Tuesday, December 6

Happy December

So, it's December. How many of my knitting friends are working their fingers to the bones trying to get presents finished??

I have to get my daughter to do some pictures for me. But, I do have some finished projects to show off. A hat and scarf for my BIL, a scarf for my SIL, a shawl. Think that's it.

We went to the city yesterday and did a lot of our shopping. Most of my list is done. A few people left - and I have no idea what to get for those people.

Our 4-H Club decided to sell home made chocolates as a fund raiser. Holy Smokes!! Before expenses we raised $1600!! Took us 5 hours on Sunday, and about 2.5 hours last night to make them all. FUN! Already planning ahead to next year. Yes, Barbara, if your club wants to do this, I can give you details :)

Have a great day!!!