Thursday, July 27

nothing new to share

This is the "big and small" of it in our backyard. Tiny has since lost all of his winter hair, and doesn't look this hairy.

Here is a shot of some socks that I made for hubby.

It's too hot here today to do much. I'm excaping to the basement once in a while to do a bit of painting. With gas at 123.2/L I certainly can't afford to drive far!!

Hope you're having a good day!


Mary Anne said...


that's an adorable photo of the horses! Love the socks too. I hope the weather has cooled off some by now.

mary anne

Donna said...

Great pic of your horses. I can't imagine the little one without all that hair!
Hot today for sure!!

Barbara said...

The gas prices are restricting my driving too. I was planning on going to River John yesterday for the Sheep and Wool Festival, but it seemed like too much of an extravagance for just one day. Not to mention the long drive. So we went to the camp and visited with our friend, swimming in the lake and getting sun-burned. Shouldn't have taken that sun for granted I guess!