Tuesday, August 16

Still in a bit of a funk

What a busy week we had last week. It was our local exhibition, which meant spending every day at the ex. grounds. The kids rode the pony in events each day.

Troy was in the leadline class, with Dad leading him. It was his first time competing, and we are proud of him for doing it. He didn't win any first place ribbons, but by his reaction to the ribbons he did get you would have thought he had been given $1000! :)

Katie was riding in the youth division. She won high point in the flat
events (non-race events) and high point overall for her division. Here's a picture of her, Dad and Tiny with the blanket that she won. Can't tell by the picture, but the blanket is way too big for Tiny; they bought big sized ones just incase it was the horse in a class that won. It's OK, we'll probably just hang the blanket up to display it anyway, or let our other pony wear it.

Star, our other pony, won Grand Champion halter pony; which means the judge thought she was the best looking pony in the halter classes. That made us feel good.

Now it's time to get the house back to rights after a week of very little housework getting done.

I'm working on another potatoe chip scarf. Can't seem to get motivated to do anything else. There's lots of things I would love to make, but just can't get started. I do have a pattern to knit a sweater for Katie with a horse on the front...need to get that started. In an ideal world I knit one for each of her two friends for Christmas - yeah, right, dream on!

Oh, my Mom's 80th birthday was last Weds. A cousin from NB and one from Alberta (and his wife) came home to surprise her. And she was surprised! They came on Tuesday, and stayed until Sunday. So they had a nice visit. Her party on Weds night was nice too. Quite a few people showed up, and she shed a few tears.

Thought I'd share a picture of a little bear that I made a couple of
years ago. His name is Stewart, and he is about 3.5" tall. Changed
my mind, it's a picture of Stewart and two friends instead.

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Mary Anne said...


what a lovely picture of Katie and dad. I'm so glad everyone had a good time in the competitions. And those bears are adorable! As for being in a knitting funk, it seems a lot of knitters are feeling this way. It happens every August. Soon enough you'll feel the call of yarn & needles :)
mary anne