Monday, July 31

Another hot day

I'm more than ready for a good thunder and lightening storm!! This heat is starting to drive me crazy! (short drive, by the way)

Katie had her cheerleading demo for the parents today. Of course I forgot the camera. They have a couple more practices, and are marching in the parade. Since she isn't marching in the parade I don't think she'll go to the practices. It's kind of hard to march in the parade as a cheerleader, and ride your horse at the same time :)

I've knit 4 loopy appaloosa facecloths, and a Nova Scotia facecloth in the past few days. Tried to do an entralac one - but have decided that it is not for me! Following those instructions nearly drove me crazy!! Here's the pattern I was using Oh, here's the site where I got the apaloosa and NS cloths from dishcloths

Katie and I went to the 4 museums in town yesterday morning. Had a good time. I think she may have learned a few things; hard to tell if she was really paying attention or not. Our friend Debbie wasn't working - Katie was really hoping she would be. The museums are free on Sunday mornings.

Not much else going on. Trying to get a costume made for Katie to wear in the parade. Pictures when it is done. No hints :) Also got some more work done in the craft room; will have to post an updated picture of that sometime as well.


Thursday, July 27

nothing new to share

This is the "big and small" of it in our backyard. Tiny has since lost all of his winter hair, and doesn't look this hairy.

Here is a shot of some socks that I made for hubby.

It's too hot here today to do much. I'm excaping to the basement once in a while to do a bit of painting. With gas at 123.2/L I certainly can't afford to drive far!!

Hope you're having a good day!

Monday, July 24

Lost and Found

Troy has a knack of finding things that are lost. Today he proved just how good at it he is.

Last fall Katie lost one of her spurs. We've looked for it with no luck. On Sunday we broke down and got a pair ordered in for us at the garden center/pet supply place.

I'm watching TV and Troy comes running in saying "I found it" Sure enough, he's carrying the missing spur. So, typcially, I asked him where he found it.

Last night we had friends over for a marshmallow roast. Hubby left his hatchet outside by mistake. Troy got that hatchet today, and decided to try to chop down a cedar tree that is growing by the fence between us and the neighbours. The spur was at the base of the tree. Nowhere that we would have thought to look for it.

Barbara, I tried to leave a comment on your blog, but it won't let me :( Size 15mm - I was looking for some of those once. Can't remember why though. I've wanted to try some of the fleece artist curly locks; is it hard to work with? I'll have to save my money and treat myself sometime.

Well, guess that's it for today. Not much going on here. Knit about 6 rows on a sock heel this afternoon.

Friday, July 21

It's a sad day

We've made a tough decision in our house. Our dog has to go. He's too much for us to handle. In the house he's a perfect dog; listens to what you say, and behaves. Outside he barks and jumps on people. A few days ago he got out of his invisible fence area; 10 minutes to catch him. Last night he ran over the fence again; 30 minutes to catch him. Almost got hit by a couple of cars, and nearly caught a neighbours chicken. He no longer respects the fence, and we can't let him just run loose. Fortunately the breeder we got him from is taking him back and will find him a new home.
I'm very sad. I'm going to miss him. But certainly won't miss the border collie hairs all over the floor!!
And to top it off, it's pouring.
It's Founder's Day weekend here in Shelburne. This afternoon I'm supposed to be sitting in the SVFD Ladies Aux. booth selling popcorn, snow cones, nachos, cotton candy and pop. Instead I'm at home typing the post. (and feeling sad)
Do have to go to town later on to buy a can of corn. And possible take dd to get a pair of Holey Soles (or whatever they are called). There is a small store selling that style of shoes opening today. And she really wants a pair, so she'll buy them with her own money.
Rain Rain Go Away!!!

Monday, July 17

Turn down the heat!!!

Or turn off the humidity - one or the other (or both) would make me feel so much more comfortable!! I'm not a lover of the heat; but I can handle dry heat better than humid heat. It's the bestest day to go to the beach, and we don't have the time to go to the beach!

This afternoon Troy starts a three day scrapbooking adventure. I printed off a bunch of pictures for him to take and use. Katie has cheerleading. And I'm helping my sister move shingles.

Hubby is on vacation this week. He's doing work around here, and some work for our friends Elizabeth and Ron. Not much of a vacation for him; but he's the one who made up his list of work to be done.

We are hoping to go to a harmonice festival next month at Heritage Village. Anyone been there? We're waiting to hear back from a campsite about spaces available, costs and that stuff. Hubby is trying to teach himself harmonica. I have no musical talent - although I wish I did!!

I have two loopy appaloosa dishcloths finished, and have started number 3. Couldn't find the link to the site or I'd share it with you. Perhaps next time?

Wednesday, July 12


Last night at 1:40 God decided to have fireworks to celebrate my birthday. Wasn't that nice of Him? :)

What a storm it was. 45 minues of thunder and lightening. At times the backyard was lit up brighter than daylight. Or at least it seemed that way. Troy slept through it all, Katie slept through about half of it. I sure didn't sleep through it!! Hubby would have slept through it, except us girls woke him up :)

Off to the city again today. Last trip for a while I hope.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Edited to add:
No change in Troy's glasses :) Took a while for them to be able to give him an eye exam though - he hates visits to there!!

Went to Value Village and got a bag of yarn. It contained an almost complete skein of Opal sock yarn, a complete skein of snowflake yarn, and two skeins of ?? acrylic (for finger puppets). The cost?? 99 cents!!!

Got my b-day gift from my friend. An Eeyore sweatshirt (won't be wearing that for a while!), a teddy bear, and a pair of "how clean is your house" type rubber gloves. Picture to come sometime.

Got my cousin home, surprised Mom :)

Now I'm tired!

Tuesday, July 11

Happy Birthday to Me

Yup, it's my birthday. 39 Next year it's going to be "39 again"!!!

Mary Anne sent me a lovely little knitting book and some cotton yarn. I then used some of the cotton yarn to knit some face cloths for my SIL; who also happens to have a birthday today. Another of my SIL's gave me a little clay angel with July on it. Hubby and kids gave me a smoothie maker - it even has the little spout thing on it for getting the smoothie out - just like the "big machines" LOL He also built the BBQ/firepit for us, and made me a clothespin holder. Jan and Elizabeth are kidnapping me and taking me out for supper tonight.

I'm gave myself appts to get a massage and see the chiropractor today. Nothing like torture on your birthday :)

I know of 2 other people with b-days today, and two couples with wedding anniversary's today. It's a popular date!

I'm working on making 6 Loopy Appaloosa facecloths for our horse club. They will go in the gift bags that the youngest riders will get at the end of the week.

Guess that's it for now.

Forgot to tell you that I stopped in at NovaKnitters last Weds and picked up some yarn that she was giving to us for finger puppets. She was as nice in person as she is on her blog. And what nice yarn. Our daughter has fallen in love with some of the sock yarn.

Heading to the city again tomorrow; but this time I'm bringing my cousin home to surprise Mom :)

Update - we went out to supper at a family run restaurant. I had a hot chicken sandwich - without the bread. Elizabeth gave me a nice little notebook that I had admired the last time I was in the store she works at. Jan gave me a ball of Austermann Step yarn. Not sure if that is the correct name of it or not. It's sock yarn with aloe in it. I'm about to cast on a pair of socks for me; you know, I need something to work on in the hospital tomorrow!!

Good night!

Sunday, July 2

Happy Canada Day, part 2

We spent yesterday at our local exhibition grounds. The horse club had a fun day, and there was ox hauling in another area. Lots of fun, sun and cheer going around.

Katie rode in about 15 different races. Different patterns than they have at exhibition. It was good for her, got her to learn new things. And it got her a bit more used to riding on Dee. We got there around 9, and got home at 6 - a long fun day!

People were very impressed with our new horse :)

I was in the canteen most of the day, but did get to sit outside in the afternoon; got a bit of a burn on my shoulders; which will fade to a tan soon.

This afternoon we plan to go to the beach, then to a friends house for a BBQ.

Tomorrow there is nothing planned. Tuesday Troy has his first summer rec dept activity; a day spent at Islands Park doing stuff in the nature there. Don't know how he'll make out, but hope he'll be OK. Weds we go to the city for an appt. (Donna, could we stop by on the way to or from to pick up finger puppet yarn?) Thursday and Friday he goes to the park again.

That's it for now.