Monday, July 17

Turn down the heat!!!

Or turn off the humidity - one or the other (or both) would make me feel so much more comfortable!! I'm not a lover of the heat; but I can handle dry heat better than humid heat. It's the bestest day to go to the beach, and we don't have the time to go to the beach!

This afternoon Troy starts a three day scrapbooking adventure. I printed off a bunch of pictures for him to take and use. Katie has cheerleading. And I'm helping my sister move shingles.

Hubby is on vacation this week. He's doing work around here, and some work for our friends Elizabeth and Ron. Not much of a vacation for him; but he's the one who made up his list of work to be done.

We are hoping to go to a harmonice festival next month at Heritage Village. Anyone been there? We're waiting to hear back from a campsite about spaces available, costs and that stuff. Hubby is trying to teach himself harmonica. I have no musical talent - although I wish I did!!

I have two loopy appaloosa dishcloths finished, and have started number 3. Couldn't find the link to the site or I'd share it with you. Perhaps next time?

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