Friday, January 20

Special Olympics Scarf

Next month Alberta will be hosting some very special people ... the Special Olympics are happening there.

A call went out for people to knit scarves to be handed out to the Canadian Athletes. The colors were white and light blue, with a splash of red thrown in.

I wasn't going to do any, because it would involve mailing them to somehwere; and we all know how horribly expensive it is to mail stuff with-in Canada.

Then one day at knitting group one of the ladies mentioned that her grandson was going to compete in the games. This lady is recovering from a stroke, and is not afraid of trying new stuff. She has been working on socks, hats, a curtain for her window, and mittens. She is such an encouragement. If she makes a mistake, she takes it out and re-starts. So, an idea was born. I said I would knit him a scarf. Then another lady offered to knit him a pair of mittens. (she's doing a pair for him mom as well) She was so happy we would do this for him. Heck, of course we would - he's an awesome boy!!

Andrews Scarf

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