Friday, February 22

Snowing again

It's a pretty snowy evening out there. Both in the fact that it's snowing pretty hard, and that it looks pretty.

I finished the wool socks for my friend. And am now working on hubbys socks. And the thrummed mittens are there ... but not being touched right now. Not in the mood.

I worked 2.5 days in the school library today. This working all day stuff is exhausting!! Fun, but exhausting :)

Nothing much else to tell you, I lead such a boring life.

Oh!! Another thing I've been knitting a few of - cast socks. Not using this pattern, but made up my own. My friend Robyn has been knitting them, and I've done a few to help her out. Her daughter has to go to the IWK next month to have some leg surgery, she'll be in a cast from hip to toe when finished ... and will need some cast socks to keep her toes nice and toasty warm. Robyn is making some for her daughter (and I did a fuzzy pink and purple one for her), and soem to give to the IWK. She'll also be taking a delivery of puppets to them for me. Oh, I updated the puppet count.

Take Care!


lexa said...

I am at work tonight, and since it's snowing the parking lot is empty. I've had one person in and only rang in $6. Friday nights aren't worth being open at all, especially in the winter time. It's never busy.

Mary Anne said...

983 puppets! They must be multiplying while you are sleeping ^.^ Way to go!

Amanda said...

I am loving the monkey socks pattern! It's actually not cables at all, but kind of looks like it. It looks a bit different when its stretched out. You should give it a try sometime! I can't believe you have made so many puppets, you must have a lot of patience!