Wednesday, October 18

more pictures of cute :)

OK, so these pictures are from the Ladies Aux. baby shower on Monday night. We have a bag that I just know big sister Jennifer is going to love :) And then we have Mary in my gift to her. (in the stocking was a little pair of Christmas socks for her to wear, from cousin Troy) A Halloween outfit that someone gave to her, and ME enjoying the party.

She got passed around to every person that was at the party, and didn't fuss a single time. Could show you lots more pictures, but who wants to see that many pictures of her being held by strangers??

I'm working at knitting pocketbook slippers; want to have a basket of slippers in the entryway for people to put on when they come to visit - if they want to. Have two pairs done so far.

Have to come up with something to make for SIL and her hubby for Christmas. MIL says she may be here Rememberance Day weekend, and it would be nice to have the gifts done to send back with her. Can I be that organized?? I'm not sure! I was going to do them a cross stitch with an eagle on it, but that didn't happen.

It's a rainy day here, and the kids don't have school today. Professional Development day for staff. Perhaps us lunchtime supervisors should start saying we want in on these days too - then we wouldn't be home with our kids :)

Jennifer, do you think the stocking is big enough?

Friday, October 13

a picture of cute

Here you go, a picture of cuteness :) My niece Mary Elizabeth and her buddy Pooh. Pooh was bought for her by her big sister. ME turns 2 weeks old tomorrow - time is flying fast! Since blogger is being nice and letting me put pictures in, I decided to add a second one of ME; her big sister is a Blue Jays fan.

This morning she went to the firehall with her Mom and I and learned how to make enough gravy to float the navy :) We made 5 big tupperware bowls full of the stuff; it's for a catering job that the ladies aux. is doing tomorrow evening. She was a bit fussy, but a clean bottom fixed that. Then we went to the elementary school to show her off a little bit - teachers had been asking to see her. Then we went to Frenchy's (used clothing shop) and got her a little green polar fleece sweater.

I knit her something for a baby shower on Monday evening; but can't post a picture of it, because I don't want my sister to somehow see it before then. I'll post a picture afterwards.

Not a whole lot going on here. Been very tired lately, and not feeling like doing much.

Have a good one!

Thursday, October 12

I'm still here

Just don't have anything exciting to tell you about.

Stay tuned, maybe I'll come up with something in the next few days??

Sunday, October 1

It's a girl!!!

My sister had her baby yesterday afternoon. An 8lb 4oz little girl. They named her Mary Elizabeth.

Spent the day yesterday helping out at a flea market the animal shelter had - made quite a bit of money for them. But what a loonnggg day it was! Got home for about 15 minutes, then had to go to the fire hall to help with a catering job there. I was so worn out that I came home at 8 (left before the kitchen clean up)

I did get two big bags of yarn, one has a partially finished sweater in it. Haven't had a chance yet to go through them, will do that sometime today.

Did think of going to see my new niece today, but since I'm still fighting a cold, and Katie has come down with it today, I think we'll avoid the hospital.

Have a good one!