Friday, June 30

still blah, but with a small b :)

small b means it's not quite so bad now. The sun is shining now, and is supposed to shine again tomorrow.

Did a couple of hours work in the craft room this afternoon. It's definately cooler down there. Moved things around, organized a little bit, put in a dresser and put fabric in the dresser. The floor is pretty much empty right now.

Katie got herself in trouble with me. Her room is such a mess! She was told to get it cleaned up before she goes to bed tonight, or else!! There is a horse club fun day tomorrow, and if the room isn't clean then she won't be going.

No knitting going on, but I did find a scarf pattern today that I want to try. It's the one pictures on the cover (I think) of Knitting On The Edge. It's a cable one with a looped fringe. I had the book out of the library quite a while ago, and copied the pattern; found the pattern today.

The kids started summer vacation today. They both graded. He goes into grade 6, and she goes into grade 5.

Happy Canada Day to you!!

Monday, June 26


That's it in a nutshel - blah.

If it rains much longer I'm going to scream!!!

I don't want to do anything, I don't want to go anywhere, I don't want to see anyone, I just don't want or care about anything at the moment.

It'll pass and I'll get back to my normal posting.


Thursday, June 22

Tired me!

Yesterday my son and I went to the city. He had a dental check up. That went much better than expected! They got to look at his teeth, and almost got x-rays done.

Today we had to be back at the city at 6:30; and he went into the OR at 8:00. That's the only way to get dental work done on him; knock him out. Three hours later he was done. We didn't get out of the hospital until 3:00!!!

Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk, and found The Loop. It's a yarn store in Halifax. If I wasn't so darn tired I'd give you a link to it - do a good search, you should find it :) Thanks to Arianna for telling me about the store. Troy wasn't in much of a looking mood, so I didn't get too look as much as I would have liked to - but I also didn't spend any money :) (good thing, I had none to spend!)

We delivered 1900 puppets to the hospital; which they were thrilled to get.

Had to park the truck in the hospital parking lot last night because the parking lot at the place we stayed was full. Which meant we had no way of getting anywhere last night; so we stayed in the hotel room and relaxed.

That's it, I'm wiped!

Friday, June 9

Renaming our daughter

Her name is now "Girl with Horseshoe up Butt". Seriously, I don't know anyone as lucky as her.

I've told you about the four leaf clovers, right? Well, those little green things paid off today. And in a pretty big way.

CKBW (the "local" radio station) had a treasure chest contest here. Local businesses donated prizes which were placed in a treasure chest. (well, they aren't there yet, but will be by the end of the weekend) Each business that participated had a bucket for people to enter their names for the free draw. Katie's name was chosen from the local flower shop. Our friend picked her name out :)

Today hubby had to take our son to school. Son's PSA says to him "Did Katie win something on CKBW this morning?". He had no idea. We didn't hear anything. We were under the impression that the treasure chest thing was like last year, when each contestant got a key, and then the lucky person got to unlock the chest.

Not this year. This year they drew a name to see who won.

This year they drew Katie's name!

The prizes that we know of so far are a chainsaw, a small generator, a tent, a CD player, a floating phone, flowers, and gift certificates. We are told there is about $2000 worth of prizes for her. :) WOW!! There will be 15-20 prizes by the time she gets to claim her prize on Tuesday afternoon.

Guess Dad gets a couple of nice Father's Day gifts :)

Tuesday, June 6


No pictures of a finger puppet today, sorry. We're trying to download the software for our camera. Seems our CD drive has decided not to read CD's, so we can't install it that way. Grrrr

I got the first coat of paint on the craft room. Good coverage. Might be able to get away without a second coat. I'll have to see how it looks compared to the other walls after this one dries. Knowing me I'll put the second coat on anyway :)

1600 finger puppets ready to go. And my sister and niece have a bunch there to be finished off.

Good thoughts for my friend Elizabeth, please. She went to the city last night and picked up her friends son who needed a bit of "motherly loving" for a couple of days. He's going through a rough time, so send him some good thoughts too. Eliazabeth has such a big heart.

Now to go do some more baking; something for us and for hubby to take on the canoe trip with him. Supposed to be a wet weekend by the sounds of it - too bad for the guys canoeing. Too bad for me stuck in the house with two kids all weekend.

OH! This is going to be fun. There is a youth group at our church for the kids in elementary school. It meets Thursday nights. This Thursday they are tying the Bible lesson in with geocaching. I've made up a small cache of goodies for them to find. My hubby is going to place the cache Thursday morning, and give me the co-ordinates for it. Then Thursday evening we'll take the kids looking for it. Should be fun. I'm hoping hiding it will get my hubby in the mood to go find a cache somewhere - if it ever dries up!! You can click the button on the sidebar to find out more about geocaching.

Have a good one!!

Monday, June 5

Monday, Monday

I know it's a song, but that's all the words I can remember right now. Might not even be those words :)

The sun is trying hard to shine. I do hope it has success!!

Just got done putting the primer coat on the final parts of 2 walls to be painted in the craft room. I'm looking forward to being able to escape the heat down there this summer! Hubby tried to get me a comfy chair at an auction on Saturday, but someone else wanted it more than him. Oh well, there's another auction in 2 weeks time.

He did get me a barometer. One of the ones that hang on the wall, and you put colored water in them. I'm not sure how they work, but I think they look really neat :)

Had to drive the kids to school today. Katie had to take in her science fair project. She was in tears last night over having to do the oral presentation to her class today. I told her to talk to her teacher, and he'd help her get through it. Off we went with her bristol board display, and a milk crate full of combed and uncombed fleece, a set of carding combs, a drop spindle, a pair of wool socks, and a wool sock that is on the needles. I hope she does well on the project! Hubby says I did a good job on it :)

Hubby was doing stuff to the computer on the weekend, and lost my emails. Again. Oh well. I'll fill my inbox up again in no time :)

Tonight I'll hopefully get a picture of a finger puppet - and get it on the computer somewhere where I can find it to put in my blog! I hope you aren't disappointed when you see how simple they are!

And now to go boil some raisins for the cookies I want to make this afternoon.
Have a good one!

Friday, June 2

It's raining, it's pouring

the old man is snoring. Went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.

And we don't have to get up as early in the morning as we thought we were going to have to. Katie's riding clinic got post-poned because of the rain. The instructor didn't feel she could give the kids as much riding time as she wanted - which wasn't fair to them. Plus they are calling for thunder, and they worried about horses spooking at the noise.

OK with me - I really didn't want to go hang out at a cold, wet barn for 2 days. Cause you know I would have gotten wet too.

I've developed a cough. I'm not impressed.

The supper last night went well. Took us 13 minutes to serve about 140 people a complete turkey supper. And that's with the firemen's pager going off in the middle of it all and stopping us for half a minute or so. (they were just on standby for the next towns fire dept - because they were out fighting a fire)

Not much else going on here. Rain!

Thursday, June 1

Really nice phone call

Just had a nice phone call. A few months ago I had mentioned to the lady who heads up the municipal rec dept that we would really like to get Troy involved in something this summer. But that that would require him having someone one-on-one with him; mostly to watch him and encourage him to take part in things.
A few weeks after that I got a call from her, asking me what sort of things Troy might be interested in, what his specific needs are, and what "challenges" he has. They had someone coming from the city to do a session on including special needs kids in their programs, and she wanted them to focus on things that may help Troy some. :)
Today she called to set up a time for her, myself and Troys PSA from school to get together. We'll look over the activities being offered this summer, and see what he may like to do. Then - and this is what shocked me - she said that if the rec dept has to they will hire his PSA to be with him during activities. That's only if we decide that watching him may be too much for a high school kid to handle, which I don't think it will be.
I'm just so shocked/pleased/happy that they would do that for us.

On to other stuff. Rabbits, Rabbits, Rabbits. You're supposed to say that to people on the 1st, the first one to say it is supposed to have good luck. Hey, I got Mary Anne first today, and then got that phone call :)

I'm voiceless. Can't talk loud at all. But I feel fine. That's the frustrating part, people keep asking me if my throat hurts. No, my throat does not hurt - well, other than me straining it to try to talk. This is day 2 of the "silent" me.

I'm heading to our firehall tonight to help with a catering job. This is a turkey supper for the retiring teachers; we have 15 or 16 retiring in the area; 5 from my kids school alone. This morning we set the tables, made the gravy (best gravy we have ever made I think), and did a few small jobs that could be done early. We're feeding about 150 people. They eat, then will have presentations and stuff, then once they are done we'll get to do the dishes. Could be a late evening.

Been working on finger puppets. Nice light, brainless work. I have to take a picture of them sometime, so that you can see what they look like. The pattern is easy.

Use whatever size needle you want; I think mine are a size 4mm
Cast on 10, 12 or 14 sts - it's really your choice; I stick with 12
Do one row of P1,K1
Then do K1 row, P1 row until it's about an 1 1/2 inches long or so. I make mine about as long as from my finger tip to my "big" knuckle. My daughters are a finger long - but she's 9.
Next row - K2tog across - 5, 6 or 7 sts left
Next row - purl
Next row - cut yarn, leave tail long enough for sewing up. K2tog, pull yarn through, repeat to end of row.
Pull tight and sew up.
Then we use a contrast yarn to make a simple face on them.

Some folks make really fancy puppets, we make "plain" ones, but they do the job.

Well, must go get some work done.
Have a good one!