Tuesday, June 3

kick in the butt

Thank you to Barbara for the kick in the butt to get posting again :)

I've been knitting dishcloths. Some will be a moving away gift for friends of ours. Not sure what else to get them ... I'm not very gift creative.

And we've been working on the yard and gardening. I have a huge garden (10X10') of tulips, pinks and purples. I'd share a picture of them, but everytime I try to edit it it goes all pixel-ly on me. Will have to ask hubby about that later.

Speaking of hubby. He and 3 friends went on a 6 day canoe trip down the Shelburne River. Inspired by The Tentdwellers book which is celebrating it's 100th anniversary. They had fun. But were tired when they got home. This is a picture that hubby took somewhere along the way.

Myself and another wife went to pick them up on Saturday, and got lost driving to Low Landing. Lots and lots of dirt roads, thought we might have to drive over a wooden bridge with no rails ... then we saw a little sign that said "Lake Rosignol" and we found the guys.

Back to the gardening stuff. I had a 4-H leaders meeting here last night, and almost every lady commented on our gardens :)

Had a call from the school phys ed teacher this morning. They are having a speed stacking competition at the school on Monday. Our daughter tried for the team, but didn't make it. :( But, this tournament is for grade 6 only (if I heard him correctly) and he was calling to see if she would be on the team. DUH!! That fell in the category of stupid question!

And, take a look at the puppet total.

Have a good one!!


lexa said...

That speed stacking is neat stuff! Some of those kids are blindingly fast.

Donna said...

Your garden sounds lovely.
I have seen the speed stacking on TV and they are fast!

Dorothy said...

http://youtube.com/watch?v=7V5RCXUjQ48 this is our friends son. He holds 2 Canadian speed records, and was 3rd in the world in one division.

Dorothy said...

oh, forgot, the little girl with the long hair is our daughter. The boy with the glasses having lots of fun is our son.

Mary Anne said...

that is one big flower garden! I'll have to watch the youtube video, not heard of speed stacking before.
Congrats on the puppet total.

Heddy said...

wow ... that boy is fast! I used to know the gym teacher (Matt) and his woifeLisa when i was at Acadia U ... very cool! I wondered what they were doing re: jobs.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thrilled to see you posting again, Dorothy! Any more news about the WWKIP Day in Shelburne?

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

BTW, are you on Ravelry? What's your name on there?

And that's a really gorgeous photo your hubby took!