Friday, January 25


I went fabric shopping yesterday. Going to make some shirts for Katie to wear in her Western Riding classes this summer.

I've attached a picture of what I got. The pink was supposed to be the collar and cuffs of the purple with pink and gold fabric, but when I got it home and washed, I don't care for it as much as I did in the store. Think I might use the purple as collar and cuffs on both ... unless I get to another fabric store. What do you think? Is the pink too pink for that fabric?
The pink paisley in the background is a cheater quilter scrap I picked up at Frenchy's - thought some of the fabric in it might be usable for accents.
Still shaking my head and smiling over the twins.

Thursday, January 24

I'm so excited

Hubby's sister called last night to tell us that she and her hubby are having a baby in July. YIPPEE!!!

She emailed today to tell us that they are having two babies in July (if not ealier, you know how twins can be).

Now, what should I put on my knitting wish list for twins? Hopefully she'll find out in March what they are, and will let us know. Any suggestions anyone? I like simple knits, I have knitter ADD and lose interest quickly. (that's why you never see a sweater in my blog... I don't do them)


Tuesday, January 15

RIP Boys In Red

The tragic accident in Bathurst on the weekend has been on my hubbys mind. He graduated from BHS. He knew lady who was killed. One of his cousins was the first officer on the scene.
Tomorrow the kids and staff at the local schools are encouraged to wear red and black to school; he dug out his high school jacket, and DS will be wearing it to school for the day.

My friend, Jane (also my sock knitting student) has agreed to have the WWKIP day event at her house, on her lovely lawn ... and she hopes her flowers will be blooming. Now to confirm when the date is, then planning can start.

Yesterday when Jane and her daughter came for their lesson they brought me presents :) A skein of the Austerman Step yarn, and a set of bamboo needles. I'm such a lucky lady!! Oh, and some wool for thrumms.

Today I went to Memory Lane in Liverpool and picked up a "muffin" of roving for thrummed mittens, and a skein of wool to do a pair of mittens for me. Still haven't met Lexa there. We made a flying trip; there and back in 2 hours!! Had no time for looking around, I had to be back for my volunteer library duty ... which it's a good thing I was back for, because the other volunteer couldn't come.

While in the Library I got an order for 2 pair of wool socks. Now to figure out a price. Anyone knit socks to sell? What do you charge??

Have a good one!

Edited to add a picture of the four pairs of thrummed mittens. The grey one on top is thrummed with combed wool, the blue one on the bottom is thrummed with roving. I prefer the roving.

Saturday, January 12


I'm thinking that the date for this in 2008 will be June 14, the second Saturday in June. Anyone know if that is correct?
2008 is Shelburne's "big year" and I'm thinking that a knit-in on the waterfront might be fun to have this year. I'll have to see if I can get the use of Guild Hall for the day (scroll down for the picture). If not, there's always that nice little park by the tourist bureau, or I've got a friend who lives on the other side of the tourist bureau, and I'm sure she'd let us use her lawn ... which is soo nice.
Anyway, when I find out the correct date I'll look into booking a place. If you are reading this blog, and are with-in driving distance of Shelburne, please watch for plans ... and book the day off work.
In an ideal world I'd be able to get yarn and such donated for give-aways, but we'll probably have to settle for tea, coffee, cold drinks and food :)
In other news, I'm still working on thrummed mittens. Have knit 3 pair so far, one more pair to go for the order. Have also knit a pair of fingerless mittens for my niece, and a pair for my daughter, six finger puppets, the leg of a sock for me, and part of the leg of a sock for hubby. Wonder if I have some form of knitters ADD??
Tuesday (weather permitting) I'm heading to Liverpool to pick up a muffin of roving to use for thrummed mittens. Was hoping to go yesterday, but the truck had to go in for its safety inspection (got off cheap this year!!). Missed meeting Lexa - but my brother may have met her, he was apparently going there yesterday.
Have a good one!

Monday, January 7

yarn on kijiji

While looking around the local Kijiji site this morning I saw an ad for yarn for sale. Discovered a new yarn shop in Nova Scotia :) Basket of Yarn
And hubby tells me he just saw an ad on BT for someone who makes buffalo yarn.
Have a good day!
Oh yes, you ladies who had the road trip on Saturday - I'm jealous! But I hope you had lots of fun!

Wednesday, January 2


Here we go, a new year :) What's it going to bring for us?? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell the future and find out in advance?

One thing I'd like to see in 2008 is the IWK flooded with finger puppets. See my little blurb over on the side there?? Let's get that number up really high.

I've been working at trying to get things a little bit organized around here. Not sure if it's working or not. Trying to set up some sort of a control journal. Check out the FlyLady site for info on that.


Just found out that I am going to be teaching a lady that we know, and her daughter, how to knit. They have yarn for socks and mittens and various projects. Not sure what they have, but they shopped at The Tangled Skein. I'm sure I'll be drooling :) Never thought to ask if they know how to do the basic stitches or not ... will prepare to teach them incase they don't. I'm looking forward to this :)