Thursday, May 7

I'm still here!!

I've got a horrible case of "start-itis"!!!! I just want to start new projects. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to start something, then have someone else come along and finish it for me!! Anyone want to come and do that???

I've started the Ten Stitch Blanket (Ravelry link). I'm using scraps of sock yarn to knit it. I will have to try to get a picture of it to show you. I'm going to need lots of sock yarn to finish it, so if anyone wants to save sock yarn scraps for me, I'd appreciate it :)

I've also got some pocketbook slippers on the go, rebuilding my stash of them. They are a fairly quick and simple knit. I've got 2 slippers done, and am working on a third right now. Will have three of that color - but that's ok, because if one wears out quicker than the other, I'll have a spare. And if not, someone can wear an odd pair :)

I'm going to be knitting another saddle pad cover for Katie. This one is with nice bright colors of yarn - 2 different oranges, 2 different reds, a yellowish color and a beige. It's going to be a slight variation of this pattern

I'd like to start a feather and fan blanket out of some brown patons divine (deep earth) that I have in my stash ... but think I probably shouldn't start another project.

Oh, and I have dishcloths that I am working on. Great for these rainy days when we are on inside duty at school.

My flower gardens are coming along nicely so far. Hubby bought me 2 Arctic Willow bushes to go in the front garden. They will be on each end of the garden. On one end we moved a smoke bush to make room. The smoke bush got seperated, and is now on either end of a new flower garden we are creating.

Gee, no pictures, but lots of links for you to follow today :)

What else?? Katie has decided to do some tatting as one of her three 4-H craft items. Have a nice simple pattern for her to do. Sorry, no link to a pattern for that, couldn't find one. But, I did find this site that I want to go back and take a better look at! OK ... so I just spent 15 minutes over there looking around ... what a bunch of creative ideas!!!

have a good one!