Wednesday, August 19

Things that make you go "huh??"

I'm sure that if our neighbour was to look at my clothesline right now she'd swear I was crazy!
I'll have to post the picture later, cause I'm not sure how to get it off the camera - but I have a washed sheep fleece hung on the line to dry. Looks pretty funny!
The guy I got it from had a llama fleece for sale, not sure if he still has it or not. If you'd like to find out, let me know, and I'll give you his name and number.

My peacock feather shawl got first place in our local exhibition, in the category of "any other article, knit". I was hoping it would get best knit article in the show, but an afghan got it. :(

I had some other knitting entered as well, as did Katie. I must get pictures of stuff!!