Wednesday, January 2


Here we go, a new year :) What's it going to bring for us?? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to tell the future and find out in advance?

One thing I'd like to see in 2008 is the IWK flooded with finger puppets. See my little blurb over on the side there?? Let's get that number up really high.

I've been working at trying to get things a little bit organized around here. Not sure if it's working or not. Trying to set up some sort of a control journal. Check out the FlyLady site for info on that.


Just found out that I am going to be teaching a lady that we know, and her daughter, how to knit. They have yarn for socks and mittens and various projects. Not sure what they have, but they shopped at The Tangled Skein. I'm sure I'll be drooling :) Never thought to ask if they know how to do the basic stitches or not ... will prepare to teach them incase they don't. I'm looking forward to this :)


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Happy New Year Dorothy!
We're going to have to figure out a way to get all that arylic yarn to you. Especially since you have a good cause in mind for it! Long live good causes!!

lexa said...

Happy New Year!

We do have the roving. Right now I think we only have one country blue and one olive. There's a lady who called and ordered five or so, so I am hoping the boss lady will order the rest that I wrote down to order for stock, too. I'll let you know, I should see her tomorrow at work. It is $8.95 a package.

Mary Anne said...

Happy New Year, Dorothy!

lexa said...

I set aside a country blue, but I ordered from B&L yesterday, so it should be here by Tuesday. They're super fast. I will exchange it for a white one for you when it comes in.