Sunday, October 31

Happy Halloween

Pumpkin my hubby carved

Troy as a Scarecrow

Katie as a Zombie Princess

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 28

Shoulder update

Went to see my doctor today. He says I have tendonitis in my shoulder, not a torn rotator cuff. That's a good thing!! My range of motion is almost back to what it was before, certain movements still hurt.

I have turned the heel on the second thrummed sock, and on the second sock for Katie.

This time next week I'll be at the CN Tower :) Leave for Toronto next Weds at 11:05am. There'll be 10 4-H leaders and I forget how many 4-H members on the flight. (I think they go on the same flight as the leaders)

What do I take to knit on the plane?? Do I take anything? Wish I had a big ball of cotton yarn - I'd knit dishcloths. Suggestions??

Pictures when the socks are done, I promise

Monday, October 25

Knitting on Hold

I have the second sock for Katie ready to have the heel started.
The second of the thrummed socks is started.

But, knitting has been put on hold.

Somehow I managed to tear my rotator cuff on Saturday. Am on anti-inflamatory pills and muscle relaxer pills now. :(

I am going to attempt to knit on Katie's socks today; they're small and light. In my mind it should be OK ... we'll see how it goes.

My space bar has something under it ... it's makes a noise everytime I hit it. Most annoying~!! MaybeI'lltypeallmywordstogethertoavoidusingit???

Tuesday, October 19

15 Day till Toronto :)

It's getting closer and closer. My flight goes at 11:05 on the 3rd (think that's the right time - my e-ticket is here somewhere) So what am I doing? I'm watching MayDay ... all about plane crashes. Silly me.

Been knitting. Have made a pair of Briggs & Little Tuffy socks (with a mystery wool yarn for the heels and toes) that were ordered.

One half pair of thrummed bedsocks that were also ordered. One half pair of socks for my daughter.

I still have plans to make some thrummed mittens for an upcoming craft sale. And hopefully some socks for Christmas gifts ... my fingers had better get busy.

Oh, I'm also working on some sewn mittens; made from felted sweaters. None finished yet because I'm having a difference of opinion with my serger at the moment. Might have to give in and do them on my regular sewing machine. Hope to have a pair of them to take to my roommate at the conference.

And today I received a RAK from Heddy in the mail. Thank you very much! I like it very much!! It's proudly displayed in my living room.

So, what do you think of the new blog colors??

Saturday, October 2

some knitting pictures

Figure since this is a knitting blog, I should put some knitting pictures on here.

Goomba hat and a pumpkin hat for my friend Karen.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

4-H Pro-Show

What a weekend.
Drove to Truro yesterday. Set up our booth, got the horse and chicken settled in, waited forever for them to finish judging, then moved all the judged articles to the booth. Got to bed around midnight.
Today Katie had showmanship - she got 6th place in a class of 13. The judge was the man who judged our Shelburne Exhibition in '08 ... she was happy about that. It was nice to see him. And he remembered her.
In Western Equitation she didn't get a placing. Dee was not being a good girl.
In Western Pleasure she got fourth place. That made us very happy. :) So proud of her.
In Jr. Western Reining she got .... are you ready .... FIRST PLACE!!! WooHooooo So very very proud and happy. Then her friend Kaleigh won in Sr. Reining. Kaleigh went on to be the grand champion - Katie was third place in that.
Poultry showmanship didn't go quite so well. But oh well, it's experience :)
Now we're at the hotel for a rest. Heading back later for the fashion show and possibly tug-of-war.
Got to meet Barbara today :) Another good thing that happened today!
And I judged the vegetable prep competition ... another first :)
Yup, need a nap!