Tuesday, May 30

She went to school !!

Yup, I'm happy about that!

It's so nice to be able to do what I want, without someone following me around and asking a whole bunch of questions. I can watch what I want without anyone complaining about what I'm watching.

My Mom's neighbours dog has cancer. They are putting him on medication to see what that will do for him. I think Mom is more upset than her neighbour is.

I'm still not feeling up to par. I think I've got a head cold. I don't want a head cold. I'll take some medicine for it, and get on with my day.

Finished off a pair of socks for me yesterday. Koigu yarn, bright variegated colors for the main sock with purple heels and toes. Not really happy with the fit of them. So I may give them to my Mom, since I told her I'd knit her a pair for Mother's Day. Then I'll do a reverse color pair for me, with less stitches on the needles. I was smart when I bought the yarn, and bought enough for two pairs; just reversing the colors on each pair.

I go for a massage this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to that! It's going to feel sooo good. Must remember to remind hubby that they have to walk down for piano lessons this afternoon.

Edited to add - must tell you about my massages. They are not the "feel good, make you want to relax and fall to sleep" kind of massage. It's more of a "work the knots out of the muscles, make them hurt so that they feel better" kind of massage. When the chiropractor suggested I go for a massage he said "Go see Anne, tell her I said to be rough" - does that tell you anything? I get major knots in my muscles. Right now my neck is so tight is hurts to move it; it'll feel much much better at 4 this afternoon. Only thing that could make it feel better than a massage is the chiropractor cracking it. She also works my lower back, where I have a pinched nerve that makes my leg hurt. The first time she worked it I could tell that it was working because the sensation in my leg changed - that felt weird. She did my feet once; which was brave of me, because I have very ticklish feet. Didn't tickle at all :) But it sure felt good. And it amazed me that when she rubbed certain areas on my feet, I could feel sensations on other parts of my body. So, I go to be tortured this afternoon - and I'm looking forward to it :)

Have a good day!

Monday, May 29

Sick Kid

I've got a sick kid. Anyone want her??? She started with a cold Weds night. Yesterday she felt pretty good. Today she has a fever of 101.4. This is the third day of school that she has missed.

I spent all day yesterday either in bed or lying on the sofa. Had a killer of a migraine. Well, at least I think it was a migraine. Finally went away last night. My throat is sore today; here's hoping it doesn't get any worse than it is right now!

Of course, her being sick, and me not 100% means that we don't go for riding lessons tonight. If our instructor can't re-schedule us it'll be a month before our next lesson. :(

I tried to do some knitting yesterday; hoping to finish off a pair of socks for me, but the head and fingers just didn't want to co-operate.

We have 1100 puppets done now. I don't knit them all. My Mom and I knit most of them, my sister knits some. Now that my niece is home from Acadia she does the sewing up and putting the faces on them. My Mom knits most of them right now; little things are easier on her hands for her to work on. I have them all in my bedroom closet right now; 11 strands of 100 puppets - they make some funny looking scarves :) Our next delivery will be in June when I have to take our son down for dental work.

Friday, May 26


That's how I feel. Tired and bored. I'm doing my Eastlink job; watching the TV ad channels to make sure the ads are running properly. Auto ads are soo boring!

Not a lot of knitting going on. I'm not in the mood to knit right now. We do have 1000 puppets ready to go to the IWK once again. The next delivery date is June 21st - my son has a dental exam there that day.

I need to take some pictures of stuff to post. Hubby took some pictures the other day, but I can't find them on the computer! Might go look again. Guess what! Found them!!

Here's a shot of me on Dee and Katie on Tiny. She's says I'm not as boring to ride with now because I'll trot now :) Yeah me!!

Nothing else to type about.

Saturday, May 20

I Won!

Yesterday I had to go to the bank. The bank was having a "dutch auction" fundraiser for Rick Hansen Wheels in Motion. So I bought three tickets, put 2 on a case of individual sized milkshakes (for the kids to take to school) and one on six 6" subway subs. Guess what I'm having for lunch on Tuesday? Yup, a 6" subway sub :) And on Weds. Maybe on Thursday LOL

Did I mention that I had won a contest on AtlanticRider? It's a horse related site that I go to, it has a bulletin board set up that has been very helpful to us as "new" horse owners. Anyway, there was a "winter project" contest, and I won it. My prize for that came yesterday. It was the Sable Island Horse stamp and coin set that Canada Post put out. And for the life of me I can't get a link to work right now, so you'll have to google it for yourself :)

The rain has stopped, for a little while anyway. Hubby has gone to my brothers to borrow his tiller, time to get some garden space ready. We'll be planting corn, sunflowers and gladiolias sometime this weekend.

Have a good day!

Friday, May 19

Rainy Days

We've had more than our share of them these past two weeks! And it's another rainy one today. It was nice the past 2 days though, I'll have to admit that. But today being rainy is a bit of a pain in the butt. You see, the kids have no school today.

I've been knitting on a pair of socks for me; using merino wool that I treated myself to last fall. On bamboo needles; another treat.

I'm also working on a pair of wool socks for Katie's teachers end of the year gift. She has to do a science project, so her's is "sheep to sock"; the process wool goes through to go from being on the sheep to being a sock. The socks for her teacher will be part of the project.

Hubby built a new mailbox stand for us. We stained it blue. Looks pretty sharp out by the side of the road. I'm in the process of staining a covered seat thing in the front yard the same color. Eventually we'll have adirondack chairs in the backyard that are the same color; or slightly more peacock color.

Had my first riding lesson on Monday night. Enjoyed that. I trotted, and didn't fall off. That is my big fear - falling off. We go every 2 weeks for lessons. Our next lesson I'll be riding our horse, and Katie will ride a lesson horse. If I wasn't hauling a horse trailer it would be a good time to meet with the two ladies from that area that read my blog - but I'm not hauling a horse trailer any further than I need to :)

The craft room is slowly coming along. I have most of the little stuff moved from the lone remaining wall to be painted. Have to move a table and the freezer, then take shelves down, then I can paint.

Our local craft store is closing. The guy who owns it tried hard to make a go of it, but funding just wasn't available for him. I'll be sad to see it close. I bought 3 balls of Bernat Sox yarn from him yesterday.

Can't think of anything else to babble about. Just figured I should post something so you would know I hadn't fallen off the face of the earth :)

Have a good one!

Monday, May 8

4 leaf clovers

Our daughter has a knack for finding four and five leaf clovers. She was once running across the yard, stopped, picked a four leaf clover and kept on going. She just walks along, stops and picks them. I have searched and searched for many years - and last year found my first one. Last night we had a horse club meeting; it was held at the barn at the exhibition grounds. Katie entertained herself playing outside. And finding four and five leaf clovers. First she brought me a 5 leaf one. She found about 25 in an hour!! And a horseshoe! :) She must be one lucky kid!

It makes me wish that I had a mold and some resin - we could make 4 leaf clover keychains for her to sell. But we don't, so oh well.

Had a craft sale on Saturday. Didn't sell much at all. One of Dan's wooden bowls and 2 vases to one lady, and a spurtle to someone else. Oh well, it was a nice day of visiting.

Didn't sleep well last night. You know, there isn't much on TV at 2 in the morning. And I didn't feel like knitting.

I have to ball up a skein of wool, then I'll be able to finish a pair of socks that I am working on. Hopefully these ones will sell. I'm hoping to be able to put them in either the tourist bureau or the museum in town.

Not much to tell. A boring entry today.