ears), Herb (green guy) and Daffidil. Tulip came to me in an exchange from Texas, Herb came from Alberta, and I knit Daffidil.

Have a good day!!

Saturday, July 16

What's new???

Well, let's see. Not much :)

Since my last post I've been to a WWKIP event in Lockeport. That was a fun time. About 25 of us at the Lockeport beach centre knitting away. My horoscope that day said I'd be spending time around people with a similar interest as me, and that I'd make a new friend. Did both :) Found a new hair dresser too. (she sells Opal sock yarn!!)

I had my b-day. Hubby gave me a gift certificate for a shampoo/cut/color and 2 balls of sock yarn. My friend gave me a book (House Rules by Jodi Picoult - good book so far) and an earring/necklace set. My SIL gave me a book, jam and bath stuff. One of my lilies came into bloom that day as well.

Tomorrow is Troys first car show with his mustang. He and dad have been washing and polishing it. He bought a little tool kit to keep in the car.

My friend Mary Anne introduced me to a nice scarf pattern this morning. I think it's called the one row scarf ... something like that. See "Miss Wooly Knits" over there in the side bar ... click it, go check hers out. She has the pattern linked (which I am too lazy to do at the moment LOL), plus she has some pretty amazing pictures on her blog to look at.

Guess that's it for this quick update. I really really mean to post more ... but there's that lazy thing again :)

Saturday, June 4

A quick update

Sorry, no knitting pictures. They are on the computer .... somewhere. I can't find them :(

But, this is a picture of our son, Troy, and his b-day gift from my sister and her friend.

It's a '77 Mustang. V-8 302 engine, dual exhaust. And that's all the techincal stuff I know about it :) It's loud. It's a muscle car.

I've been busy. I got a temp full-time job at Lockeport Elementary School as a PSA; 6 weeks of work. But this working full time thing is tiring me out.

I haven't felt like knitting much ... hope that changes!! I've got a pair of tow-up socks on the go, some scrap dishclothes, a purple shawl and a peacock colored shawl. Not liking the pattern I picked for the peacock colored shawl ... going to take it out and look for another one. Think I need one without a lot of pattern in it, the yarn is quite busy.

And, I ordered The Big Book of Knitted Monsters for myself. I'm in a Ravelry group for these monsters, and have knit the three free patterns and liked them. I got one of the "real" monsters in an exchange, and love her. OH, I know where there is a picture of me and Tulip

Off I go, time to get ready to go to the Farmer's Market.

Wednesday, April 6

When will Spring come???

Here it is, April 6th ... and it's still not sunny and warm out :( Sunny and cold, yes.

This Sunday the 4-H club is hosting An Afternoon With Neville as a fundraiser. Neville MacKay (of My Mother's Bloomers in Halifax) is coming down, doing a talk about how he got a start in 4-H and his career as a florist. Making arrangements as he goes. Then, he'll auction off the arrangements for us. $10/ticket if you want to come. Starts at 1:30 on the 10th.

Today I got some yarn I bought off eBay. Silk, dyed a peacock color. 300 yards of it. Trying to decide on a shawl pattern now - that's the hard part.

Finished the shawl/stole I was knitting for the lady in the knitting group. She was very pleased with it when she got it on Tuesday.

There are pictures of that on the camera. Will take some pictures of my silk yarn, then post the pictures later. (bug me if I don't do that)

I also have 4 balls of Knit Picks Palette in Aster to decide what to make with. Oh, and a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn in greens. (might have a skein of it in reds too ... if I don't use it all on my Holden Shawlette)

So, what have you been knitting??

Wednesday, March 23

On my needles now

is this project.
Knitting it for a lady in the knitting group I go to. She started it, but was having a hard time with it. I wanted to knit it; love the pattern ... but it's not something I would wear... so I'd never knit one for myself. So, I offered to knit hers for her.
I'll post pictures of hers when I get a chance :)
Forgot to tell you, it's the Waves and Ripples Shrug in Knitter's Magazine Spring, 2010. I'm using 4.5mm needles, and a 2ply yarn; not sure what the yarn is, there were no labels with it when I got it. 282 stitches/row

(picture taken from internet)

Friday, March 4


The Frozen Leaves Shawl :)

Today is was finally non-windy enough that I could get a sheet of styrofoam home to block the shawl. Well, most of the way home ... it did break :( But the piece that survived was big enough to block the shawl on. Then I sat it in front of a nice sunny windown to dry. I'm quite pleased with it :)

And looking forward to the next one. The next one will be a shawl for an exchange .. then Northern Lights is calling to me.

Tomorrow a friend and I are planning a Frenchy's shopping trip. Looking forward to that.

Have a good weekend

Sunday, February 27

It's Done

40 minutes ago I cast off the final stitch of the Frozen Leaves Shawl.

Now I need to find a place to block it.

No pictures yet, because right now it doesn't look like much. Pictures once it is blocked, I promise.

Next on the needles will be a shawl for the shawl exchange I am in on Ravelry. Can't post any details of it though, because my partner might decide to snoop at my blog. I hope she will like it.

Still working on thrummed socks, and my socks.

The knitting group I go to is knitting clothes for Groovy Girl dolls, and for teddy bears. Once we are done we will give them to the Library where we meet, and they will sell tickets on them. One of our members has created some really neat clothes for them. So far I haven't made anything. Now that the shawl is done I'll make something.

Have a good day

Monday, February 21

In trouble again

Well, seems to mee I'm in trouble for not posting enough. So, here it is, a posting :)

I'm laid up today. My right knee hurts a lot. Was to outpaitents last night, and the doctor thinks it is arthritis. I think I want to see my own doctor and get his opinion. I know I won't be putting up with this pain for long!! I'm not happy hurting so much that it's hard to walk.

But, on the plus side, I'm knitting on the Frozen Leaves Shawl. 22 pattern repeats in each row. Right now each section has 28 stitches in it. Yup, 616 stitches in the last row I did!! And it's still slowly growing!! Only 20 rows left to go though. Looking forward to being finished ... so I can start a new one :)

I joined a small shawl exchange online, in a Ravelry group. Looking forward to working on that one. Think I might use beads on it. Not going to tell too much about it, incase my partner in the swap decides to read here.

I'm also working on 2 pair of thrummed socks/slippers that were ordered, and a pair of socks for me.

Have a good one!!

Thursday, February 3

Happy Day After Groundhog Day

We're still shoveling out. So much snow. And the snowblower isn't working :( Hubby was able to get out the driveway to go to work this morning. I was working on the mailbox area when the guy came to plow across the road from us. Got him to do a few swipes of our driveway ... for $5. Most people would charge $20 for that. I was a happy lady.
But, on the down side ... I did do a bit too much shoveling, and hurt my shoulder a bit.
I have finished a pair of socks this year - no pictures yet.
I'm still working on the frozen leaves shawl; really enjoying it.
We've got a new item that we are selling - hand crafted wooden toboggans.

Wednesday, January 5


Today I frog the Pretty Maids shawl.
I've got that mistake in it that I mentioned before.
Last night I put in my life line ... and missed a stitch when doing that. It unravelled past the point of an easy pick-up. So I decided to frog it all and either re-start it or the Frozen Leaves shawl.
Starting to feel a bit like an unworthy knitter. :(

But, on the plus side ... my kids are back to school today :)

Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year

They say that what you do on the 1st you'll be doing all year long. Looks like a year full of laundry for me :(

Been working on the Pretty Maids shawl. Using some fleece artist yarn that hubby gave me for Christmas. Just two pattern repeats to do and I'll be done. Think I've got a mistake somewhere ... but I'm going to finish it anyway. So, when I post a picture, and you see the mistake ... shhhhh ... OK?

Since Christmas I have knit a bunch of dishclothes (finished off 2 1lb balls of cotton I had on the go), three Barbie dresses and a Barbie hat. The knitting group I go to is going to knit a Barbie wardrobe and then sell tickets on it - the money will go to the Library where we have our meetings. So I'm ahead of the game on that committment :)

Hope you all had a nice New Years Eve. We spent it at a friends house; playing U Draw on the Wii and a word game that I can't remember the came of (catch phase??). Nice way to spend the evening. I did not, however, enjoy being woken up at 2:30am by fireworks. There is a time for those ... and it's not 2:30 in the morning!!

That's it for now