Saturday, February 2

Happy Ground Hog Day

It's overcast, so no shadow ... so what does that mean???

It's certainly a windy day. Or as Pooh would say "blustery". Strong winds, thankfully no rain with them!

Nothing exciting going on here.

I'm working on wool socks that a friend ordered. And finger puppets. Up to 668 so far! That's with just 3 or 4 of us knitting. Imagine if we had more knitters??? Wanna knit some finger puppets??

We've learned that the twins are going to be identical. Can't wait to find out if it's nieces, nephews or one of each :)


Jennifer said...

Happy Groundhog Day! I think no shadow is supposed to mean an early spring. And it sure is blustery outside.

Nope, but I will probably sew up and face some in a couple weeks.

If they're identical wouldn't it be kind of hard to have one of each?

lexa said...

Identical twins! Yay!

Marti said...

What are the finger puppet for? I could be talked into knitting a couple.

Mary Anne said...

You've been a busy girl with your finger puppets and wool socks!

Donna said...

Great going with the finger puppets.
Chances are your identical twins will be the same sex! :>)