Monday, September 20

Sept 20th

Three months and 5 days and it'll be Christmas!! OH my!! Where has the year gone?? I do have a couple of presents done - including one knit one.

Been sick this weekend - sore throat, no energy, no voice. Feeling a bit better today though.

Cast on a sock for hubby Sat night, finished it last night. But, before I cast on the second one I cast on a pumpkin hat for a friend. That means I have three projects on the go (also have a shawl on the go) Will have to take pictures of all these things to share.

My kids don't have school today, but the elementary kids do have school, so I have to go to work. Thursday I'm in Lockeport for the day :)

Heading to the "Nu-2-U" this evening, it's my night to go down there and put out new items for people to buy. That's the hopsitals second hand shop. Not as big as Frenchy's ... but much better prices :) We usually have fun there when we work.

Have a good one!

Friday, September 17

Barbara asked for an update

but I think it was only because she has updated her blog ... after a long break from it :)

47 days to Toronto, think those are the right numbers. Looking forward to it. Hersheys store at Niagara Falls :)

Been working on a shawl for a friend for Christmas. Knit a pair of socks, have a hat on the go. Have 2 hats to knit, but don't have the colors of yarn that I need for them.

Been doing some "canning". Have made pickled beets, gluten free mustard pickles and salsa sauce. This weekend I'm making spaghetti sauce, and maybe more salsa sauce (if I have enouth tomatoes) The urge has hit ... kinda scarey! Perhaps I should think about making some jam next year?

Two more weekends to 4-H Pro-Show. Looking forward to that. Hope to meet some new friends there. Have a RAK to deliver :) OH yes, I have knit a .... fooled ya ... not going to tell you what it is Barbara!!