Tuesday, June 6


No pictures of a finger puppet today, sorry. We're trying to download the software for our camera. Seems our CD drive has decided not to read CD's, so we can't install it that way. Grrrr

I got the first coat of paint on the craft room. Good coverage. Might be able to get away without a second coat. I'll have to see how it looks compared to the other walls after this one dries. Knowing me I'll put the second coat on anyway :)

1600 finger puppets ready to go. And my sister and niece have a bunch there to be finished off.

Good thoughts for my friend Elizabeth, please. She went to the city last night and picked up her friends son who needed a bit of "motherly loving" for a couple of days. He's going through a rough time, so send him some good thoughts too. Eliazabeth has such a big heart.

Now to go do some more baking; something for us and for hubby to take on the canoe trip with him. Supposed to be a wet weekend by the sounds of it - too bad for the guys canoeing. Too bad for me stuck in the house with two kids all weekend.

OH! This is going to be fun. There is a youth group at our church for the kids in elementary school. It meets Thursday nights. This Thursday they are tying the Bible lesson in with geocaching. I've made up a small cache of goodies for them to find. My hubby is going to place the cache Thursday morning, and give me the co-ordinates for it. Then Thursday evening we'll take the kids looking for it. Should be fun. I'm hoping hiding it will get my hubby in the mood to go find a cache somewhere - if it ever dries up!! You can click the button on the sidebar to find out more about geocaching.

Have a good one!!


Barbara said...

Hi Dorothy. Where are Oaklawn Farms? Might be a good place to take the kids this summer.
I went to Shubie with 2nd and 3rd graders. I love how informative the guides are.

lexa said...

Oaklawn Farm is in Aylesford - it's great! Been there pretty much every year since they opened.

We have our camper at Oakhill, just outside of Bridgewater. It was too wet to go last weekend, and by the sounds of it this weekend isn't much better! I have to work Saturday, so we'd only get down for one night anyways.

Have fun baking!

Donna said...

I think it is going to be sunny and nice this weekend. That's me doing my Pollyanna imitation.

The geocaching sounds like fun. Do you have a GPS things to find things with?

Mary Anne said...


It sounds like another busy week for you and your family.

I hope you have a fun time with the geocaching.

mary anne

Ariannah Armstrong said...

Dorothy: a while ago you mentioned that you tossed some B&L into the laundry and it didn't shrink. Did it come out fuzzy though (felting?) Just wanting to know.

Good luck on your progress with the finger puppets and craft room!