Tuesday, January 31

Playing around

Ever get an idea in your head ... and it just won't leave?
That happened to me yesterday. But then it spread to hubby. OH DEAR!!!

I was telling him about square knitting needles. Showed him some pictures. Looked at a youtube video about turning 2.75mm knitting needles (hoping that would encourage him to turn me some needles ... it didn't)

Then we went to the basement (where his workshop is). About an hour later I had a set of 3mm square double ended needles. Have about 2" of a sock knit on them already.

We also made some 3.75mm ones; going to get some knitting friends to test them for me; give me their opinion on them.

Have pictures, they are on the camera ... hope to get them off tonight.

Sunday, January 29

And the winner is ....

Barbara. :)

Only two entries. So I took a pair of dice and rolled them. Barbara was evens and Lexa was odds. I rolled snake eyes (maybe I should take up a career as a craps player???). So, total of two dice was 2 ... an even number ... so Barbara won.

Your pattern will be gifted to you by Joy (the designer) since the coupon code refuses to work for me.

Happy Knitting!

In my knitting front, I have made a Barbie poncho and a Barbie skirt ... that's it. Knitting mojo is hibernating :(

Actually, I hurt my pinky a couple of weeks ago, and after knitting for any length of time it hurts. Haven't been able to start the test knit of the vest I was supposed to be doing. Can't do chunky yarn yet.

Wednesday, January 25

A Contest :)

An easy one to enter as well :)

Go to this Ravelry Store and pick out your favorite pattern.
Leave me a comment with the name of which one you would like to have "gifted" to you on Ravelry.
On Sunday I'll do a random draw to choose a winner, and will gift the pattern that evening.
Easy Peasy :)

Friday, January 20

Special Olympics Scarf

Next month Alberta will be hosting some very special people ... the Special Olympics are happening there.

A call went out for people to knit scarves to be handed out to the Canadian Athletes. The colors were white and light blue, with a splash of red thrown in.

I wasn't going to do any, because it would involve mailing them to somehwere; and we all know how horribly expensive it is to mail stuff with-in Canada.

Then one day at knitting group one of the ladies mentioned that her grandson was going to compete in the games. This lady is recovering from a stroke, and is not afraid of trying new stuff. She has been working on socks, hats, a curtain for her window, and mittens. She is such an encouragement. If she makes a mistake, she takes it out and re-starts. So, an idea was born. I said I would knit him a scarf. Then another lady offered to knit him a pair of mittens. (she's doing a pair for him mom as well) She was so happy we would do this for him. Heck, of course we would - he's an awesome boy!!

Andrews Scarf

Friday, January 13

Happy New Year!! (picture added)

They say in a new year you should set goals and make resolutions. So, I'm trying.

I'm going to an exercise class on Monday nights, and as long as Friday night classes remain free I'll go to them as well. I plan to start walking more.

I also decided that this was the year to do some "test knitting" for people. I've done the Sylvan Cowl, it's bocking now, and pictures will be posted here and on my Ravelry project page ... hopefully later today.

I'm working on a pair of fingerless mitts as another test knit. But can't share pictures of that. Going to be published in a book, so details are secret.

And I'm on a holding pattern right now for test knitting a vest.

All this on top of my regular knitting.

Must get Katie busy with the camera!!