Wednesday, December 28


It's over!!

The tree is down, the "mess" is cleaned up, the presents are put away. Time to relax and not have a tree in my way.

Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. But that tree was just taking up too much space in our living room!

The tree is now being eaten by the ponies. I kid you not!

I'm working on the second pair of socks for my brother. He liked the first pair, and they fit just right. Wish I had remembered to measure them :) I think I have to knit a pair for his BIL for Christmas next year - his wife asked me how much they would be. When I get his done I'll be knitting a pair of socks for ME! With some yarn that I was given for Christmas; Rodeo colorway, can't think of the brand name right now.

I got a new mixer for Christmas. Hubby asked me not to break this one within 6 months. I'm hard on mixers. I think you should be able to blend soft margarine and sugar together with one - am I wrong for thinking that?? And one that I broke it wasn't really me, it was our son, because he dropped it. It just happened to be discovered to be broken while I was holding it. And the last one was second hand when I got it - so it was closer to dying than a new one would have been! Yup, I killed 3 mixers in the last year.

I'm kinda tired and cranky today. Hubby has a cold, and he's been coughing at night. It keeps me awake. So it's all his fault.

I think all the knit Christmas gifts I gave were well received. No one has complained about them anyway. Of course, I haven't heard a thing from my SIL, so maybe she and her hubby didn't like their scarves??


Wednesday, December 21

Dec 21

Not many more days to go till THE BIG DAY!

Katie had a friend over last night; they were up till about 10:30 ish; then up again about 7:30. I think I'll have a tired, cranky girl on my hands tonight. Yippy, just what I needed.

My hand is still feeling naked, but I'm starting to get a little bit used to it. sniff sniff

Last night I finished off my brothers socks! There was a little bit of happy dancin' going on at 11 last night.

That's it, my Christmas knitting is done. Can't be true. Must be something I have to work on. Gotta be! I could finish off the pair of socks that were too small and give them to hubby I suppose. He'd like that.

I was going to knit a bucket hat for my niece, but gave her a scarf out of my stash instead. Katie does want a pair of thrummed mittens. And she wants a bucket hat - not that she would take off her pony club hat to wear it.

So, today is the first day of the kids Christmas vacation. What am I supposed to do with them?? Thankfully the weather appears like it might be halfways decent, so they can go outside and play. Hopefully!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 19

I'm bummed

For our second Christmas Dan got me a ruby ring.
Ruby is my birthstone.
I saw the ring, fell in love, and he bought it for me.
Today I lost the ruby out of the ring.
I'm so upset.
My hand feels naked.

Friday, December 16

Less than 10 days to go

And I have about .5" and then the toe to go on the first sock of a pair. I'll get them done, I know I will. I hope :)

Today I'm going to my sisters and then we are taking our Mom to do her shopping.

Our local grocery store has a contest for kids 12 and under. They have a blue lobster. The kids get to name the lobster. The name that is chosen wins a $10 gift certificate to a video rental store. Katie would rather have the lobster to eat. That's my girl!!! Katie put in Buster the Blue.

Stitches are starting to itch; is that a good sign?? I hope so!

Tomorrow morning I have to be at the grocery store for 9:00. The local ambulance and police folks are doing a food drive for the food bank - their goal is to fill a vehicle with donations. I'm the food bank rep there for the first hour. Today one of the real estate agents in town is going to match any donations that come into their office. I'm proud of our town and how they support our local food bank.

Thursday, December 15


so much for that posting roll I was on. I tried, I really did. Well, sort of :)

I'm working on a pair of socks for my brother for Christmas. Had one pair 3/4 done, when I discovered that they are going to be way too small for him. So had to start over again from the very beginning. Now I have the first sock about 3/4 done. Should have the pair done for Christmas - although I did want to do him 2 pair. I'll put in a note that tells him the second pair will come after I see how the first pair fits. Yeah .. that was my plan all along. Wasn't it??

The socks that are too small for him will be finished after Christmas and given to my hubby. They fit him perfectly. Figures.

Christmas is coming much too quickly for my liking. But, there's nothing I can do to stop the progress of time, right?

I have to seam up a pair of slippers for Troy to take to school for his good friend there. She takes care of him when they are in class; makes sure he has what he needs. Outside she makes sure he has someone to play with, and will come and get me if he needs me. She's a good friend for him to have. I was working on some green/white/yellow variegated socks on rainy days at the school, and she was interested in them - so she'll get a pair. Today was an inside day (it was too cold to be outside playing) and she looked for Troy to get him to go and play with her in their classroom. Thank God for girls like her!!

I also have to get two gifts ready for the names that each kid drew in their class. $5 gifts for boys. No idea what to get them! I'm sure I'll find something tonight when I go out shopping. PLEASE!!

Monday night we have a school concert to go to. It was supposed to be this past Tuesday night, but it got postponed because of snow. Tuesday is the kids last day of school. Then it's just 5 days till Christmas.

The 22nd I have to go to Bridgewater for a check-up on my leg. A chance to do some last minute shopping - if I'm brave enough to tackle the stores with two kids in tow.

Oh yes, my leg. On Friday I had my varicose veins stripped. Got storm stayed in Bridgewater over night. Spent the night at a friends house; which was beautifully decorated for Christmas. We stayed at my friend Elizabeths MIL's house.

Guess that's it for now.