Thursday, July 19

5:12 am


Why am I, a relatively normal person, up at this horrible hour???

3:21 there was a massive, huge, loud, scare the pants off of ya clap of thunder. Made hubby go unplug his printer and computer out in the studio. Expected so much more thunder and lightening. Nope. A few flashes, and about an hour of low rumbles. Low rumbles just about done when Troy decides he can't sleep any longer.

Now, anyone who knows this boy knows that when he is up ... he seems to think everyone else should be up too. "I can't sleep" "I can't sleep" over and over and over. So, I had to get up with him before he woke everyone up.

It's gonna be a long day. A long hot muggy day. UGH

Thursday, July 12

Yesterday was my Birthday

I woke up to find the sofa full of balloons. Some had "must pop" written on them. Since it was only 5:45 I was nice and didn't pop them loudly. Katie has made a bunch of gift certificates and put in them. Breakfast in bed, cup of coffee, hug, huge hug, ukulele tuning, batch of gluten free cookies, nail painting.

I think the "breakfast in bed" one is supposed to be used by her ... cause it doesn't happen very often that she is up before me :)

Dan and Troy registered me to go to Dock Street Uke Camp

I made up a little ukulele tune music book for myself. And I helped paint the new photo studio. We went to Yarmouth.

It was a good day.

It was also my sister-in-laws birthday, and her dogs birthday :D

Friday, July 6


Todays post is short and sweet.

Troy has ... I think ... finally figured out how to knit. He has known how to cast one for years ... but today he has managed to knit 9 stitches so far. :D YAY!!!

And ... I seem to have figured out the paragraph issue. (but now have a problem where when I type paragraph I want to add a "y" at the end ... photography on the brain?)

Have a good one!!

Thursday, July 5

OK, so I don't like the new way of posting to my blog. UGH! What's been going on here? Hubby has built a "small" building. I call her Cinderella; no real reason ... just because :)
This is what the outside of it looks like. That non sided part - there is going to be series of pop can solar air heaters there. They will have to be made.
This is the first floor. This is where canoes will be built, repaired, restored ... got a canoe that needs work ... contact us!!
And this is the upstairs. Photography studio and print shop. We'll be offering printing services to photographers up and down the south shore. Need something printed?? August 1st is our "grand opening". Coming quickly!!! Electrical inspector is coming tomorrow, and hopefully tomorrow NS Power will be able to run the power from the pole across the road to the pole they had to put in for us, to the building. Then we can move things out of the basement :) The basement ... eventually I'm going to have a rec room down there :) Have a good day!!

Wednesday, July 4

A quick update

OK, so I have a friend who has been bugging for an update. So ... here I go. What's new ... nothing exciting. I've knit Troy another pair of orange socks; these ones done using Opal sock yarn. No pictures though. I'm working on a baby jacket; it'll be a gift for a friend who is expecting a baby girl in Sept. School is done. Troy goes into grade 12 next year, Katie into grade 11. YIKES!!! Exhibition is coming quickly ... too quickly. Need to make a shirt or two for Katie between now and Aug 4th. Trying to get my beach glass candy into a few places to be sold - no luck yet :( There you go, this might get back to the routine of posting more often. Maybe I can find where the pictures are hiding on the network so I can add some to my next post??