Monday, June 23

finished Mary Jane Booties

I just finished off the cutest little knit booties. The Mary Jane Booties I did them in some left over sock yarn in pink/red/white with black specks through it. Going to be taking them to Emily Faye on the weekend. (and if you're reading this and know my SIL, don't tell her we're coming!!)

We will be, in a few hours, the proud owners of a new-to-us 2005 Aveo. No more huge gas bills in the truck. Mind you, we are keeping the truck, still need to haul a horse trailer around. But we will be driving "Murray" more than the truck.

I'd show you a picture of the booties, but yesterday our camera had an accident. It decided to see if it liked swimming ... it didn't. Thankfully we have been thinking of getting a new camera, because this one wasn't acting quite right.

I just realized that Weds night is Katie's graduation, and we don't have a camera!!! YIKES!!

We're going to a friends house for supper tonight. Need to buy and cook a squash to take with us. I can handle that. She's cooking a turkey. YUM :)


Friday, June 20

Yarn Shop Closing

Just saw this on kijiji, and thought I'd share. Perhaps some of you other knitters out there will be able to get to it.

Baby Emily is doing great. She's drinking up to 12cc at a time now, and there is hope that she will be off the IV early next week.

Service for Baby Madison is next Friday. :(

Been knitting dishclothes, will try to get a picture of them one day soon.

Troy has no school, Katie only has school until 1:00. It's their field day. Tomorrow is our graduation party/marshmallow roast

Friday, June 13

Baby Emily Update

Just talked to my SIL, and Emily is doing much better.
They've been told that there is a 90% chance that Emily will be going home.
She's starting to drink expressed milk :)

Thursday, June 12

Sad News

Early yesterday morning my SIL had a c-section to deliver the twins.
Sadly one of the little girls (Madison) passed away shortly after that.
Emily is still hanging on, but not "out of the woods" yet.
Send prayers, supportive thoughts, etc.

Saturday, June 7

No WWKIP Day in Shelburne this year

I've been sick for the past 2 weeks with a head cold, and just haven't had the chance to get together with Jane to plan anything. Plus she has a film crew showing up at her place at 9am on the 14th to film a re-enactment of the Loyalist Landing. Just too much life happening.

But ... we have decided to have kick-butt event next year! Book your day off now Lexa!! :)
I'm thinking the kids and I might make a road trip to Liverpool that morning; hubby will be working.

On Ravelry I'm boobearns. So creative :) Or it could be Dorothy that shows up.

Katie and I spent 2.5 hours in town this morning trying to sell cotton candy for the 4-H club. Made a few bucks more. It's town wide yard sale day ... and boy is it ever busy in town!!

Still trying to re-size the garden pictures, perhaps later today?

Tuesday, June 3

kick in the butt

Thank you to Barbara for the kick in the butt to get posting again :)

I've been knitting dishcloths. Some will be a moving away gift for friends of ours. Not sure what else to get them ... I'm not very gift creative.

And we've been working on the yard and gardening. I have a huge garden (10X10') of tulips, pinks and purples. I'd share a picture of them, but everytime I try to edit it it goes all pixel-ly on me. Will have to ask hubby about that later.

Speaking of hubby. He and 3 friends went on a 6 day canoe trip down the Shelburne River. Inspired by The Tentdwellers book which is celebrating it's 100th anniversary. They had fun. But were tired when they got home. This is a picture that hubby took somewhere along the way.

Myself and another wife went to pick them up on Saturday, and got lost driving to Low Landing. Lots and lots of dirt roads, thought we might have to drive over a wooden bridge with no rails ... then we saw a little sign that said "Lake Rosignol" and we found the guys.

Back to the gardening stuff. I had a 4-H leaders meeting here last night, and almost every lady commented on our gardens :)

Had a call from the school phys ed teacher this morning. They are having a speed stacking competition at the school on Monday. Our daughter tried for the team, but didn't make it. :( But, this tournament is for grade 6 only (if I heard him correctly) and he was calling to see if she would be on the team. DUH!! That fell in the category of stupid question!

And, take a look at the puppet total.

Have a good one!!