Monday, May 3

Mother's Day is coming

Just so you don't forget!! :)

What are you doing exciting for the weekend? I'm heading to Truro with the 4-H Light Horse Project kids, their leader and one other parent. It's 4-H weekend, and the girls are making up 2 teams competing in the Horse Classic. Good luck to them!!!

There's also going to be demostartions and speeches being done by other kids ... a busy and fun time for all. A boy from our club is in the Host Competetion; good luck to him too.

There's a big "4-H Night in Nova Scotia" thing going on on Sat night; but we aren't staying for that. We'll be heading home after the horse classic stuff is done. Which means I won't be there to find out if I'm one of the lucky leaders who gets to go to Toronto this fall. But that's OK, I'm sure they'll let me know if I was so lucky.

I'm knitting on a shawl for myself. I knit a prayer shawl for my MIL with the same yarn, and liked it so much I had to do something for myself with it. Fine grey yarn, no idea what it is made of. It's kind of hairy.

We've got roughly 1000 puppets towards our next delivery.