Sunday, January 29

And the winner is ....

Barbara. :)

Only two entries. So I took a pair of dice and rolled them. Barbara was evens and Lexa was odds. I rolled snake eyes (maybe I should take up a career as a craps player???). So, total of two dice was 2 ... an even number ... so Barbara won.

Your pattern will be gifted to you by Joy (the designer) since the coupon code refuses to work for me.

Happy Knitting!

In my knitting front, I have made a Barbie poncho and a Barbie skirt ... that's it. Knitting mojo is hibernating :(

Actually, I hurt my pinky a couple of weeks ago, and after knitting for any length of time it hurts. Haven't been able to start the test knit of the vest I was supposed to be doing. Can't do chunky yarn yet.


Mary Anne said...

Wouldn't you know it, I just look away for a moment and you have a contest! That'll teach me :) Congrats to the winner!

I can empathize with the sore paw. I injured my hand a few months ago and can barely hold my knitting needles; I can wield a crochet hook though. I hope your hand heals quickly, Dorothy!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thank you Dorothy!! I can't wait to start knitting it!
Not being able to knit?? How very tragic! Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Thank you again. It's a lovely pattern.

lexa said...

Poo! Oh, well. Congrats, Barbara! :)