Wednesday, January 5


Today I frog the Pretty Maids shawl.
I've got that mistake in it that I mentioned before.
Last night I put in my life line ... and missed a stitch when doing that. It unravelled past the point of an easy pick-up. So I decided to frog it all and either re-start it or the Frozen Leaves shawl.
Starting to feel a bit like an unworthy knitter. :(

But, on the plus side ... my kids are back to school today :)


Donna M said...

Lace can be a bitch! Been there, done that more than once! The finished product is worth it, but not if the process drives you nuts!

Mary Anne said...

Dorothy, you're not an unworthy knitter - I am. All I knit are dishcloths and plain scarves. I'm impressed with anyone who can knit lace.