Wednesday, December 28


It's over!!

The tree is down, the "mess" is cleaned up, the presents are put away. Time to relax and not have a tree in my way.

Don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. But that tree was just taking up too much space in our living room!

The tree is now being eaten by the ponies. I kid you not!

I'm working on the second pair of socks for my brother. He liked the first pair, and they fit just right. Wish I had remembered to measure them :) I think I have to knit a pair for his BIL for Christmas next year - his wife asked me how much they would be. When I get his done I'll be knitting a pair of socks for ME! With some yarn that I was given for Christmas; Rodeo colorway, can't think of the brand name right now.

I got a new mixer for Christmas. Hubby asked me not to break this one within 6 months. I'm hard on mixers. I think you should be able to blend soft margarine and sugar together with one - am I wrong for thinking that?? And one that I broke it wasn't really me, it was our son, because he dropped it. It just happened to be discovered to be broken while I was holding it. And the last one was second hand when I got it - so it was closer to dying than a new one would have been! Yup, I killed 3 mixers in the last year.

I'm kinda tired and cranky today. Hubby has a cold, and he's been coughing at night. It keeps me awake. So it's all his fault.

I think all the knit Christmas gifts I gave were well received. No one has complained about them anyway. Of course, I haven't heard a thing from my SIL, so maybe she and her hubby didn't like their scarves??


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Mary Anne said...


I think it's so cool that your ponies eat the tree. Talk about recycling :)

We still have our tree up. It stays there until the first week of January. Did I tell you I can't let go of Christmas??

I hope your new mixer lasts a little longer and you make some yummy goodies with it.