Wednesday, January 5


Today I frog the Pretty Maids shawl.
I've got that mistake in it that I mentioned before.
Last night I put in my life line ... and missed a stitch when doing that. It unravelled past the point of an easy pick-up. So I decided to frog it all and either re-start it or the Frozen Leaves shawl.
Starting to feel a bit like an unworthy knitter. :(

But, on the plus side ... my kids are back to school today :)

Saturday, January 1

Happy New Year

They say that what you do on the 1st you'll be doing all year long. Looks like a year full of laundry for me :(

Been working on the Pretty Maids shawl. Using some fleece artist yarn that hubby gave me for Christmas. Just two pattern repeats to do and I'll be done. Think I've got a mistake somewhere ... but I'm going to finish it anyway. So, when I post a picture, and you see the mistake ... shhhhh ... OK?

Since Christmas I have knit a bunch of dishclothes (finished off 2 1lb balls of cotton I had on the go), three Barbie dresses and a Barbie hat. The knitting group I go to is going to knit a Barbie wardrobe and then sell tickets on it - the money will go to the Library where we have our meetings. So I'm ahead of the game on that committment :)

Hope you all had a nice New Years Eve. We spent it at a friends house; playing U Draw on the Wii and a word game that I can't remember the came of (catch phase??). Nice way to spend the evening. I did not, however, enjoy being woken up at 2:30am by fireworks. There is a time for those ... and it's not 2:30 in the morning!!

That's it for now