Friday, June 29

Turtle Rescue

Katie and I were driving home from her 4-H achievement day this evening, and there, on the side of the road, was a small turtle. One the road, where a turtle should not be if it wants to live. So we turned around and went back. Had to get it off the road. It was a small snapping turtle, about the size of a bread and butter plate. Sadly it had already been hit by a car, it's shell was cracked, and there was some blood. :( A man stopped and he put it down in the ditch, where hopefully it will decide to go the other direction. He said his wife was a bit further up the road watching another turtle, so we went to see that one too, and there it was, strolling across the parking lot of the bottle return depot :) On Tuesday Troy and I saw a turtle laying eggs.

Hubby bought the groceries for Troy's grad party tomorrow. And he bought me 5lbs of PEI mussels for my early birthday present. I steamed them up this evening, and was even nice enough to share them. There's no way I could have eaten that many mussels by myself. They were YUMMY!

Did I mention that I got on Dancer yesterday and rode her for a little bit? I did!! :)

Happy Canada Day Weekend!

Not much going on

Not a lot of exciting stuff going on here. I've been knitting on dishcloths and socks. Mostly cloths. I do have a pair of broadripples on the go for me, and I think they will be the focus of my holiday weekend knitting.

Was thinking yesterday that I should get out my tatting shuttles and do some tatting to put in the little gift shop down on the waterfront. Might make myself a little extra money that way.

Weds night our son graduated from grade 6. Forgot to get a picture of him wearing his suit. I'm such a forgetful person lately. He wasn't too impressed with the whole ordeal, and wouldn't go up on the stage to get his "diploma". :( He did do the march in and out with his classmates though. :) We're having a little graduation party for him tomorrow. So, if you're reading this, and you're "local", come on down between 12-2 for some BBQ.

Guess that's it for now.

Saturday, June 9


Darn it!! Had a post typed and lost it!!

It's World Wide Knit In Public Day. What are you doing to celebrate?

Me? I'm babysitting my niece. Did plan to go to a knitting event in Liverpool, but really can't afford the gas money to go. Besides, my niece is such a cutie patootie it's hard to say "no" to babysitting her :)

I've started a pair of broadripple socks for myself. First time doing anything other than plain socks. A big step for me. Only have the cuff and the first 4 rows done on the first sock. And camera is with hubby, so no pictures. Sorry.

Sent hubby and 11 other men off on a canoe trip weekend. Hope they are having a good time. Last year it was only 4 guys, and it rained all weekend. Sun is shining brightly today - hope they remember their sunscreen!! Pick up is tomorrow afternoon, sometime. I know the canoes were well loaded down when they left yesterday. Here's hoping the fish are biting - and not the flies :)

I'm looking for a sewing machine. So, if you are reading this, and you are "local" to me, and you know someone with one for sale (cheaply) please let me know. Thanks!!

Have a good day!!
Happy WWKIPDay!