Monday, August 29

Another Hot Day

I'll be so glad when fall and the cooler weather gets here!! Right now I'm listening to crickets, which to me always means that it's a hot day. UGH!! There is a bit of a breeze blowing though, and every once in a while it blows the right way to come in through the windows, and that feels oh so nice.

Friday was our 16 year anniversary. Hubby arranged for Elizabeth to watch the kids for us. We went to Bridgewater and bought school supplies, went out to supper, went to a scarpbooking store, and to an antique shop, then came home again. Got stuck in trafic for 45 minutes in a construction zone on the way home.

At the antique shop we found something we'd love to have, but simply can't afford. A one-horse buggy (the wheeled type) in good condition. The seat would need some work, but that's about it. Would be nice to have to use with Star. Oh well, maybe we'll win the lottery - gotta start buying tickets first though.

Saturday evening we went out in the harbour in our canoe. It was a bit choppy at first, but then when we got out in the harbour more it calmed down. It was nice. We saw some little ducks, and followed them, then they followed us. :) Paddled past yachts from Switzerland, Georgetown, Los Angeles and Alaska. We also got to see some cormorants and a couple of loons (and now I don't mean silly people).

I also got on Star again last night, but she was acting up when Dan was riding her, so I chickened out. She bucked once while he was on her, that was enough to almost send me into tears. Oh well, I know she'll eventually get trained and calm down. And I'll get brave enough to get on her again.

I've got a bunch of scarves done to take to a craft sale the end of next month. I keep meaning to take a picture of them, and then forget to do it. I'll try to do that in the next couple of days, OK Mary Anne?? :)

Only 10 more days till the kids go back to school. YIPPEE!! That means I get to go back to work too. I'm debating if I want to work on the "big kids" side of the playground or not this year. Both my kids are there, but the little kids are so much fun. And so much easier to deal with; usually. I've got all their school supplies bought. Later on this week, or early next, we'll take a trip to the school in the morning and drop their things off; that way they have less to carry on that first day back to school.

And that's it for today

Tuesday, August 23

My Morning

It was a good one, so I thought I'd be nice and share. And also to shock someone with the fact that I posted twice in one day! :)

I went to Elizabeths house with the kids at about 9:30ish. Visited for a bit, then I left them there while I went to the bank. Got my stuff there taken care of. The bank has re-ordered my cheques, which will come to me - hopefully with no typo's this time! Went back to Elizabeths and had coffee and b-day cake with her. (yummy lemon b-day cake). Then she and I left the kids with her daughter and went to the second hand store for a bit. Found a couple of horse show shirts for Katie, a pair of jeans for me, a sweater for me and some yarn. Elizabeth found shirts for her son, and shorts for her hubby. Then we went back to her house for a bit.

It's just so nice to be able to go there and visit. They accept Troy as he is. They have the patience to deal with him. It's really really nice.

Got home at lunch time. I just had such a nice relaxing morning. :)

Of course now Flint is barking and driving me crazy, but that's because there are kids playing in the front yard. We had someone complain about his barking, so I'm not leaving him out as much. Oh the joys of puppyhood. Besides that, it's too hot for a black dog to be outside.

Off to hang clothes out.

To heck with Christmas ...

it's only 3 more sleeps to our 16th wedding anniversary - and I have no gift for Dan!!!! What to do, what to do, what to do????
I have a sock started, I could give it to him, and the yarn, and tell him I'll get it finished. But, they were going to be for Christmas.
Do I suddenly declare this a "gift free" celebration, and suggest we just go out for a meal? Yeah, right, I LIKE gifts!! :)
I could make him his favorite cake, but that's not really a gift anymore. It's more like a bi-weekly treat.

I've got to go to the bank later on. I ordered cheques and deposit books for my business "D & D Creations, Crafts and Woodworking", and the cheques came with a typo on them, and there is no book for the deposit books to go into. Hopefully today will get that taken care of.

Want to go to the kids school and take a few pictures too. Going to be making a book up for Troy; hopefully teach him to read a bit. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, but I'll do it. He'll enjoy it anyway. Can't believe he's going into grade 5!

Katie is going into grade 4. She needs to work on her spelling. I should have been doing that all summer - but I'm slack.

Four years ago I had a stomach bacteria. Felt miserable for months. The doctor thought it was my gall bladder for quite a while. Well, I think it's back. Ended up at our local ER on Sunday, thinking I was having appendix pains. I"m on medication, which hopefully will take care of it. If not, I'll have to have my gall bladder ultrasounded. I almost constantly feel like I'm going to throw up. Not fun!

More plesant topic!! Gotta think of on! :)

Can't think of one. sorry

Thursday, August 18

Did you realize

that it is just over 4 months to Christmas?? Many thanks to my Mom for pointing that distressing little tidbit of information to me. Aarggh!! So many things I want to get knit, so little time!! Must get fingers busy!

My list?? 2 pair of wool socks for my brother (have to arrange to get his name when we draw names). Socks for 1 niece and 1 nephew. Scarf for another niece. Socks for 3rd niece?? Second nephew - not sure yet. Have to make something for my Mom, but not sure what yet. Gave her a shrug a couple of years ago; her neighbour (our honourary aunt) really liked it, so would like to make her one for this year. Want to knit a horse sweater for Katie, need to buy yarn for that one. Socks for Troy? Socks for Dan. Guess I had better find a place to buy some sock yarn!! I'm sure there is more on the list!

We've had a lazy day here today. I had a bit of a headache all day, just enough of one to bug me.

I'm knitting a Harry Potter scarf bookmark for a friend of ours. Her b-day is Monday. It's 19 stripes, red and yellow. 15 sts on the needles (5 on each needle), 6 rows to each strip. And I'm using size 1mm (0000) needles! I'm sure she'll love it. And I know I'll have to do one for her sister for her b-day or Christmas - whichever one comes first.

Wednesday, August 17

Late Summer Cleaning??

Katie and 2 of her friends spent yesterday afternoon cleaning her room. At one point there was stuff piled at least 2 feet deep!! This morning one of the girls is back helping her again. Apparently they just need to make the bed then they are done. Yes, her room was a bit of a mess.

I bought a sweater at a second hand store on Sunday. It was knit with that fuzzy yarn that scarves are popular made out of now. So I unraveled it and balled it. Yesterday I started a scarf out of the yarn. Finished it this morning. Threaded on some beads and started a second scarf today. Beads, never used beads in my knitting before, so this was something new to me. Some of them you can't see, others you can. Oh well, it'll add a unique touch to the finished scarf.

I'm starting to think of knitting things for the fall and winter craft sales that I do. Thus the scarves. I want to make a bunch of fingerless mittens too. I have a nice pattern for them - just need to remember where it is :) I remember it was supposed to be knit on 2 needles, but I converted it to 4 needles. I noticed that it was supposed to be 2 needles when I got to the thumb instructions. Guess that proves I don't read ahead in patterns, right?

Had the windshield replaced in our truck this morning. Back in June it got a crack in it. They neglected to tell us that we would have to pay the deductable on our insurance for it. Both of us are sure that the guy in the shop said "no deductable". Oh well.

Got my banking materials for my business yesterday. The cheques have a misprint on them. And there is no nice little fake leather cover for my deposit books. I am not impressed with that. Have to make a trip to the bank tomorrow. Spending what I am on them, I refuse to change the typo on the cheques by hand!

This is a sideways picture of something I made with polymer clay one day. It's a blue face wrapped in a blanket. She has sparkly beads on her blanket, and some feathers over her head. Guess she is some sort of a spirit. Just makes me happy when I wear her. I have a similar pin that is a leather face; I bought that one. The feathers came from budgies that we used to own.

Man I have a hard time gettting pictures to go where I want them to!!

Tuesday, August 16

Still in a bit of a funk

What a busy week we had last week. It was our local exhibition, which meant spending every day at the ex. grounds. The kids rode the pony in events each day.

Troy was in the leadline class, with Dad leading him. It was his first time competing, and we are proud of him for doing it. He didn't win any first place ribbons, but by his reaction to the ribbons he did get you would have thought he had been given $1000! :)

Katie was riding in the youth division. She won high point in the flat
events (non-race events) and high point overall for her division. Here's a picture of her, Dad and Tiny with the blanket that she won. Can't tell by the picture, but the blanket is way too big for Tiny; they bought big sized ones just incase it was the horse in a class that won. It's OK, we'll probably just hang the blanket up to display it anyway, or let our other pony wear it.

Star, our other pony, won Grand Champion halter pony; which means the judge thought she was the best looking pony in the halter classes. That made us feel good.

Now it's time to get the house back to rights after a week of very little housework getting done.

I'm working on another potatoe chip scarf. Can't seem to get motivated to do anything else. There's lots of things I would love to make, but just can't get started. I do have a pattern to knit a sweater for Katie with a horse on the front...need to get that started. In an ideal world I knit one for each of her two friends for Christmas - yeah, right, dream on!

Oh, my Mom's 80th birthday was last Weds. A cousin from NB and one from Alberta (and his wife) came home to surprise her. And she was surprised! They came on Tuesday, and stayed until Sunday. So they had a nice visit. Her party on Weds night was nice too. Quite a few people showed up, and she shed a few tears.

Thought I'd share a picture of a little bear that I made a couple of
years ago. His name is Stewart, and he is about 3.5" tall. Changed
my mind, it's a picture of Stewart and two friends instead.