Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I hope that whoever is reading this had a very Merry Christmas yesterday, and that the New Year will be a very happy one for you!

Last week my Mom had a valve replaced on her heart. Complications set in, and she is still in ICU in Halifax. She is showing signs of improvement every day. But, it's been a hard holiday season for me. She's 2 hours away, and even though family is going to see her, I can't go, because I have a head cold.

My MIL came and spent Christmas with us. We had an early dinner yesterday, and she went back to Moncton. Tomorrow she heads back to Florida for the rest of the winter. She gave us a Wii ... the kids and hubby are thrilled!

My SIL had my name, and she crocheted me an afghan. It's my second favorite gift. My favorite is "Murphy" I've had him for about a month now ... and he made the Christmas baking a breeze.

I had someone stop me at the mall the other day and tell me how much they loved my purse. Barbara ... you're a star :) My daughter wants me to knit her one ... so I may have to break down and order some yarn from B&L; or buy some white and dye it myself.

On my needles now are a pair of socks for my hubby. A blue yarn that self stripes - too lazy to get up and go see the name of it. The pattern has a simple cable running down each side of the leg. Yup, cables ... I've become addicted to them. I've also knit myself a cabled neck warmer, that is still waiting to be ... what is that word ... you know, when you get it wet then stretch it into shape and let it dry... darn!!! Hate it when I can't think of a word.

Have a Happy Holiday!!

Monday, December 1


I've been PIF'ed!!!

Now I just need to get a picture of it to share with you. Got the most beautiful green bag from Barbara in the mail today. It's green (said that already, didn't I??), cabled ... cables galore!!, felted, lined with horse fabric, has a little pocket inside (where 2 finger puppets and some stitch markers were hiding). Simply beautiful!! I hugged it!

Now I guess it's my turn to PIF. Whom shall I pick?? Must give this some serious though ... and I'm open to suggestions. :)

Will post a picture later.
OK, taking the lazy route ... since Barbara has pictures on her blog, go check it out.

Tuesday, November 25

A new day, a new post :)

I thought I'd share a link to some amazing Christmas lights. Someone with too much time on their hands. Or hired help to do it. Pretty just the same.

Got an email from my friend who lives in Fredericton. She's coming home for Christmas :) Asked her for some gift suggestions. She said "Mittens, because gloves just don't cut it up here". I had found a pair of thrummed mittens I had started, so they are being finished off for her. One is done, and I just put the stitches on a holder for the thumb on the second one. :)

Was knitting my mom a sweater for Christmas. Think I'm going to scratch that plan, and finish off a shawl/shrug thing I was working on for her instead. It'll get finished much quicker. And keep her shoulders warm. No word yet on when she goes for her surgery.

I knit a fish last night. Found the pattern on Ravelry last night. Quite cute. Think I'm going to knit two the same, sew them together with catnip inside.

Went to Barrington with my hubby this morning. Fell in love with some yarn there. What was it called?? Wait, let me look at my phone - took a picture of it :) Mode Dea in the cherry cola colorway. $8.50/ball They also had the stretch sock yarn; $5.99/ball.

Now I'm off to do housework - isn't that exciting? Might get hubby to bring up the Christmas decorations tonight. Maybe.

Have a good one!

Monday, November 24

Haven't posted in a while

and Barbara is starting to bug me about that ... so here's a post :)

I gave the socks to their new owner ... and realized several hours later that I forgot to take a picture of them when they were done. Sorry.

I've knit a pair of blue mitt envy mitts; they are going to one of Katie's friends tomorrow for her b-day gift.

Had a craft sale on Saturday. Woke up to lots of snow, and knew my little car wasn't going to make it out the driveway, so called and cancelled my tables. Then a friend called and insisted she was picking me up, so I got ready and went to the sale. One of the best sales I've had in ages. I've been busy like crazy sewing lately - made 7 pairs of kids pj bottoms, and some Christmas runners, and some small gift bags. Didn't sell a single one of them! Did sell a bunch of suet feeders we had made, and some spurtles. The number of sellers was way down, but the attitude was good. And, my friend taught me how to make cinnamon stick and wire stars.

My mom is waiting to go to Halifax for some heart surgery. They are going to replace a valve, and then hopefully she'll start to feel lots better.

For those of you who save AirMiles, did you know that you can go to the airmiles website and print off a coupon for 25 bonus miles if you buy 5 our compliments products? Only good till Nov 30th. (and, it won't print for me, so I wish you luck!)

Not much has been going on here. Nothing exciting to type about. The same 'ol same 'ol. Yawn. No good knitting to take pictures. No cute puppies to take pictures of. No exciting down town to share pictures of. Boring. Sorry.

Friday, November 7

PIF's and RAK's

Barbara mentioned that she got a PIF yesterday, showed some nice pictures on her blog. She also teased me by reminding me that she has one in the works for me.

Got me thinking. We need more PIF's and RAK's in the world.

But first, we probably need to know what they are, right?? :) PIF - Pay it Forward (remember that great movie with the very sad ending??) RAK - Random Act of Kindness

There, now you know what they are ... go do some!

Yesterday afternoon I started a pair of blue mitt envy mitts, finished them this morning. Man I'm getting fast at them!! They were going to be for one of Katie's friends for Christmas. Now I think I'm going to give them to the high school to put in their "Doing it Right Store". The kids get "coupons" if they are caught "doing it right" - wearing pink on Weds, red on Friday, doing something nice for someone, things like that. Last year they put all the names in a box, and drew out names for small prizes. This year they decided to change things, and today a store opens that the kids can cash in their Doing It Rigth coupons for products. I figure the mitts might be just the thing. Maybe I'll do a couple more pairs?

Off for my volunteer time in the elementary school library. Have a good day!

Mary Anne - hope you get mail today. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 5

invisible mitts

Pretend you can see the picture of my latest mitt envy mitts. They are heather green wool from B&L. Very warm.
I altered the pattern. It says to go until there are 21 sts for the thumb; I only go up to 15. That's skipping repeat 3 of the pattern. Either I'm using thicker yarn/bigger needles than the pattern calls for ... or I have small hands. It means there are 4 cables in my final mitt rather than 5.
Of course, on this pair I meant to do one more cable repeat before I did the fingertip ribbing ... but I forgot.
And, because this picture is invisible (for the time being) you can't see where I messed up the rib on the right mitten. Not bad - 4 pairs and I only messed the cable up once!
Pair 3?? Oh, I can't tell you about that pair. Shhhhh
Pair 1 is purple, for Katie, pair 2 are green for her friend, pair 4 is for me!
Going to a friends house for coffee later - looking forward to that.

Thursday, October 30


fingerless mitts knit for a friend of Katie. Mitt Envy is the pattern. Fun easy knit .. nice introduction to cables for me. Forgot to say that I left out one of the pattern repeats, found that the mitt was too long with all the ones that the pattern called for in there.

socks I knit for me. I was wearing them when taking the other pictures, so I figured "why not?".

Socks that I am knitting for the father of an online friend. The second one is now down to having about half of the heel flap knit.

a dishcloth. MIL is getting a bunch of these for Christmas. 2 done ... many more to go. Have a 1lb ball of the yarn.

And that, dear readers, is what I've been up to.

My mom has asked me to make some tatted bookmarks for her. Have to look to see if I have the paper I glued the tatting onto or not. If not, I might have to send hubby hunting for it ... heaven help me!

Wednesday, October 29


Yesterday I put on here that I was Kermit. And my blog went all funny looking. My right hand side was at the bottom. I was not happy!! So I deleted that post, and it cleared up. Just take my word for it .. I'm Kermit!!

I did take some knitting pictures last night. I still have to take those pictures from the camera and put them on the computer; that's my project for this evening. So, Barbara, I promise that some pictures are coming!

Have a good one!

Monday, October 27

Just checking in

Darn it!! My post went away!!! that's they way this day has been.

Just told you what I'm working on -
wool socks
and looking for needles to start a sweater for my mom.

Nothing exciting going on. Pretty boring. Sorry

Sunday, October 19

What's up??

Today we went and picked up 17 little bantam chickens. 16 hens and one rooster by the looks of them. One hen escaped, and if they are able to catch her we'll get her too. But, they are new :) Hopefully the rooster won't be a crower, the lady we got them from says she has never heard it crow. They are tiny compared to our other chickens. Four of them look like little versions of Chester (our black breasted red phoenix) .. they may be these Could be fun trying to figure out what they all are. Some she said were "frizzles"; only ours are grey/brown. I'll have to get pictures over the next few days.

Mary also came to spend a few days with us. I'm not used to having an active 2 year old around!! She and Pooh are cuddled up having a nap right now ... I'm amazed how easy it was to get her to nap ... cause I hear my sister saying how hard it is to get her to nap. PHEW! (Jennifer, if you're reading this, I'm sure it's just beginners luck!) I'm looking forward to spending the days with her .. should be an experience!

Guess that's it for now.

Tuesday, October 14

Birdie on a Mission?

This afternoon the kids and got to witness a birdie on a mission. Not a very smart mission, but a mission. His purpose ... we're not really sure.

I was standing at the kitchen sink, getting a drink of water (you know how important it is to drink lots of water, right??) when I noticed a bird flying towards the house. Coming at a pretty good clip. Said to myself "Humm ... wonder if that is going to miss WHAM " .... well, so much for that question, guess it wasn't going to miss the house. Flew (almost said "ran"LOL) right into the dining area window. Kids jumped "What was that??" "That", I said "was a bird", as I headed out the basement to be sure it was ok.

Sitting on the ground, wings spread out, was a hairy woodpecker. Looked at it, it wasn't moving much, so I picked it up. Katie brought out her camera and got a picture of it in my hand. You could see where he had flattened out the tips of his beak a bit. We brought him inside, put him in an empty bird cage, and left him to rest. After about 15 minutes he revived himself, and let it be known that he wanted OUT NOW! Took the cage outside, opened the door, and off he flew. At least he chirped a quick "Thank you" as he flew away :)

Dan asked me how many wild birds I have held. There's been a woodpecker, sparrows, a chickadee, a robin, and probably others. My favorite of all was the hummingbird that I held once. It got caught in behind some stuff in a very sunny porch. Couldn't find it's way out. Heard this weird humming/buzzing noise ... and eventually curiosity got the best of me and I had to go find out what it was. You know, you can hardly feel a hummingbird, they are so light.

Once I get the picture off her camera I'll try to remember to post it.

On the knitting front - I got a Briggs & Little sample pack today. Their new Soft Spun looks really nice.

Monday, October 13

Saturday, August 30


Two things to celebrate today.

1) It's National Toasted Marshmallow Day. Our big marshmallow roast starts at 7:30. Wanna come??

2) the Peacock Feather Shawl is done!!! Still needs to be soaked and pinned to dry - but boy am I ever happy!!

See, the shawl in it's finished state :) blocking on a flannel sheet hanging between two poles in my living room. 82" X 41"

Monday, August 25

Aug 25th .... humm, what to title this post??

Tomorrow is a big day for hubby and myself. Tomorrow celebrates 19 years of marriage.

19 years ago we spent the night in a friends cottage beside the river. They promised us that in 20 years we could spend the night there again. In the mean time they have torn down the little cottage we stayed in and built a much, much, much nicer one. I mean, this cottage is way better than my house! And, yes, the deal to stay there next year still stands :)

No special plans. Think we will make up some cards that say something about it being our anniversary on them, and go geocaching, leaving the cards in the ones that we find. I did pick up some lime and ?? marinated steaks from Sobeys last week to cook for our supper. Will make rice and veggies to go with them. (and hotdogs for the kids)

Shawl update. I'm on row 211 or so of 250!! It's getting there, slowly. It takes me about 45 minutes to do a pattern row and a purl row.

Started a pair of broadripple socks. Re-started a pair of broadripple socks. Re-started a pair of broadripple socks. Got past the heel on this attempt ... and just noticed a mistake in the pattern on the top of the foot. You know what?? They're for me .. the mistake is going to stay!!

Hope to read some new posts from those people over there in that blogs I visit colume :) Heddy has been having lots of fun with Mr. Bruce. And Donna is having fun with Maggie and Gunni. They are almost making me want to look for a dog ... almost! :)

Have a good one!

Perhaps I should call this post "my lucky day"?? I just bought a HP laptop for a very good price, seems to work great, has the programs on it that I use ... already thinking of using it when we go to 4-H Pro Show the end of Sept.

Sunday, August 17


Nothing much has been going on.

Took about 2400 puppets to the IWK on Monday - they were thrilled to get them.

I'm plugging away on this. I'm down to where the bigger feather start. Last night I knit one row, and it gave me a whole bunch of trouble. Took me 45 minutes!! I'm on row 167 of 250 or so. I'll hopefully get a picture of my progess so far later on today. Doesn't look very nice all bunched up on a round needle :)

Our computer has been acting up, and we had to replace the hard drive. So now I'm slowly rebuilding my favorites and email addys. If you haven't heard from me, drop me a line, please :)

Have a good day!

ARRGGHHHH Made a mistake, and need to go back to the life line that I put in; 18 rows! Thank goodness I put that life line in though!

PHEW!! This morning I was able to take another look at the shawl, and was able to find where I had dropped 3 stitches. Picked them up, and was able to finish the row with no further problems.
It all started when I accidently purled a knit row ... and a whole row that had to come out. And being as careful as I was I dropped some stitches. But, thankfully I ended up only losing 3 rows of knitting ... much better than 18 rows!! I'll be putting in another life line before I go any further!

Tuesday, August 12


Katie and the chair that she won for having the most points in her age division.

The rest of the pictures are Katie and Dee in the halter class we held as a fundraiser for the Epilepsy Association of Nova Scotia. People paid $5 to go in the class, plus we collected donations from the people watchings. $160 was given to the two ladies who came down from Halifax for the afternoon. I'm very proud of our horse club for doing this. (now to come up with a group to support next year)

In other news, I finished a pair of socks for hubby last night. He's gone to work with them on his feet or I'd take a picture of them. After I finish the peacock shawl I have a another "big" project in mind - gonna knit a saddle pad cover for Katie.

Have a good one!!

Wednesday, August 6

Exhibition Week

Means I'm busy busy busy!!

Katie and her horse went in the parade last night with a Red Green theme - didn't go over as well as I hoped it would :( But I think she looked darn cute!! Will post pictures later.

She had all her 4-H light horse classes on Monday; had fun! Yesterday she had a halter class, and got 6th place in that. Today she rides in10 classes - busy day!!

Wednesday, July 30


Not me, I'm not gifted. (or at least not in a good way LOL)

My cousin, who is down from NB visiting has been telling me on past trips about this great craft shop that she goes to; things are extremely cheap. Like sock yarn for $2.00 a skein. Yeah, I didn't believe it either!
So ... today she came here for a short visit, then we went to the hospitals second hand store looking for treasures, then back to my Mom's (where she and her hubby are staying). And she gifted me with 3.5 skeins of this. Yup, discontinued Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, in color 202 - shades of blue. She now has instructions to buy me some whenever she sees sock yarn there, I'm not fussy about color.
(Picture shows the On Your Toes that I got for my b-day, and the yarn I got today)

This is a picture of our mare Dancer - we just sold her. She went to her new home on Thursday. In this picture her new Mom is on her back. I swear that the girls smile could not get any bigger - this was taken her first time on her back.

Oh, and Barbara, I'll be trying to post more, and that includes more pictures :)

This is a bouquet I picked from my gardens this morning ... first time doing this. It's all Neville's fault, him and his "pick your flowers, take them inside and enjoy them" on BT every second Weds finally got to me!

Monday, July 28

Shelburne County Exhibition

It's coming closer and closer.
It's a week earlier than last year, and I seem to be having no time to get ready! Of course, I do have a full year, and I do know that :)
Each year after exhibition week I say "Now I need to get started knitting for next year" ... and it never happens!! This year I have to make it happen.
I WILL have the Peacock Feather Shawl done to enter in competition next year.
I WILL have socks, mittens, slippers and other items knit to enter.
Have a good one!

oh, you people who are listed over there on my list of blogs I go to .. you need to post so I have some new reading material :)

Thursday, July 24

Things that make you go "hummm"

I'm having a "hummmm" moment.

All my life I've thought shingles were
A) the things on the roof, and
B) a form of chicken pox that old people got.

So, why does my son, who is 14, have them?? Doctor didn't give him any medications for the pain - the one that his little "book" told him to give DS is already on - it's one of his epilepsy meds. I thought that was kind of funny.

I've been working in the kitchen at our church's DVBS this week. I've knit 1.5 scarves so far.

I've also been working on the peacock feather shawl - I'm on row 124 or so of it. So far, so good. There's a few mistakes ... and if you see it and point those mistakes out to me, I'll stomp on your foot!!

Today we sold one of our horses. We delivered her to her new home in Yarmouth this morning. Then this afternoon I took Katie into the exhibition grounds so she could ride for a while. Then I was home for a bit, then took Troy to get groceries and to see the doctor. Now I'm just waiting for my sister to call and say she's ready to go make cotton candy.

It's Founder's Days here this weekend, and the fire dept. ladies aux. has a booth. We make the cotton candy up ahead of time and store it at the firehall. Makes it quicker and less messy on the waterfront.

Oh, if you happen to know what Barbara is working on, don't be mean and tease me!!

Thursday, July 17

A funny thing happened to me

while I was on the waterfront today.

We went to watch the first round of a Nova Scotia Town Criers Competition. Kinda neat! Before it all started there was a lady taking lots of pictures. And a CTV camera. (if you happen to see a lady with a peach top and a pony tail on CTV ... that's me, or a boy witha blue & yellow hat, or a girl with a blue/brown/teal/white shirt, or a little blond in a stroller)

Anyway ... the lady with the camera was pointing the camera behind me and down low. Thought maybe she was taking a picture of the town criers behind me, but no, no view of them; too low anyway, especially since the guy right there didn't have nice socks on. Humm ... look around while trying not to look around ... what is she taking a picture of?

Of all the things!! There were my monkey socks peering out over the top of my sneakers ... and that's what she got a shot of.

Wednesday, July 16

Good News!

Emily is going home on Saturday!!!

Friday, July 11

Happy Birthday to me

It's my birthday. The day that I dreaded so terribly last year. This one isn't so bad. Guess that's because I'm already in the 40's.

Katie made me a bracelet out of some beads. Very pretty.

Not sure what hubby is getting me. Says it won't be here for a week or so yet, and won't tell me what it is, or give me any hints. Meanie!!!

I'm off to a craft sale at the firehall in town for the next 3 days. My sister and I organized it for the Loyalist Landing 2008 group. 71 tables booked for tomorrow, a few less for today and Sunday. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Hope you have a good day!

Thursday, July 3

Birthday Presents

My friend Linda is home from Fredericton for a week, and brought me my birthday present just a little bit early. (b-day is next Friday, not dreading this one as much as last years!!)

She gave me a birthstone cherished teddy, and a copy of "The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann" by Nancy Nehring, and Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" by Martha Waterman.

Now I really need to get my peacock shawl done so I can play with things from these books!

She and I took my kids and went to Lockeport to walk the beach. Water was cold; but once you numbed your feet to it it was quite nice. Lovely morning to be on the beach. Took a bunch of pictures, but I don't know how to get them off the new camera, so that'll have to wait until hubby is home.

We went for a walk on the waterfront in town as well, another nice area to walk. Found a few pieces of beach glass. The museum is selling little beach glass inukshuks ... they are really sweet. Turns out my niece (who works at the museum) is an inukshuk maker :) Took pictures of some of them as well.

Knitterpuddlians, would you mind if one (or two) extra knitters showed up on July 9th? Just let me know where and when. My hubby is off that week ... I'll tell him it can my my b-day present from him to go :)


Monday, June 23

finished Mary Jane Booties

I just finished off the cutest little knit booties. The Mary Jane Booties I did them in some left over sock yarn in pink/red/white with black specks through it. Going to be taking them to Emily Faye on the weekend. (and if you're reading this and know my SIL, don't tell her we're coming!!)

We will be, in a few hours, the proud owners of a new-to-us 2005 Aveo. No more huge gas bills in the truck. Mind you, we are keeping the truck, still need to haul a horse trailer around. But we will be driving "Murray" more than the truck.

I'd show you a picture of the booties, but yesterday our camera had an accident. It decided to see if it liked swimming ... it didn't. Thankfully we have been thinking of getting a new camera, because this one wasn't acting quite right.

I just realized that Weds night is Katie's graduation, and we don't have a camera!!! YIKES!!

We're going to a friends house for supper tonight. Need to buy and cook a squash to take with us. I can handle that. She's cooking a turkey. YUM :)


Friday, June 20

Yarn Shop Closing

Just saw this on kijiji, and thought I'd share. Perhaps some of you other knitters out there will be able to get to it.

Baby Emily is doing great. She's drinking up to 12cc at a time now, and there is hope that she will be off the IV early next week.

Service for Baby Madison is next Friday. :(

Been knitting dishclothes, will try to get a picture of them one day soon.

Troy has no school, Katie only has school until 1:00. It's their field day. Tomorrow is our graduation party/marshmallow roast

Friday, June 13

Baby Emily Update

Just talked to my SIL, and Emily is doing much better.
They've been told that there is a 90% chance that Emily will be going home.
She's starting to drink expressed milk :)

Thursday, June 12

Sad News

Early yesterday morning my SIL had a c-section to deliver the twins.
Sadly one of the little girls (Madison) passed away shortly after that.
Emily is still hanging on, but not "out of the woods" yet.
Send prayers, supportive thoughts, etc.

Saturday, June 7

No WWKIP Day in Shelburne this year

I've been sick for the past 2 weeks with a head cold, and just haven't had the chance to get together with Jane to plan anything. Plus she has a film crew showing up at her place at 9am on the 14th to film a re-enactment of the Loyalist Landing. Just too much life happening.

But ... we have decided to have kick-butt event next year! Book your day off now Lexa!! :)
I'm thinking the kids and I might make a road trip to Liverpool that morning; hubby will be working.

On Ravelry I'm boobearns. So creative :) Or it could be Dorothy that shows up.

Katie and I spent 2.5 hours in town this morning trying to sell cotton candy for the 4-H club. Made a few bucks more. It's town wide yard sale day ... and boy is it ever busy in town!!

Still trying to re-size the garden pictures, perhaps later today?

Tuesday, June 3

kick in the butt

Thank you to Barbara for the kick in the butt to get posting again :)

I've been knitting dishcloths. Some will be a moving away gift for friends of ours. Not sure what else to get them ... I'm not very gift creative.

And we've been working on the yard and gardening. I have a huge garden (10X10') of tulips, pinks and purples. I'd share a picture of them, but everytime I try to edit it it goes all pixel-ly on me. Will have to ask hubby about that later.

Speaking of hubby. He and 3 friends went on a 6 day canoe trip down the Shelburne River. Inspired by The Tentdwellers book which is celebrating it's 100th anniversary. They had fun. But were tired when they got home. This is a picture that hubby took somewhere along the way.

Myself and another wife went to pick them up on Saturday, and got lost driving to Low Landing. Lots and lots of dirt roads, thought we might have to drive over a wooden bridge with no rails ... then we saw a little sign that said "Lake Rosignol" and we found the guys.

Back to the gardening stuff. I had a 4-H leaders meeting here last night, and almost every lady commented on our gardens :)

Had a call from the school phys ed teacher this morning. They are having a speed stacking competition at the school on Monday. Our daughter tried for the team, but didn't make it. :( But, this tournament is for grade 6 only (if I heard him correctly) and he was calling to see if she would be on the team. DUH!! That fell in the category of stupid question!

And, take a look at the puppet total.

Have a good one!!

Monday, May 5

Puppet Update

My MIL arrived today, and with her she brought my SIL with her baby belly :) Oh, and 700 finger puppets!!!

Hubby just pointed out that baby should probably be plural .... babies belly?? Nah. Baby belly. But, it's a double baby belly :) Maybe I'll sneak a picture of it tomorrow.

700 puppets people!!!!

Plus 100 that aren't faced yet! She's a crazy lady ... she makes little pompoms for each puppet. That means she has made 700 tiny tiny little pompoms!!!

Wednesday, April 16


Got the offical word yesterday.

Dan's sister is having girls !!

that's it for today.

Saturday, April 5


I want to make this sweater, but the thing is, I'd like to use a different pattern on the shoulder/arm. Thinking something like the pattern in the monkey socks might be nice. And, oh yes, the color will not be yellow!
But first I have to finish the sweater I'm knitting for Katie; have the back and front done, and have both sleeves on the needle now. Think I mis-measured and it might be a bit on the small side. We'll see.
Here's hoping I got all those links right!!

Wednesday, March 19


WWKIP Day - World Wide Knit In Public Day. Sorry for the confusion.

This is a video of Katie and myself with one of our horses, Dancer. She's the one we're hoping to sell. Anyone want to buy a horse??? :)

Been knitting on socks for myself. Finally got the thrummed mittens finished. Still have to call the lady and tell her they're finished though.

I'm making a pair of the monkey socks now; slight adaption to the pattern because I had to add more stitches to it. Hopefully it'll look OK when done. Thanks to Purly Whirly for letting me that those weren't cables, and weren't too hard to do :)

Been working in the school library all this week. Working on dishcloths there; took me two days to knit one. They'll be going in a "dishwashing stash basket" for a dutch auction here on the 28th. (6:30pm at the Lower Ohio Community Hall, in support of the Roseway River 4-H Club ... if you want to come)

Guess that's it for today.

Saturday, March 8


Does anyone know when the official date is? Going by past years I'm assuming it's the second Saturday in June; which makes it June 14th this year.

There is going to be a small event in Shelburne. Location and such will be announced later on. So far we know there will be tea, coffee and food. Hopefully some local knitters will come; there'll be 3 of us there for sure :) And some knitters from "afar" ... hey Knitterpuddlians - consider this your formal invitation!!

At the same time there will be specical displays set up at the museums about the Loyalists in Shelburne - it's our 225th anniversary. Lots of events planned throughout the year.

I updated the finger puppet count. And a delivery was made this past week. I didn't count them, just filled three bags full and sent them on their way. The daughter of a friend of mine was going in for some surgery on Thursday, so they offered to deliver them for me. Finger puppets, and 24 cast socks. :)

Have a good one!!

Friday, February 22

Snowing again

It's a pretty snowy evening out there. Both in the fact that it's snowing pretty hard, and that it looks pretty.

I finished the wool socks for my friend. And am now working on hubbys socks. And the thrummed mittens are there ... but not being touched right now. Not in the mood.

I worked 2.5 days in the school library today. This working all day stuff is exhausting!! Fun, but exhausting :)

Nothing much else to tell you, I lead such a boring life.

Oh!! Another thing I've been knitting a few of - cast socks. Not using this pattern, but made up my own. My friend Robyn has been knitting them, and I've done a few to help her out. Her daughter has to go to the IWK next month to have some leg surgery, she'll be in a cast from hip to toe when finished ... and will need some cast socks to keep her toes nice and toasty warm. Robyn is making some for her daughter (and I did a fuzzy pink and purple one for her), and soem to give to the IWK. She'll also be taking a delivery of puppets to them for me. Oh, I updated the puppet count.

Take Care!

Monday, February 18

I give in

I'll admit defeat.
I'm sick.
No more fighting it, I'll just accept it. UGH!
I've got about as much energy as a wet dish cloth.
And it's a cold, drab, rainy day. Double UGH.

On the knitting front, I've started to turn the heel on the second sock of the second pair of wool socks that were ordered. Will have the socks finished by Friday.

I've got the first mitten of the first of two pairs that were ordered started, just about ready to start decreasing for the fingertips ... and my desire to work on them has died. After the socks are done I'll work on them.

Marti - forgot to leave you a comment ... I think a little girls lopi style sweater would be nice with your yarn. About a size 18-24 months. Yup, you can knit it, then I'll come find you and take it to give to my niece :) (just kidding ... I'd take Hank before I took a sweater!)

Have a good day!

Monday, February 11

Snow Day

It's a snow day here. It's a snow day in Nova Scotia. It's a day to sit and knit. (yup, I dream!!)

Valentine's Day is coming. Have you bought or made something special for your sweetheart yet? My hubby is getting a sock and half. And, if I'm energetic, he'll also get a new toe on a pair of socks he already has. He already bought me my present - new leather gloves for working with the horses. Mine aren't quite like the ones pictures, but close to that. We're such a romantic couple :)

Nothing else to say. Updated the puppet count.

Have a good one!

Monday, February 4

Spoil Sports!

Jennier and Donna ... couldn't you just let me have some fun and wish for a bit longer??? I know they'll be the same ... but I'm allowed to wish, aren't I?? :) There is a set of identical twin boys in our church, known them since they were babies; they're 10 now (I think), and I still can't tell them apart. How the heck am I suppose to tell "my twins" apart when I'll only see them once in a blue moon??

Marti, the puppets we donate to the IWK in Halifax. They give them to kids when they get bloodwork done, have needles, are scared, just about anytime that a child might need some comforting. They go through about 3000 a month (if I remember correctly). I'm not sure if the hospitals in Liverpool or Bridgewater use puppets or not - I never go there, so don't get to ask. Whenever I take our son down to the IWK for an appt I always take a delivery of puppets with me. My Mom and myself, and some other friends all knit them. Mom and I give ours to my sister, and she finishes them up for us, because she's not crazy about knitting them. So, if you'd like to knit some, we'd be happy to have you do that. You can get them to the IWK yourself (they can be dropped off at the desk in the entry way if you want ... be sure to include your name and address so they can send you a thank you note). Or you can get them to me somehow. Just leave me a comment with the number that you've knit, so I can add it to my total. Anymore questions, feel free to ask.

Jennifer - guess what! No more sewing up ... at least not mine or Grannies. We've been converted to 4 needle puppet knitting. Just one little knot to do at the top, and then a face to put on. But I'm sure if you really want some to sew up I can knit some flat ones for you :)

I'm thinking that once I get some things finished that are in my knitting pile I want to do two of these for the twins.

That's it for today. Spoilsports!

Saturday, February 2

Happy Ground Hog Day

It's overcast, so no shadow ... so what does that mean???

It's certainly a windy day. Or as Pooh would say "blustery". Strong winds, thankfully no rain with them!

Nothing exciting going on here.

I'm working on wool socks that a friend ordered. And finger puppets. Up to 668 so far! That's with just 3 or 4 of us knitting. Imagine if we had more knitters??? Wanna knit some finger puppets??

We've learned that the twins are going to be identical. Can't wait to find out if it's nieces, nephews or one of each :)

Friday, January 25


I went fabric shopping yesterday. Going to make some shirts for Katie to wear in her Western Riding classes this summer.

I've attached a picture of what I got. The pink was supposed to be the collar and cuffs of the purple with pink and gold fabric, but when I got it home and washed, I don't care for it as much as I did in the store. Think I might use the purple as collar and cuffs on both ... unless I get to another fabric store. What do you think? Is the pink too pink for that fabric?
The pink paisley in the background is a cheater quilter scrap I picked up at Frenchy's - thought some of the fabric in it might be usable for accents.
Still shaking my head and smiling over the twins.

Thursday, January 24

I'm so excited

Hubby's sister called last night to tell us that she and her hubby are having a baby in July. YIPPEE!!!

She emailed today to tell us that they are having two babies in July (if not ealier, you know how twins can be).

Now, what should I put on my knitting wish list for twins? Hopefully she'll find out in March what they are, and will let us know. Any suggestions anyone? I like simple knits, I have knitter ADD and lose interest quickly. (that's why you never see a sweater in my blog... I don't do them)


Tuesday, January 15

RIP Boys In Red

The tragic accident in Bathurst on the weekend has been on my hubbys mind. He graduated from BHS. He knew lady who was killed. One of his cousins was the first officer on the scene.
Tomorrow the kids and staff at the local schools are encouraged to wear red and black to school; he dug out his high school jacket, and DS will be wearing it to school for the day.

My friend, Jane (also my sock knitting student) has agreed to have the WWKIP day event at her house, on her lovely lawn ... and she hopes her flowers will be blooming. Now to confirm when the date is, then planning can start.

Yesterday when Jane and her daughter came for their lesson they brought me presents :) A skein of the Austerman Step yarn, and a set of bamboo needles. I'm such a lucky lady!! Oh, and some wool for thrumms.

Today I went to Memory Lane in Liverpool and picked up a "muffin" of roving for thrummed mittens, and a skein of wool to do a pair of mittens for me. Still haven't met Lexa there. We made a flying trip; there and back in 2 hours!! Had no time for looking around, I had to be back for my volunteer library duty ... which it's a good thing I was back for, because the other volunteer couldn't come.

While in the Library I got an order for 2 pair of wool socks. Now to figure out a price. Anyone knit socks to sell? What do you charge??

Have a good one!

Edited to add a picture of the four pairs of thrummed mittens. The grey one on top is thrummed with combed wool, the blue one on the bottom is thrummed with roving. I prefer the roving.

Saturday, January 12


I'm thinking that the date for this in 2008 will be June 14, the second Saturday in June. Anyone know if that is correct?
2008 is Shelburne's "big year" and I'm thinking that a knit-in on the waterfront might be fun to have this year. I'll have to see if I can get the use of Guild Hall for the day (scroll down for the picture). If not, there's always that nice little park by the tourist bureau, or I've got a friend who lives on the other side of the tourist bureau, and I'm sure she'd let us use her lawn ... which is soo nice.
Anyway, when I find out the correct date I'll look into booking a place. If you are reading this blog, and are with-in driving distance of Shelburne, please watch for plans ... and book the day off work.
In an ideal world I'd be able to get yarn and such donated for give-aways, but we'll probably have to settle for tea, coffee, cold drinks and food :)
In other news, I'm still working on thrummed mittens. Have knit 3 pair so far, one more pair to go for the order. Have also knit a pair of fingerless mittens for my niece, and a pair for my daughter, six finger puppets, the leg of a sock for me, and part of the leg of a sock for hubby. Wonder if I have some form of knitters ADD??
Tuesday (weather permitting) I'm heading to Liverpool to pick up a muffin of roving to use for thrummed mittens. Was hoping to go yesterday, but the truck had to go in for its safety inspection (got off cheap this year!!). Missed meeting Lexa - but my brother may have met her, he was apparently going there yesterday.
Have a good one!

Monday, January 7

yarn on kijiji

While looking around the local Kijiji site this morning I saw an ad for yarn for sale. Discovered a new yarn shop in Nova Scotia :) Basket of Yarn
And hubby tells me he just saw an ad on BT for someone who makes buffalo yarn.
Have a good day!
Oh yes, you ladies who had the road trip on Saturday - I'm jealous! But I hope you had lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 2


Here we go, a new year :) What's it going to bring for us?? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell the future and find out in advance?

One thing I'd like to see in 2008 is the IWK flooded with finger puppets. See my little blurb over on the side there?? Let's get that number up really high.

I've been working at trying to get things a little bit organized around here. Not sure if it's working or not. Trying to set up some sort of a control journal. Check out the FlyLady site for info on that.


Just found out that I am going to be teaching a lady that we know, and her daughter, how to knit. They have yarn for socks and mittens and various projects. Not sure what they have, but they shopped at The Tangled Skein. I'm sure I'll be drooling :) Never thought to ask if they know how to do the basic stitches or not ... will prepare to teach them incase they don't. I'm looking forward to this :)