Friday, July 21

It's a sad day

We've made a tough decision in our house. Our dog has to go. He's too much for us to handle. In the house he's a perfect dog; listens to what you say, and behaves. Outside he barks and jumps on people. A few days ago he got out of his invisible fence area; 10 minutes to catch him. Last night he ran over the fence again; 30 minutes to catch him. Almost got hit by a couple of cars, and nearly caught a neighbours chicken. He no longer respects the fence, and we can't let him just run loose. Fortunately the breeder we got him from is taking him back and will find him a new home.
I'm very sad. I'm going to miss him. But certainly won't miss the border collie hairs all over the floor!!
And to top it off, it's pouring.
It's Founder's Day weekend here in Shelburne. This afternoon I'm supposed to be sitting in the SVFD Ladies Aux. booth selling popcorn, snow cones, nachos, cotton candy and pop. Instead I'm at home typing the post. (and feeling sad)
Do have to go to town later on to buy a can of corn. And possible take dd to get a pair of Holey Soles (or whatever they are called). There is a small store selling that style of shoes opening today. And she really wants a pair, so she'll buy them with her own money.
Rain Rain Go Away!!!


Mary Anne said...

I'm sorry you will have to let your dog go but thankfully the breeder will find a new home for him. Take care dear friend.
mary anne

Donna said...

It is sad to lose a loved pet, no matter what the circumstances. I am sure the breeder will find him another wonderful home.

Laura said...

I know first hand about having to give up a pet because the same thing happened to us some time ago. It's soooo difficult, but for us it was the right way to go. I'll be thinking of you. Take care, Dorothy.

Barbara said...

Hey, I saw the sun this afternoon. Maybe I should whisper so it doesn't disappear. Hubby took the boys fishing after supper (not that there are any fish left: they probably all drowned!! HA HA LOL) Take care. Maybe a cat is what you need! ;)