Monday, June 23

finished Mary Jane Booties

I just finished off the cutest little knit booties. The Mary Jane Booties I did them in some left over sock yarn in pink/red/white with black specks through it. Going to be taking them to Emily Faye on the weekend. (and if you're reading this and know my SIL, don't tell her we're coming!!)

We will be, in a few hours, the proud owners of a new-to-us 2005 Aveo. No more huge gas bills in the truck. Mind you, we are keeping the truck, still need to haul a horse trailer around. But we will be driving "Murray" more than the truck.

I'd show you a picture of the booties, but yesterday our camera had an accident. It decided to see if it liked swimming ... it didn't. Thankfully we have been thinking of getting a new camera, because this one wasn't acting quite right.

I just realized that Weds night is Katie's graduation, and we don't have a camera!!! YIKES!!

We're going to a friends house for supper tonight. Need to buy and cook a squash to take with us. I can handle that. She's cooking a turkey. YUM :)



Donna said...

Look forward to seeing the booties when you get your new camera!

lexa said...

We have Olympus cameras here that are shock and waterproof. :)

My Littlest One is graduating from preschool on Wednesday night. I have to make sure I charge the batteries.

lexa said...

The Olympus shock and waterproof camera is $299. I think it's blue. (They come in different colors.) We have a Canon that is only $150, it's a nice little camera, red. We have a couple of other Olympus cameras, too, that are cheaper. One is $200, can't remember if we have the $180 one left. We've sold a lot of cameras lately. There's also a really awesome Olympus that is like $530. It's amazing. Only the $299 camera is shock and waterproof. They all have a year warranty, I believe, and if anything happens it comes to us, and we send it away. (Even after warranty, but it's usually much cheaper just to buy a new camera!)