Friday, June 30

still blah, but with a small b :)

small b means it's not quite so bad now. The sun is shining now, and is supposed to shine again tomorrow.

Did a couple of hours work in the craft room this afternoon. It's definately cooler down there. Moved things around, organized a little bit, put in a dresser and put fabric in the dresser. The floor is pretty much empty right now.

Katie got herself in trouble with me. Her room is such a mess! She was told to get it cleaned up before she goes to bed tonight, or else!! There is a horse club fun day tomorrow, and if the room isn't clean then she won't be going.

No knitting going on, but I did find a scarf pattern today that I want to try. It's the one pictures on the cover (I think) of Knitting On The Edge. It's a cable one with a looped fringe. I had the book out of the library quite a while ago, and copied the pattern; found the pattern today.

The kids started summer vacation today. They both graded. He goes into grade 6, and she goes into grade 5.

Happy Canada Day to you!!

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